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welcome to status you’ll gateway to the decentralized web as we become more connected via technology we become part of a seemingly endless network of institutions and third party services claiming to make our lives easier these institutions serve as a trusted middleman to help facilitate our transactions while this may sound great serious problems exist we now have a fragmented system of identities and passwords we have placed far too much of our personal data in the hands of others and we have given too much power to banks and legal systems luckily there is another way enter the decentralized web and the etherium public blockchain the blockchain is a decentralized database that stores a registry of assets smart contracts and transactions across a globally connected peer-to-peer network if used to its full potential it will fundamentally change our conception of how these internet finance and law works and it can completely eliminate our reliance on trusted third parties it’s not an app it’s not a company it’s not owned by anyone rather it’s an open system owned by everyone so how do we interact with the next generation of the Internet how do we ensure it remains decentralized introducing status just as browsers provide a gateway to websites and institutions status provides a gateway to decentralized apps and services more than an app status is a community governed by its own user and gives access to a world free from controlling interests and censorship it works with a number of decentralized apps built on Assyria to replace your wallet and Bank combining them with a messengers and browser simply click status is an open portal to the Future web meet Justin Justin has recently moved from London to LA it’s a sunny morning and justin is ready to get his day started he gets dressed grasped his cell phone and hits the road feeling empowered with the capabilities of status in his pocket first stop is the local coffee shop no wallet no problem Justin pay for his coffee with ether from his status wallet while waiting for his coffee he checks his stock portfolio and thieved old is up big overnight judging time to cash out some of his holdings justin opens up stages and trades a portion of his digits gold tokens for a more stable currency not content with his gold earnings he heads back to status and start scanning s lands for some work he is a graphic designer and looking for a freelance gig within seconds he finds numerous companies in his field looking for people just like him he is in luck he quickly finds a two-week freelance gig for a local agency they message back almost immediately he is perfect for the job they just need some background information before finalizing the contract via airport justin shares the requested credentials to prove if ident justin has now paid her coffee conquered the markets and landed a job all while using stages he has done this freely without middlemen and on his own terms status makes all of this possible in a simple and seamless way during status now and become part of the decentralized web

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