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how’s it going guys scripted but here for today giving you another fantastic review on a coin that has been taking headlines for the last couple of days and if you are invested in Stratus or you have you rode the wave you know which one I’m talking about what I’m talking about specifically and so this research is going to be looking at specifically why did Stratus go up what are some good things about it and should you buy or sure you not buy Stratus considering that it’s been so volatile and it has moved so much in these last couple of weeks and I’m gonna tell you guys right now Stratus is one of those coins that is really difficult to pinpoint every single time I turn around stratas moves every time I turn the other way Stratus drops and so I think I’ll be really interesting to figure out what exactly Stratus has to offer and do these runs actually merit Stratasys valuation alright in this video you’re gonna learn a little bit about what is Stratus in a nutshell give you the the basics on this and the fundamentals we’ll talk about some of the use cases and one Stratus makes a compelling part of this blockchain ecosystem and the last one is my investment analysis and specifically price targets and also evaluation so let’s talk about first what Stratus is so Stratus really is if you kind of think about it it actually operates very much like the etherium Network it is a enterprise great development platform a kan Stratus is the name that they use for that and for those you guys who may not be familiar with enterprise Enterprise grade really represents this idea that they are business ready and one of the other things I want to mention is that when companies like this state that they were enterprise grade that usually means that they’re able to scale it for businesses specifically so we’re not going to be really seeing many individuals using Stratus per se it’s really going to be regulated to to really large companies and so I really like that about Stratus all right the next part it operates under the C sharp and Microsoft’s blockchain platform so when we’re looking at stratas we’re really looking at a development of programming language that not only is very accessible but it is in my opinion stronger and easier to used and the solidity network on the etherium so if you’re looking at c-sharp versus something like the ethereum Stratos has a really huge advantage in terms of how to allow developers to build apps upon its network so I think of Stratos as one of those that’s competing head-on with the etherium network but in a very different I wouldn’t say they’re complete competitors but they definitely have carved out a very specific niche for themselves and so what you’re not gonna see is Stratos doing the icy OS but you’re going to see something more about business cases and specific uses while ethereum kind of opens it up for almost everything the other thing I like about it is that and from looking at from a development standpoint the recent news on the solidity programming language has shown that there could be some security issues with that and in my opinion I think that net and c-sharp may have plugged some of those holes and maybe a little better in terms of security so it could be an option for somebody who is thinking about using the theorem versus Stratos now the other one is their really slogan which I really like is we make a blockchain easy for you and it’s really simple in the sense that because the programming language is so Universal that everybody knows how to read it code it that you’re not gonna find a a constraint and supply for developers and that’s one of the biggest draws for me in terms of looking at Stratos because by allowing more developers on the actual blockchain you begin to increase exponentially both the scaling and also the magnitude of the apps are being created and what the other thing is also their proprietary blockchain has a lot of these same elements that’s kind of like Bitcoin in terms of speed well actually not speed in Bitcoin but they’re trying to allow it to be customized in many different ways and I think that’s a huge advantage over some of the other supercomputer platforms you’ll find now what they’re trying to develop right now is a platform call cloud Stratus so it’s pretty much very similar to wanna call the blockchain notes for some of the other coins like Bitcoin a theorem and bitshares and what they’re allowing to do is the integration of these into their cloud Stratus platform so not only are they building their own but they’re trying to bring in other sorts of tokens where people can build upon those and I think that’s really a good draw because if you really think about it these cryptocurrencies and assets need to be able to coexist now it’s easy to say Oh who’s gonna be better in theory and more Stratos or liske or any of these platforms or ant shares but in reality what’s gonna end up happening is that they’re all gonna have to communicate at some level because people are gonna choose different types of platforms and so what cloud Stratos really attempts to do is try to bring in these will call blockchain nodes so that there’s a connection between these three and obviously to dismiss theorem completely would be short-sighted so they said you know what why don’t we coexist with the theorem and allow people to come in and out with that one and the other one that people don’t really know talk about is this idea of using bitshares and pitchers as against another multi-layered network that allows people to build upon these different layers that have these different applications and so I’m out to do a review on bitshares later on but I really like these type of projects where you allow the developers to keep on stacking over each of these layers so that the applications can run in multiple different formats and it’s not just restricted to one type of blockchain now the other one that I think there’s a draw to and part of the reason why Stratos has gana gained a lot of tension recently is because they are in the business of usable called side chains and side chains are very important because what they do is that they allow you to develop your own blockchain off the main chain and so