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what up what up what up everybody is your boy cg back at you guys again with some more crypto news information and opportunities now today I’m gonna be doing an overview on status token or coin I do that alive well yeah status coin acronyms SNT is around five cents right now up 1.15 percent on the marketplace with a market cap of one hundred seventy eight point eight million dollars 24-hour traded volume five point seven mil and the circulating supply of three point four million total supply is projected to land at six point eight mil and as you guys can see on the star on the chart status actually came onto the marketplace around June twenty eighth and from there it’s just had a nice channel you know in met its cell walls the dump came then the rise back into greatness and then the dump again and then it’s just been channeling one thing I do like about statuses as long as States has been on the market status has actually been you know really stable it hasn’t broken in support lines it’s created a support line the bot is bottom essentially right here and it’s just been in this arm in that corridor that is created now the markets that status coin is on fall under bit tricks you’ll be hit beat urban ants liquid and all these other great upper I mean great exchanges tight X as well mmm clerics as well that’s cool that’s interesting yeah you guys can head over here to the status on website status that I have see I’m not really a big fan of the status arm website they don’t really explain too much about what their arm what status is they don’t get that deep into um I’m specifics and details about the the project about status as a whole they kind of just basically tell you what features are on their app and you know that’s cool and all but you know people want to know about status they want to know why they should invest interstate is what is the idea behind status and I felt like they could have integrated that into their main website now coming out here the community where I’m sorry they’re contributors you can see the team and not much to go on it have only their first names and just titles you know not much to go on from there but upon doing some digging Oh just so you guys know as well you guys can head over to their slack their Twitter their Facebook and do your own personal digging I just wish you didn’t have to dig so much you know you can actually head over to their wiki as well their wiki is more in detail and more in tune to what I feel like should have been explained on their actual website today this is a free and open source mobile client targeting Android and iOS built entirely on theory of technologies thanks to the new protocols the theorem is introduced there’s a whole new ecosystem of applications being developed that are completely decentralized known as D apps daps for short status aims to provide a user interface to access them these decentralized applications remove the need for middlemen and centralized servers providing a clear path forward towards an Internet where users get to own their own data and an economy built on permissionless open protocols it is our belief that messengers are evolving into a new type of OS and they’re becoming gateways to our economies and social lives status uses messaging ask you say messaging is messaging as a platform and by combining with both a messenger and a browser we are building a gateway for everyday smartphone users to begin using depths and a simple way for DAP developers to reach new users say this runs go with theorem directly from your mobile device providing a mobile if they’re iam node in your pocket we’d love for you to join a community and be a part of this exciting journey now they actually have a video right here that you guys can come check out I’m not gonna play this it looks apparently six minutes and you know I’m not trying to hold you guys here all day watching us six minute video maybe if it was like two minutes or even three minutes but not that’s too long now you guys can come down here and see that why we believe in a medium of free interaction economies of permissionless faxes in our world without parasitic intermediaries yeah parasites they are in the you can guys can come over here and check out how to contribute to status project or just become a part of the community binaries the roadmap is well so you guys can see that and see what their plans are for the future of status project now right here again we have the contributors the team and you know didn’t they say like a few more things but I feel like they still should have been more in depth as far as what the accolades are their backgrounds all these different things but hey you know I can’t I can’t you know I guess the team is big already and so was the following so I guess they don’t really need to do it but still it would have been nice hey maybe stay this is on another project I’m not too aware of I haven’t dug that deep into what status is about just bringing everybody’s attention um who knows maybe there are another team of people just know these guys from that other cryptocurrency that may just be the case you never know so yeah you guys also come over here on statuses on social media status hazard 23,000 followers social media is an awesome way guys to see you know what is going on with your project what the developers are thinking about even you know just talking to them on slack you know get to know the people who are behind the project you know I do that all the time I’m going to slack and I’ll just be chopping it up with the arm the developer is the founders all these different types of people from the team that are working on the project that I’m interested in you know it’s a part of that it’s a part of it you know social media is what grants us the transparency to the project and communicating with the developers so I