Steem: A blockchain based social media platform

steam was built to empower people across the world the steam blockchain has many ways for the regular person to earn cryptocurrency in steam regular people get rewarded with steam for creating and curating content as well as for mining trading and holding the currency similar to other crypto currencies it pays contributors by creating new tokens at a set rate with specific rules the technology that power steam is publicly demonstrated its ability to process thousands of actions per second which is more than enough capacity to handle several times the activity of some popular social media platforms such as reddit com in social media applications steam rewards users with Steam dollars and voting power for posting and curating quality content from all over the Internet one application for this is steam it calm 50% of steams content rewards are paid as steam power which gives the winners more power to curate content and get steam rewards and the other 50% of all steams content rewards are paid in Steam dollars which drives their use in payments and remittance the steam dollar is a cryptocurrency that is always worth about $1 worth of steam with this anyone can reward pay and remit to others without the monetary and cognitive costs of price swings the stability of the steam dollar represents an opportunity to serve the two billion unbanked people in our planet other types of people steam represents opportunities for our creators curators remit errs merchants market makers shoppers entrepreneurs bloggers commenters internet readers community leaders refers and sign-up party hosts check out steams informational website steam dot IO to learn more or meet up with the community in the steam slack channel by following this Lake you

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