Status (SNT) Price Prediction

what’s up guys kid Mar 95 here bringing you another episode and today’s episode guys we’re gonna be going over the status Network token for those of you who don’t know what it is let me go ahead and read you the description right here status is an open source messaging platform a mobile browser that allows users to interact with decentralized applications DAPs for short that run on a theory of network and status users own to control their own data wealth and digital identity the status network token SN T’s and a theory based token that is required to interact with the status network so basically for those you know in simple terms is what it’s saying is status is basically the theory of blockchain technology and they’re trying to bring it to the mobile operating system a really quick guys let’s go ahead and take a look at the markets Bitcoin at ten thousand sixty one dollars I told you guys Bitcoin would hit ten thousand before the year was over up four percent etherium down almost a percentage Ripple Bitcoin cash down almost four percent ripple up 10 percent Bitcoin go down ten percent like going like clean sorry I can’t even read today up seven percent – down almost a person and a half iota up almost 30 percent while he threw him classic up almost thirty Manero up sixteen almost the big one right here for me guys card oh no up 76 percent I told you guys it’d be a four cent and it actually doubled that it made it to eight cents lumens up thirty percent z cash up seven percent but let’s go ahead and go ahead and take a look at status ever SNT for short status s and t so our market cap is currently at 137 million circulating supply I’d say about 3.5 billion total supply is 6.8 billion as you can see so we were came out what is it lay late June and as you can see our all-time high I was here at 3111 or I’m sorry three thousand hundred eighteen BTC pointed obviously not 100 PTC and since then it’s been a bear market but where can we status so you can get statics from pretty much every major exchange bit trick spine and lick we gay it BTC doesn’t look like they have bit for necks gonna be looking out for that ad maybe this will push the price up go ahead and take a look at their website here status a mobile a theory and operating system browse trying to make payments securely on the decentralized web so I actually kinda sorta already made a video on this it was actually status is actually one of my top five coins under a dollar that I’m looking at it wasn’t in the top five but it was in the Honorable two that I mentioned so let’s go ahead and look send and receive your story ether safely story or ether and other crypto asset browse decentralized apps explore the next generation of apps with the next generation browser buy and sell ether locally or I’ll gladly return on this music sorry about that little loud a couple of their apps that they have at the moment discover a decentralized economy this is like examples of how it would work transparent skill-based games where players compete for high scores smarter private messaging Facebook Twitter right github read at YouTube let’s go ahead and take a look at their blog eirick sure you have a tab open so what is status but if I click on this looks like it takes me here status as I said earlier is in a three-room aetherium like client designed to bring the benefits of the blockchain to everyday smartphone users available on Android and iOS I actually haven’t tried to download this I probably will download it later today maybe make a video on that but that’s pretty much it for this I’m just kind of introducing you guys about status status is basically the etherium network and they’re trying to bring that to the mobile operating system and it makes sense because nowadays like don’t get me wrong like us us that are interested in crypto currencies you know want to learn something new over you know we’re stuck on our laptops but a majority of us are on our phones you know probably about 80 to 90 percent of our day so I could see why they would definitely want to bring the blockchain technology to your mobile devices but let’s go ahead and take a look at the weekly chart here as you guys can see and it showed you guys earlier on the coin market cap website it’s been a bear market ever since it’s been released looks like we finally found support here and this is a status to BTC on the weekly looks like we found support here at 350 350 just go ahead and take a look at the daily and it looks like we’re stuck in a nice little bearish parallel channel looking for our next low to form as you can tell here we found support here at 350 tested at multiple times looks like we formed a barely made a new high at 502 501 will say this is 5 499 actually didn’t hit 500 so we had a new high let’s go ahead and mark that a higher high and I actually don’t own any status yes I’m looking to buy this just looks like a higher low I’m gonna explain why so this high was higher than this high so that’s a higher high and this low was higher than this low so this is a higher low so what am I expecting now I’m definitely expecting some bullish some Bulls to take over actually I was and say some bullish momentum but there is no momentum at all right now so expecting the Bulls to make a in appearance sorry appearance I don’t know why I’m having trouble speaking today but where do I expect status to be go ahead and zoom this out a little bit let’s look at some potential take profits definitely here right below the seven forties on another one here right under the thousand these would be like my short-term take profits a little bit further down the road once they start to develop a little bit more these would be to take profits I would be looking at and as I said earlier a guy that currently don’t have any status tokens but I am looking for an entry and I’ll be getting mine through bit tracks probably after this video oh yeah definitely looks like we’re going to start to see some bowls alright guys this is what I think I think if we see a close above 400 a break and close above 400 it’s going to start to swing towards the upside possibly towards the 700 but that’s just my personal opinion I’m no financial adviser but if if you have been keeping up with the channel and you’ve been watching my videos you have noticed our technical analysis has been on point lumens – dcashman arrow what else power ledger card oh no all you know in profit now that’s pretty much it for today’s videos guys I’m expecting this to break above 400 and close and then make our way up towards these take profits up here I don’t expect that to happen for what’s to say 228 possibly like a week maybe a week and a half there’s no big news coming for this coin yet or token I should say so the only thing I expected to push dishes other traders but does look like we have found support and looks like we’ll be making our way up now that’s pretty much it for today’s video guys don’t forget describe comment like follow on Instagram and Twitter if you don’t already I’ll leave my links down below and comment with what other coins you guys are trying to see I know you guys like the technical analysis so I’m gonna keep doing that if you have a coin that that you’re watching and I haven’t made a video for it go ahead and drop me a message or leave me a comment and I’ll go ahead and respond but thanks for watching guys take it easy peace

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