okey-dokey hey guys my name is Mike Rivera and let’s move away from the Sun steam dollars are at six and a half dollars they’ve dropped from seven dollars and the steam dollar is supposed to be one dollar it’s supposed to be equivalent to one US dollar so where’s this inflation coming from what happened to steam steam also went out from 90 or 80 cents it’s kind of fluctuating really in between there for a couple of months it went from there to two dollars so let’s chat about steam steam is steam dollars steam power because I have been a big supporter of steam from the very beginning if you check out my IV channel I really recommended you guys to go look into it even though there’s not so much profit with steam itself there’s other ways to make money but yeah let’s get into the video oh my god oh I can’t get over that that is the most insane thing I have seen today because I just woke up out of bed so anyways I have been using steam it since March March of this year and I put in a couple thousand dollars and since then I’ve profited a lot like probably I definitely a couple thousand dollars maybe even closer to ten thousand dollars over the past like just year really so here’s how you profit with steam it first of all for those of you who are unfamiliar with what it is it is completely different than steam itself so there are two different animals connected but one is the platform that’s kind of like Reddit it’s the cryptocurrency version and it also is connected with D tube the crypto version of YouTube and then got like Zappa which is the crypto version of Twitter that’s not really so much connected although there’s a lot of promotion on that on Steam in a couple of months back anyways there’s crypto versions of everything of live streaming platforms of YouTube of Facebook Twitter blah blah blah blah blah steam it is the crypto version of Reddit where you post something and if you get enough up votes you get on the front page or trending page and you get more and more up votes and comments and every up vote gives you closer to a penny or a dollar or you know may give you $100 depending on what the accounts value is the of the person who’s uploading you so if a whale up votes you as in somebody who’s had an account worth a hundred thousand dollars or a million or two million dollars you may get a lot of money maybe fifty dollars maybe a hundred dollars now the same thing goes for if they dislike you so if a whale absolutely hates your content BAM you are done but of course if a whales abusing them other whales will power up against them because you have to have justice and community so pretty much if we get either one big whale or one whale plus a lot of people were just a bunch of people to upload you you can make anywhere from you know a couple pennies per post to even over a thousand dollars per post we’re at the very beginning some people were making twenty thousand dollars per post now there’s people multiple people who are making hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions of dollars of profit every single year from Steam it currently and that’s just from posting so here’s how it works you post something you get money from that and then you collect it in steam dollars which you’re able to hold on to those steam with them something just fell off of my it’s not supposed to happen this is a really weird morning anyways so yeah you collect money in Steam dollars and you’re able to hold on to that because this supposed to be equal to the US dollar are fluctuating around there so sometimes there was inflation of like a dollar and ten cents and people were like wait this isn’t supposed to happen now of course you know you’re making money off of that but it’s not supposed to happen what is supposed to happen is you hold it and there’s you know a percentage let’s say 10% every year just for you holding it great because there is also inflation with the steam in network it’s around 9% but then again you know so steam is created like more and more steams created every single day for payouts around 53 thousand dollars or that was the last number I saw but 53 thousand dollars is nothing compared to like 300 or 400 million dollars with a Bitcoin being mined every single day or you know 2.2 billion dollars being printed out every single day so yeah 53,000 nothing to worry about however steam dollars are supposed to stay equivalent to a dollar maybe a dollar and a half two dollars right so it was weird when there’s started to be a little bit of inflation and usually what people do is convert their Steam dollars into steam and then you later even and then you later either hold on to the steam convert it into steam powered steam power isn’t like a different token it’s just steam but it’s locked in there it used to be for an entire year now it’s for thirteen weeks so if you want to power down like I have been doing over the past couple of months because I made enough profit that’s it like I don’t care for more profit I’m investing my money into other things now I might still post on steam it I’ve been really behind but you know it is what it is I’m happy with the platform I’m not to say I’m disappointed because I profit it that’s that’s it all right so if you are a big believer in the platform you convert your steam dollars or you leave a little bit of your Steam dollars there but you convert into steam and then power up so you have power at that point the more steam power you have the more you’re able to up up people as in like the more upvote value is assigned to you so instead of one penny now