Steem The One Cryptocurrency That Can Change The World

welcome to the silver report uncut now this isn’t something I talk about all the time but really I see one cryptocurrency that actually has promise and that’s right I said it but it would be definitely be steam and the steam dollar steam back dollar things that are going on with that and I have some really good legitimate reasons why seems to be one of the few things is actually offering something to the world now if you’ve not heard of steam accom or any of these programs or D tube it’s something that is going on and it’s based on blockchain it’s pretty much a decentralized program for people to blog to talk to promote information to be able to discuss things freely and openly and it’s something that’s very beneficial now let me tell you why it’s such an important cryptocurrency is because it actually offers something to the world it’s actually used there’s been a number of people that have moved over and are literally making careers there that are really putting their information there and they generate steam just by simply promoting information or placing information so what this does is it syncs a locked-in audience into the system at which point they can accumulate steam it continues to gain and is only growing in popularity as a platform and with this it increases the value of steam while there’s many other initial coin offerings that come out and they actually offer nothing there’s so many of the promise they’re backed by this they’re backed by gold backed by oil backed by silver backed by all different types of commodities and things like that but how do you even reconcile that this actually has some substance behind it because it’s gaining a rather large following and as it continues to grow there’s more and more people that are looking to it for information as more and more people look to it for information the program becomes valuable as the program that comes valuable it encourages the use of the cryptocurrency which then can be exchanged into any number of different kryptos so there are four people and creators and people that are simply putting information and just discussing their viewpoints they’re able to generate this cryptocurrency and then exchange it and dip their way in the different crypto worlds so therefore it adds support to it it actually has a purpose and a means and it’s given people freedom to be able to exist outside of the system that is a raise that is really suppressing so many voices in our day that’s why it’s actually so beneficial and it’s one thing that I think that actually has promised it has promised because it has a use now there’s a lot of things that come out and they’re they get bit up because people say they have a use and that’s just one always the seller says right it’s great it’s great says the seller they promote the idea of it why it’s gonna be faster lower transactions you know this is what they were talking about Bitcoin in the beginning and you look at the transaction rate it’s astronomical but you see that steam it only continues to rise and it’s loved by the people that are involved in that community it’s developed an entire community around it and therefore it has significant underlying strength I would say while other people would say that bitcoins value comes in the limited tokens being done the 21 million that the litecoin and all these other things their value is in the speed of transactions all of those things I really have a concern about just the direction that all of this is going because you can’t go anywhere without constant ads for crypto currencies being there one thing that is amazing about Steam and I think that that’s so valuable is the fact that it opens up doors – that were shut recently to many people it opens up the ability to be able to communicate it opens up a way for people to express in a truly free market forum because that’s what it is there really is no rules to it there’s no rules to the information that is on there some people could say well that’s dangerous what about copyright programs what about that but all in the name of truly free market it’s really quite a beautiful thing I like to see the value of it increase all the time I like to see it have success like to see that the fact that the amount of people that are listening content on there has increased so dramatically and the people that are getting involved with it as a grown on such a large spectrum in our day and age is getting hard to find any places where you can really pretty much speak your mind freely and some of those things that you really want to express to people you can just speak your mind freely and that’s not offered pretty much anywhere so that’s what makes it stand out from the pack and all that it’s generating more and more interest as more people accumulate it and you pretty much generate steam dollars or steam or steam power all these things just by offering content out to the steam community so all of that it gets more people involved in it more people excited about it it definitely has an entirely different dynamic and you’re not gonna probably hear me say this any more times because it really stands out as singularly different but it will go as far that’s yet to be seen but I do know one thing that is a community that continues to keep growing I have been impressed by it and I’m really glad it’s there because it’s the only thing that really offers promise in this closing closing world of information that we live in it’s nice to see an open door alright thank you guys for joining us here at the silver report on you if you like the content be sure to subscribe like the videos share the videos get the word out I thank you so much for stopping by as always stay safe [Music]

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