always keep that in mind and do your due diligence on that end um well that’s about it for status everybody you guys can come over here to the crypto gamer YouTube channel we have 675 subscribers and Counting if you guys want to subscribe you can head over here at the subscribe button or for those who who are lazy the SUBSCRIBE button right here in the bottom right corner of the video all new additions are welcome I literally look forward to the community growing even further and you know just stronger just bringing value to all of you Watchers and you know viewers subscribers people who share whatever it is maybe whoever I can affect and make them interesting something that could potentially make them a good ROI return on investment then you know that’s what I’m here for and I’m happy to help yeah so guys definitely all remember viable others out as well vibe hubs I see I was on going kick I CEO begins and a little bit as well so keep a lookout for that watch the videos why Bob actually was yeah they had a an advertisement right here as well the ICO was live 20% bonus for the next two days I think three days and then after that I think it’s 10% bonus I’m not too sure but it’s gonna be running till September 21st they’re integrating virtual reality and augmented reality with crypto space so I’m really looking forward to seeing the future of that project kick ICO is really interesting as well it’s basically a platform that’s gonna be um how can I put this making it easier for people who want to create their own crypto projects or currencies to get funding basically it helps people have crowdfund have successful crowdfunding opportunities and get to the right audience so yeah guys check those out I’m gonna be coming back in a little bit with a video for those of you did you bite fans out there it’s some a little something that I have that I’ve actually been looking at I started yesterday and you know I’m seeing results already from it so I’m just gonna put it out there you know something you guys can take advantage of so look forward to that it should be really special especially for those you who aren’t interested or haven’t invested in did you bite before it’s something that should really you know help you get into the digi bytes space without having to actually invest any money and still be able to you know just do what you normally do without you doing having to do much from initial set up but that’s it for now this is where crypto gamer everybody remember stay prayed up keep you know blessing others well in whatever way you can because you know we live in a world where everybody’s selfish and everybody’s about themselves so you know it’s it’s not about how can I put its nuts not about what the people can do for you it’s about what you can do for the people that’s why I have a strong belief in this cryptocurrency space and just you know in doing what I do just talking to people about it because a lot of people they don’t know what this is they don’t understand it and you know I’m not expecting to get like paid like a whole bunch of money from this YouTube channel you know I’m not expecting like to become rich off this or anything and I’m not even really making any money from making this channel you knows maybe some chump change here or there from YouTube but at the end of the day you guys have to put it into that perspective like they say it’s like I said earlier it’s not what you can do I’m sorry it’s not what the people can do for you is what you can do for the people that came out wrong but yeah it’s about bringing value you’re gonna have to do things for free people a lot of people don’t understand that you’re going to have to do things for free in order to start making money from your own ambition your own your own passions if you’re not doing it for free you’re never gonna see the financial benefits of it in the future because a lot of people come into a space and you know they put themselves on a high horse and start charging this and that I mean we’re all guilty of it I used to do it as well but you know once you actually start understanding that bringing value is far greater then you know then what and people bringing you value once you understand the influence and the effect you can have on somebody’s life just from you know doing something as simple as introducing something that you’re well versed in and helping them understand it especially if it can benefit them in the long run people don’t see that you know you you really can you know really help bless somebody and you may not get blessed by that person or that person after that or the next 100 people but I guarantee you somebody out there is gonna be extremely grateful with for what you did and they’re gonna they’re gonna you know they’re gonna return your value to you they’re gonna give you that value back in their own way equivalent in exchange for those you who watch full metal alchemist or Friends of it but yeah I plan on doing a lot of new stuff for this channel as well in the coming future it’s just you know right now it’s a matter of you know just building funding I I’m not a rich guy I’m not a whale I’m not none of that you know it’s about being transparent with all of my viewers I’m in this face with you guys others I just may happen to know a little bit more about certain things than other people and you know that’s really all it is at anything they know how to read a charter – you know and just helping other people help understand these basic principles and foundations of this space but that’s it for today everybody support crypto gamer stay doing your due diligence be a peace with yourself but not so a piece that you guys stay in the same position you were yesterday or even an hour ago continue progressing keep that brain working and just do what you got to do god bless everybody I’m out

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