Stellar Lumens Price Prediction 2018 (Updated Technical Analysis!)

if you’re interested in purchasing stellar lumens or other cryptocurrencies you can check out by Nantz they’re the best place to trade out coins at the time being I’ve a link to them in the description of this video hey what’s going on everyone Matthew from the right trader comm back to do with another cryptocurrency video today I’m gonna be talking about stellar lumens and giving you a bit of an updated price prediction for 2018 as well as what I think it has in store for this year and overall it’s grown a lot since the last video I’ve made on it it’s now at the six spot with a market cap of over fifteen billion dollars so it is becoming one of the bigger Kryptos out there but that’s definitely not to say that it doesn’t have more room to move up right I actually think that it is gonna do well in 2018 and I even think that it’s it’s still pretty low considering how its positioned in the market right now of course it did get a pretty big jump today up 57 percent getting close to that one dollar mark and yeah I’m gonna just give you an update on what’s been going on so the community around it has grown I think this subreddit has around 35,000 subscribers and it’s still a popular cryptocurrency gaining popularity no problems they’re always good to see that there’s the the people backing it right and that’s definitely the case for stellar it still has a good community around it and overall here we can see that I mean the price really just exploded right below the last video I made on it was it was only at 3 cents and it’s now almost at $1 so amazing growth and like I said I think there’s there’s still more here for for 2018 now a lot of people have actually asked me to make a price prediction and updated price prediction on stellar so I’m very happy to bring you this and I’m gonna go over the chart a little bit as well just in more details as far as the technicals go but basically to give you an idea of how stellar is push it position in the current market you have to realize what’s going on with crypto currencies and the general idea here is that crypto currencies like Bitcoin are kind of becoming obsolete and that’s obviously controversial to say I don’t think that bitcoin is gonna fall out of its first place just yet but it’s definitely in in danger here and it’s true that I personally mmm backing and believe that the crypto currencies that have these fast transactions cheap transactions are gonna be one of the winning categories in 2018 and stellar is in that category obviously with the the cheap and fast transactions right to get through a mole that you have to remember that it is a ripple fork I’m gonna bring up another point that I wanted to talk about is Kent’s teller bypass ripple and to be honest I don’t see that happening just yet because ripple does have a lot of big money backing it and it is one of the big-boy crypto currencies out there and I think it’s gonna be hard for stellar to bypass that at least this year but that’s not that’s not really a problem in my opinion because I see the whole category of these fast and cheap transaction cryptocurrencies doing very well in 2018 and and that’s what matters so what I’m trying to say here is I don’t think that we’re really gonna see these crypto currencies and I’m talking about the ones with the fast transaction speeds cheap transactions I don’t think we’ll really see them compete with each other right I think we’ll really see them rise together instead and and that’s what matters for for the time being so stellar is in that category ripple is in that category iota is also in that category it’s also working on a couple different angles rate blocks and other cryptocurrency that’s done very well is working in that category and then we have a smaller one here that’s definitely been growing its called extra bytes I believe Yeah right here there’s definitely competition in in the space here for this category but like I said I think that they’re all gonna do pretty well in 2018 they have a really strong case right a really strong selling point because they’re solving a lot of the issues that crypto currencies like Bitcoin has getting towards the the price side of things and the price prediction just to talk a little bit about what happened today we got yet another big breakout you know broke above the previous high at 66 cents moved all the way up to right under a dollar at 95 cents pullback a little bit from there currently sitting around you know 84 cents and it is a pretty overextended move I’m not gonna lie you know it’s probably gonna pull back a little bit maybe towards 66 cents at this point kind of like what happened with Ripple I really don’t think that we’re gonna see it drop below the fifty five cent level there’s a lot of support there so around fifty to fifty five cents I don’t think we’re gonna see it go back there ever again I mean below that at least and even to reach that level have to get a pretty strong drop right because we do have support over here at 66 cents but we have to realize when you get a big overextended move like this the price usually comes back in the Bollinger Band range right now we’re highly above that so usually it pulls back a little bit and then just kind of enter enters back horizontally into the range we can see right that happens every time there’s a big breakout so it’s nothing to worry about and even on the indicators you know we are trading above the 90 line on the RSI that’s very hard to sustain took off early on the MACD and histogram but what is good at least with this move is it tells me that we’re gonna we’re gonna move above a dollar here for for stellar lumens and you know once you really make our way above a dollar and I managed to climb a little bit you know towards that one dollar and fifty cent mark like ripple did well our new range will be above a dollar and that’s that’s really what counts so basically for my price prediction for for stellar based on how these fast and cheap cryptos are are acting I think that it actually has quite a bit of room to move up here and it’s shown in the past that it’s able to make some some pretty surprising moves that you know I don’t think anyone really saw coming coming this big so at this point I think that stellar can definitely move up this ranking all the way up to let’s say the 50 maybe around 50 billion dollars on the low end but really it could be anywhere between 50 and 100 billion dollars by the end of 2018 right for the time being based on this ranking I would say you know at least the three times now probably mean that it even be above 50 billion dollars at that point so like I said probably somewhere between fifty and a hundred billion dollars in market cap I think that’s a very fair prediction for stellar it could it could do better of course it can always do but considering everything considering where ripple is I do think that ripple is gonna move higher I think that stellar has the opportunity here to really climb even higher in this ranking which is pretty amazing right but there’s definitely a path there for it to to climb up this rank and like I said that would mean that it would definitely be one of the the top five crypto currencies out there most likely in looking at the competition here stellar stellar looks good it looks like you compete with with a lot of the you know the ones that are below it so I’m not really worried I think that it is gonna manage to climb you know bypass Bitcoin cash probably I think I can see that happening and yeah that’s my price prediction for 2018 everyone so I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on where you think stellar lumens is heading how do you think it’ll act in 2018 but with that being said this is the end of this updated video for stellar I hope you enjoyed it if you did please make sure to leave a like and subscribe and I’ll see you next time thanks for watching everyone

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