four up but you get two pennies or ten pennies or a dollar or ten dollars the most I had was four and a half or five dollars and the most I had invested in the platform I think I had around 6,000 steam power which is quite a bit because now steam is trading at a dollar 73 so it did go up to two dollars but it did go down from like two dollars something to you know 80 cents 90 cents and at that point you’re still able to create profit by posting content and if you really wanted to people have been abusing that abusing the system from my personal perspective I don’t really find it as abuse I’ve been doing it it’s like whatever I’ve been doing it that much because it does take a lot of effort to comment like 50 times a day and then upload your stuff and post a bunch of stuff and then upload it but you are able to instead of uploading other people you are able to upload your self plus you’re able to upload other people I mean it’s your money you get to whatever you want with it nobody is able to stop you but if there is blatant abuses and your copywriting something else or you’re just stealing comments you’re just posting like KK KK KK KK KK K and then up up up vote other people will see that they’ll down vote you they’ll ban you I mean there’s no way to like fully ban you but still like you know you won’t get paid out so there is abuse but there isn’t really that’s my perspective so you could have be easily profited if you had 100 K and you are uploading your own stuff you could have gotten another 100 K within like a couple months right and that is just by posting even if steam goes down in price but steam has been going up slightly so that means if you get paid in steam you leave it in steam and steam price goes up hey you just might have doubled your earnings and then on top of that Bitcoin has also been going up so later you convert steam into Bitcoin and wow you made even more money and then you’re able to sell your Bitcoin for an extra 10 to 20% off markets to random people who want to buy because of FOMO and wow you made even more money so there’s a bunch of ways to make five or six figures from the platform right then you can get donations and all that stuff and then other business opportunities just due to the fact that you’re posting or for example for me for YouTube I can get more views that’s actually the reason why I started posting to steam it I just wanted more views maybe it’s not a lot but an extra 10 to 20 views per video can inspire YouTube to optimize it for an extra 10 to 20 and an extra 10 to 20 here and an extra 10 to 20 here and it does slowly start adding up where maybe one subscriber to subscribers by subscriber 10 subscribers 100 thousand ten thousand hundred thousand chameleon and then many many many many many but steam is volatile like crazy so people kind of like money in steam dollars however over the past month I mean everything’s been crazy Bitcoin peaked out at 18 thousand three hundred steam one to two dollars aetherium currently is trading at like 550 it’s absolutely insane and steam dollars have went up to like $7 750 some people have been posting $12 I haven’t seen that but I guess you know Changez you’re able to of course trade higher than other exchanges you are able to trade on the in-house team in exchange but pretty much there’s multiple things that are attributing to the Steam dollar rising now it all depends on how much of this is actually out there in circulation but one of the main factors of course is when bitcoins rising and a lot of people are fluctuating into the community of alt coins everything rises as you saw steam rose steam dollars rose a little bit that’s just how it works but more people going into the system and kind of just like not really manipulating but hoarding and then not selling not buying not really doing anything with it the way you’re able to increase the place of steam is by trading with steam dollars so supposedly it’s all interconnected and my trading steam dollars are able to rise the price of steam and that’s what people have been trying to do but I guess it went the other way where you know you are also able to rise the price the steam dollars by trading in your steam now if you see that one is increasing in price and you can get more steam for the value of your steam dollars people will definitely go in on that now there’s multiple ways to get paid for a post there’s 5050 so you get steam power and steam dollars or you get a hundred percent steam power so with the fact that there’s more new members more posts than ever before all these crazy volatile experiments out in the markets it’s no surprise that steam dollars could have went up to like six or seven dollars or maybe even ten dollars because there really is no way to fully regulate it I mean we saw that with the USD tether as well where USD tether is supposed to be around the US dollar but it’s always trading around like one dollar to one dollar seven one dollar ten and now those are small little increments but still it’s a little strange right anyways my name is Mike Rick Baer if you enjoyed this video please leave a like comment subscribe and share check out steam if you haven’t already it’s a pretty cool platform being able to make money and that’s that the most amount of money you can make is by just creating content that’s it great content because influencer market is rising and also crypto currencies if you combine both of them a lot of money there I piece that is an absolutely crazy sunrise looking at all [Music]

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