South Korea Requires Registering on Exchanges January 20th – Getting Ready for ICON [ICX] Moon?

this could be it guys this could be big time for icon and icx whoa what’s up crypto nation its Peeta what decentralized TV your best place for news on Bitcoin blockchain and cryptocurrency tech in today’s fun of the day or maybe FOMO of the day depending on how you want to look at it South Korea sets date for anonymous crypto trading ban hmm it’s coming up guy January 20th is the day but interestingly enough I’ll give you a little bit of hint I see X icons maintenance on the 24th of January so is this a coincidence or is this a conspiracy of great proportion where many many people will get those massive gains investing in Ikon oh this is exciting guys South Korea will reportedly begin implementing new regulations banning anonymous cryptocurrency exchange accounts on or around January 20th citing anonymous sources Yonhap news reports that the effort to clamp down on speculative investing in the cryptocurrency markets now seemingly have a hard launch date the proposal essentially strengthens know your customer art kyc rules already in existence for exchanges and banks and will require cryptocurrency exchange users to connect a bank account with identifying information in order to deposit or withdraw funds so that essentially means you can no longer be anonymous you got to give some identification if you want to play the game in Korean which in some ways is not necessarily a bad thing we have many ways of operating outside of let’s just say the transparency realm right we can go anonymous with privacy coins so just because you’re giving up your deeps just to get into the exchanges ain’t such a bad thing depending on what type of world view you come from other regulations include strengthing anti-money laundering rules as well as a ban on issuing new anonymous virtual currencies the government proposals could go as far as shutting down cryptocurrency exchanges within the country and ain’t gonna happen there’s too much money in it guys and I will tell you this I personally know people who are let’s just say actively engaged in helping the government in Korea do amazing things with their country and these guys all of Bitcoin and a lot of them are heavily invested in Bitcoin if you remember from other DC TV news clips that 31 percent of all South Korean full-time employees are invested in cryptocurrency how can you shut down something so great like that the new regulations were first announced last week by Hong Nam ki the Minister of the Office of government policy coordination at the time he told local news agencies that the government could not let speculation in cryptocurrencies go on any longer South Korea will even restrict cryptocurrency advertising he told reporters the country’s financial intelligence unit and the Financial Supervisory service will oversee the rollout of the new regulations including by inspecting exchanges and banks to ensure institutions are complying with the rules so you want to play guys you want to play in the cryptocurrency space in Korea looks like you have to get registered in January 20th but interestingly enough and here’s the conspiracy of sorts is that icx icon the biggest cryptocurrency coming out of Korea the main net we’ll be launching on January 24th four days after this ruling comes down On January 20th so is there some sort of coincidence here are there inter connectivities between the icon team and leadership in government are they playing well together is there an opportunity to make sure that people get registered appropriately for these exchanges so they can put massive amounts of money into new investment vehicle and opportunities I’ll throw it back to you guys let me know in the comments section below or in the Bitcoin dot pub where we have the largest icon thread in the world you should check it out in the Bitcoin dot pub thanks for joining us in today’s fun of the day or FOMO if you want to get in on the action brought to you by decentralized TV thanks for joining us guys this is the best place for news on Bitcoin blockchain and cryptocurrency tech if you’re new here guys make sure you subscribe and you smash the bail button so you know when new news is coming out the rest of you icon fans out there and South Korea including a barbecue fans it’s time to get in it guys it’s time to get serious just like our sources nigger said let’s get serious

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