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what’s going on everyone my name is Nicolas Martin here at data – today is August 11th of 2017 so as you all know if you watch my channel by now you probably understand that I love getting feedback in the comments below in my videos and in my live streams about what corner token I should cover next on my channel that being said I think it’s kind of standard procedure now that everyone understands I CEOs are the big topic right now and this one in particular has been requested pretty highly I’ve gotten it requested in the comments of my videos I’ve gotten reached out to people through my polls on my livestream and even have gotten messages from people who are my personal patreon for this channel to cover this specific token that being said what’s the clone we’re talking about the day there’s no other than the status token so this is an e rc 20 token it’s tied with the etherium blockchain so what exactly is status you know what is it objectively trying to do and you know is it worth the valuation that it’s at is it going to go higher you know what’s the team looking like what’s the tech looking like we’re going to try and answer as much of that as we can and talk about the philosophical part of why this token is important and valuable and we’re also going to look as always first and foremost at the numbers so let’s go ahead and look at statuses numbers first off we can see that there’s a market cap of most well over a quarter of a billion dollars sending around two hundred fifty sixty seven million dollars very decent valuation for a coin and one of the top-ranking ones we’ve also got a nice steady amount of volume for the market cap sitting around fifty eight million dollars and this is you know about a month and a half after it’s ico from back in June so this is pretty impressive it seems like there’s some volume coming back into this and right now we can see the circulating supply is sitting a pretty much about half of the total supply so if the total supply remains were that I’m relatively optimistic 6.8 billion is not that bad of a level however that being said let’s go into looking to the philosophy behind the coin attack and what’s aiming to be that being said status is pretty much trying to be a mobile etherium OS it’s trying to be a way that we can interact with the etherium blockchain and all of its connecting technologies on mobile devices now you can go ahead and download the status app and you can start using it however status is it’s kind of interesting it’s not one specific tailored feature or app like I said it’s a way to branch out and connect to a lot of different Xperia P psa’s of pieces of aetherium technology the main one being though as you can see on the screen is a encrypted private message app and this is built in the core of status basically where you can send messages you can send smart contracts transfer crypto currencies or cerium tokens across the message app so it’s pretty cool to see that they’re at least trying to bring it to a mobile platform I think this is extremely important because I think that mobile whether we like it or not I know a lot of us crypto bugs are kind of stuck to our computers and laptops many people in the world are switching over to mobile it’s just a common trend so I think it’s a smart smart market to go after so you can see basically our sin receive and store either you can do it over the application you could also browse decentralized apps and we’re going to look at a list of some of them down below one of the nice things too is you can buy and sell either locally you can you know use it to exchange for goods and services and use it as a means of exchange in general so I think that it is kind of cool and what I think the thing that really makes it stand out is the fact that a branch is out the so many different ether Darrien platforms biggest ones I’m seeing right now our gnosis and effluence and Argonne and outside of that there’s some cool things as well Fujio I have never read about before which is pretty much a creative platform for content creators to post your content on and it’s based off their and watch it so I think that you know there’s some really cool stuff here guys and I think that there’s going to be even more coming into development that’s going to give its platform more reason to be adopted that all being said I know let you all know right off the bat if you go here to their website and scroll down the team doesn’t provide much you know information they have their first names and their position so I can’t really look into the status team so that’s a worry in mind however it seems they’ve done a nice dedicated about team members and they’re also hiring new jobs are posting new jobs to hire people so it seems like they’re an active team and they’re looking to get developers on pointed the things that they’ve got a functioning piece of technology that you can go ahead and download so I’m not too worried about it that being said the one thing I’m really worried about is as always a lot of you guys ask in my videos sometimes I’ll talk about the technology that’s tied with the token the aureus and etherium ERC 20 token however the biggest problem with a lot of these pieces of technology is you know what is it going to be used for with the token and getting value out of the status platform seems really cool and it will continue to expand so long as people adopt a Tyrian based technology however what is going to give the cerium token value well there’s a few here that we’re kind of listed after the ICO to give people a little bit of reassurance however to me it just seems relatively thin I’m going to say right off the bat in my opinion that being said we can go through and read some of them so purchase access to services like push notifications you know a good way we could do that is for example with my mobile for example how I have a telegram group that I said you guys messages I could you know I could set it so you have to purchase the port of push notifications don’t worry I’m not doing that okay I mean that’s a way that you could use it so I think that it could be used in that sense registering a user name on one of the networks on one of the applications voting protocol decisions and a liquid democracy so you can make good decisions on certain platforms using status where people use the states know where to connect to those aetherium platforms and then we can also do a you know today’s group chat I’m trying to say there was one that the last one is really what kind of stands out to me is participation in the status sticker market that being said guys that’s really all there is right now now the sticker market as much as people say oh it’s we know it’s a growing industry and you know there’s money being made it it’s not enough to make a massive currency at least at the valuation that my opinion so I really want to see this continue to be adopted and I want to see developers find ways to make use of this token because it’s sitting on a pretty high evaluation where it’s at right now 267 million dollars is huge the tech is there the tech is exciting but the use for the token I just I don’t see it yet that being said we have seen some pretty drastic price action since yo and we still actually a few days go back and meet towards the end of July and I remember watching this and waiting to see if it was going to make another move but it seems like it’s kind of pull it back and it looks like from the turn of volume here we even go to the weekly here we can see that the volume is a it’s kind of holding up it’s holding the majority of its price action so I think this one could be a winner it leaves for a swing trade that being said guys I’m saying right now usually I’m very optimistic I think that that that status has a lot of great technology I’ve tried looking deep into it and really understanding the power and implementation of it I like the fact that it’s taking on mobile technology however I got to say right now I can’t get behind this coolness into putting my own money up towards it that being said I’d love to hear what you all think about status I’d love to hear what you don’t think the ambitions of it could entail to in the future do you think that status is going to become the main platform to bring exterior towards a mass audience I think it could possibly do that I just need to see more adoption but I’d love to hear what y’all think and if you guys have a coin or token you want to see covered leave a comment down below I love the feedback and as always I will see you all in the next video stay tuned you [Music]

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