Stellar Lumen Prediction. Can Stellar Lumen Compete With Ripple? Xlm Vs Xrp.

what is up guys I am Chris and today we’re gonna talk about stellar lumen potentially following the same path as ripple and as you have seen ripple has had an absolutely amazing growth it’s currently sitting at an all-time high and I believe stellar is going to follow something like that so before we go ahead with that let’s go ahead and give away someone and if you want to participate in this giveaway all you need to do is subscribe leave a like and leave a comment with a relevant question together with your life con address so so we got Joe Ely and it’s how long have you been investing in two cryptocurrencies I bought my first Bitcoin when I was it was on my birthday so the 24th of July this year okay so this is the stellar lumens arc so if you take a look at these two charts you will see that ripple has been going up substantially mostella lumen has gone up – and actually Stella lumen and ripple they are not that different Stella was founded by by a guy who previously founded Ripple so they have the same founder and it’s actually the same code basically some differences but Stella was a fork out of Ripple so the guy founding stellar actually stopped working a triple I don’t know why and on another note it is actually the founder of the famous Mount GOx exchange – so but he was not there when it all went to with the Mount he actually sold it before but he’s a really smart guy so he found Ripple he quit that job and he found this teller and as you can see they have big supplies both of them and Stella was given out to owners of ripple and Bitcoin so you would just get a couple of stellar lumen it was basically an air drafts now since they are very similar what gonna do is go ahead and show you the differences between them so this is ripple and you can see my fantastic paint document I’ve done here and the way we use ripple is that we got the user and he wants to send another user a bunch of money now whether it be domestic or or international payment the users banks needs to be connected to the ripple Network now the users are not touching the ripple themselves they are sending at least this is the thought is that they’re sending a couple of pounds here for example with a British bank and the other guy on the other end is receiving dollars now he’s living in America so the users are never touching the XRP only the banks and this is the whole point of the ripple network is that the users don’t have to use the the XRP they’re sending pounds receiving dollars that’s way that way they integrate into the existing system and that is why the price of ripple is going to the moon now and why ripple might be the cryptocurrency to actually take over from Bitcoin now the problem with this though is that if you don’t if you don’t have a bank account now you’re not connected to a bank so you’re living in the unbanked well I don’t know where you’re living but so you live in somewhere in Africa you don’t have a bank account but what you do have is a mobile phone so where is it would be possible for applications to actually begin cooperating with ripple and building upon the ripple Network that that’s not really I mean ripple they are working with big corporations for bank transfers to their partners and being an intermediary between the banks and the users using the bank I mean not everyone can begin developing on the ripple Network so uncom stellar and stellar is a bit different so here we got one user sending money to the other user and he’s sending lumen remember stellar is the protocol like ripple is a protocol XRP is the token lumen is the token so the way this works is that companies can build their applications upon the stellar network so they can create their application their mobile phone application for example and the user can store their lumen there now if you’re standing in the queue at breaking waiting to buy a water meal and you realize that you forgot to wallet at home so what do you do well you ask your friend to pay the meal and you can send whatever the amount of the of the whopper was you can send that in lumen to your friends wallet and you can do that without having a bank account right so you’re just using the stellar lumens now this is really efficient also for remittances so what they actually have to is a an exchange this user could be sending dollars to this second user so he could send this lumen and then you would have a exchange here exchanging the lumen two dollars so this person receives dollar and there was actually some some people trying this out before and so you had this so basically you go to the stellar decentralized exchange to trade your xlm 4 euro T I guess that is a proxy for the you root token and then you would have an application so in this kind of in this case you got the tempo yo they have built something upon the stellar network so what actually happens is you sign up to two to the partner and you get a recipient address you send the you were token and then you were given the stellar address so you pay with your own stellar tokens whatever the amount was and then you get confirmed and they release the fiat money to the person on the other side here so I write now all the ripple fans are going to say but you can do that with ripple – yeah but if you’re going to build something up on the ripple Network this is not decentralized where’s the stellar Luminess work it’s so whatever you want to do so whoever can start to build something upon the stellar illuminate work so there’s a bit about the bridges not ask as long in a sense for this to get mass adopted in the unbanked world so stellar is more for the average person like you and me sending to each other whereas with the ripple Network we are reliant on our existing bank systems and all our partners and the way we use companies to transfer money we are reliant to them joining the ripple Network basically so these guys are in a sense competing with each other but really they have different use cases this is more for the average person and more for the unbanked whereas here we just plug blockchain into the existing structure basically and this is mostly for banks and big corporations to save a lot of money and hopefully that will find its way to the end-user – but the big gainers here are the banks actually saving a lot of money so how does that move I mean where are we now when we compare these two so we got an all-time high here we got a market cap of seventy two billion dollars in Ripple amazing and we got only four here so it only needs in order for this to hit one dollar we only need to have a four time increase here so we’re sorry basically three time increase so if it’s just a couple of these billions here in ripple it’s going to spill out over the stellar network we could see a dollar and I mean 2019 will be the big year for I mean these companies these blockchains these tokens they are going to need to start delivering something and stellar is just like ripples something that can get mass adoption very very fast and it actually has a real use case unlike most of the other tokens out there so if we only see another 5 billion here in market cap and that is really I mean you could take that from ripple you could take that from Bitcoin and you would basically see the price doubling so can we have a forty billion market cap in stellar 2018 absolutely we can have a four billion market cap that would put us at $2 and I really do believe that it possible I think we in 2018 we may see a $2 stellar and that would be a great success really and then of course this is just my opinion on financial advice don’t just blindly follow everything I say but anyway what do you guys think do you believe that stellar will will have the same kind of growth ripple as been having and yeah just leave your opinion down in the comment section below and I will see you guys in the next one

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