Status Coin (SNT) Cryptocurrency ICO Review

what is of coin bros Matthew Timothy here and today I want to do a cryptocurrency review about status SMT yeah I’ve been researching it and it’s a really cool platform really promising it has some advantages it has some disadvantages and today I want to share those with you so if you like these cryptocurrency reviews with different kinds of all coins give this video a like and comment below what you want for the next video cryptocurrency review and I’ll be sure to to cover that the reason of this video is that I saw status exploding the last 24 hours it went up a hundred and four percent and I got a message from my brother he is big-time in to status he’s a huge fan and he made some good games on status in the past 24 hours so that’s why I wanted to cover this video because I noticed on the Facebook community as well a lot of you guys haven’t heard of status before so I just went ahead and did some research and share it with you guys status is an open source messaging platform in a browser but it’s much more powerful than a mess than a normal messaging platform is decentralized is the first ever mobile etherium client that runs entirely on peer-to-peer technology so that could be an advantage because their first mover but usually what you see is that first movers have a short-term advantage and a long-term disadvantage because they’re going to be others out there that are going to take their model improve it and put it out there in the marketplace so I would I would say that’s a long-term disadvantage but you know obviously since you’ve you know what you see this past 24 hours you can make some pretty good gains in the short term about two months ago I posted a video on my Facebook page that I was going to a convention here in the country about digital currency and we talked about like decentralized apps and the ability to you know let your car run right Uber’s while you sleep all over the blockchain so that you could get paid while you sleep or you know getting solar panels on the house and renting or selling your energy to the neighbor who’s having a party and he’s needing more energy for that night and that all runs over the blockchain with smart contracts and they’re already experimenting with that in the United States mostly they’re doing the real estate in smart contracts or experimenting with that and it just it cuts out a lot of the middleman and that you know ensures that we can ask consumers we can get lower pricing because we don’t have these middlemen that you know they want Commission’s and so that we talked about that only convention and I thought it was like far off out of in the future you know like those theories like 25 30 years ago people talked about the internet everybody was like yeah I will never ever see this in my lifetime it will take decades for this tool to finally be developed and out there and it looks like it’s here like I think status is one of the first ones that’s in this space working this space and they they’re coming with gaps decentralized apps and there are some really cool ones out here there’s like eath lands where where it’s a decentralized job market where you can hire work for cryptocurrency with no fees that’s that’s one of them there’s you Joe which is a home for artists if you look on the website status I am you find here a lot of these apps and you know they’re still developing but it’s pretty cool well you know you can you can develop apps here or they call them gaps and you know we talk we also talked about FD convention we talked about the music industry you know the disruption with Napster and now you have Spotify but still you know the artists they have to pay or you know they get less than they would normally get because they have all these licensed agents and all this all these middlemen and with apps like you Joe you know their music their licenses just run on the blockchain and they get what they deserve you pay less for your music and then the artist gets their fair share and that’s pretty cool the developments that we’re seeing here with what status and that was kind of the story that I wanted to start this video out with and now I’m going to talk a little bit about the technical details or the specifics of what our status is so basically status is an open source messaging platform and a mobile browser but it’s it’s much more than that it’s more powerful it runs on the etherium Network it is the first ever mobile client on that runs purely on peer-to-peer technology so you know they’re the first ones and a lot of times for the short term it’s an advantage because you you know they’re the first ones but longer-term you’re going to see more other companies come out there they’re going to take their ideas tweak it a little bit and you know that’s also what happened with with like Napster and stuff you have Spotify now it happened with Bitcoin you have a lot of these other coins right now in a first-time movers don’t always have a long term advantage how status will be used well it’s a it’s an ether wallet you can send aetherium to your friends in instant messenger you can there’s a lot of stuff you can do with it so you can do private messaging video and audio sharing and and you can use these dots decentralized apps status currently has 12 main developers main members team members antenna advisors okay so status aims to be a community driven project so that means that the users built the platform together with them the experience of the members of the developing team the team members is not really mentioned much on the site I’m guessing this is because they’re relatively inexperienced with this kind of project which could be a negative site obviously for in the future but for now if you know if I look at the website it looks pretty pretty damn good here status is also very active on social it really encourages and invites the users to participate and to add to health and network it’s open source so they really want the users of the platform to you know kind of participate and build upon this platform so status has tokens they have these tokens and these tokens are used to power the network their main uses are for messaging to send messages to create group chats and to enter trades and there are some other stuff that they use them for but these are the main ones kind of if you want more information about status like I said I’m not really into stat as much as of yet it’s I’m purely making this video because my brother he you know he noted me that that that is a went up 140 percent or 120 percent yesterday and asked us now it’s a 104 percent since the last 24 hours so I looked into it it looks really promising but if you want to know more about status go to status dot I am and check it out you can try the Alpha kind of play around with it a little bit I’ll link it down in just in the description below they have some really cool apps or or depths I should say and I hope this is going to build on even more because the future is looking so bright with this one I mean it’s crazy to see how fast everything is growing and yeah I’m excited about this project and if you guys want more videos about altcoins i’ll do some more research on other coins as well let me know down in the comments below and if you liked this video I want to see more of them and you’re new here to this channel don’t forget to subscribe and let me know that you like this video by giving it a thumbs up and I will see you on the next one you

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