it’s kind of like a think of it like a two train track like a train track right if you have a main chain train train track but if you want to create something that’s that what the public would not use you create your own side chain and that one has extra features like security and certain customized features that the main chain wouldn’t have and the only real reason why someone would do that is be let’s say for example you’re a very large company you don’t want to share the same chain as like Joe down the street because for whatever reason your specific company may want may value security much more than someone who doesn’t and the second thing is also you want to customize it for your own company companies don’t like to be restricted to certain types of generic chains and so I think the future in these type of networks is really going to be in the ability for not only just scalability but also in customizing these side chains to suit their needs and I think that’s going to be with a real value is when you’re approached companies like Microsoft or Cisco or any of those because they’re gonna ask the very fundamental questions number one is my network going to be secure number two is how you’re gonna secure it and the last one is how can I customize it so I think shraddha’s has a really good shot at this because they’re actively developing these side chains and try to deploy them for businesses so that they can actually maintain that network for their clients themselves and they can basically construct api’s and they could develop those to tailor it to their specific clientele and companies are able to do that and adapt quickly I think are gonna do very well now in terms of the side chains again it’s basically this reduction in risk so when you’re approached a company you really don’t want to say hey you know what my stuff will actually get it’s secure what you’re actually saying when you want to say that but what you don’t want to say is I don’t know if there’s any bugs in the actual system so we’re gonna take a risk so what they want to do is is construct these smart contracts they’re almost ironclad now again right now aetherium does not really have anything ironclad as you guys can see from the news and so the value proposition that people are saying is that yes although a theorem is such a nice platform that there’s a lot of these applications that people are building on it they’ve got some serious security issues in terms of their coding and so not to say their code is as flawed as you said there’s a lot of sloppy code that’s being written and so I think that stratas does a really great job of looking into them the other one is that it is seg what ready so stratas knew this already ahead of time in regards to the Bitcoin problem is that they all they have to do is just flick a switch turn on typing a couple of codes and then there be set what ready now they haven’t done that for whatever reason but if everybody needs to go seg whit they can do that so there’s no real issue in terms of getting that implemented I think that’s gonna be very important especially when we get down to scalability and speed all right let’s talk about stress Academy one thing I really like about this this this specific company is that they not only make a developer friendly but they also want to nurture a community where people can actually learn about the strattice blockchain in the process and again part of the blockchain problem that we have right now is that you have to educate the clientele a lot of people still don’t understand blockchain us a lot of people still don’t understand how it can fit into their businesses their business needs and how their clients can be able to use that in a more efficient manner I mean we can talk about cost reduction we could talk about risk reduction but at the end of the day if the business does not really understand what it is and how the developers can get to that point it really doesn’t matter so what Stratos is done is basically this professional growth Academy and what they do here is that they try to provide all the resources and the certificate certification for any developers who want to jump in and they allow accessibility so that NDB can just really jump in and start programming and coding and I think this one really draws people who are in the Theorem network and so when you look at these type of things you look at the long term viability of the product and also the long term viability of any new incoming developers that let’s say for example are not that great with the etherium coding with the solidity coding per se however with the c-sharp and without net they attend these academies and they get fostered and they they get fostered to progress and provide and get provided these resources to do well alright let’s talk about the Stratis ecosystem specifically and what what the value is on the actual tokens and one of the great things I like about it is that strat has a what is called a proof of stake they’re a staking platform which you need 250,000 Streck points to maintain we’ll call that masternode and as you can see from that that’s a very very large number now I know why they did that right one of the great things with masternodes when you have such a large amount is that you remove a lot of the coins from circulation very similar to what’s – did but this one they really kind of took it to the next level so if you think about it as the price of strut increases the amount of coins in circulation begins to get reduced and which eventually drives the price higher and thus taking pretty much invites long-term investors Wales specifically or anybody who has large amounts of coins that are able to not only do well with the staking but they’re not gonna sell the coins immediately now the other thing I like about it is that Stratos has these different wallets one of us we’re staking when it’s called the electrum which is extremely fast when you’re moving in different coins from one to another and the idea here is that you will reward long term users and long term investors into the into the ecosystem by having such a high 250,000 masternode stake they really are targeting investors and companies really large investors to kind of hold on to the network and supply that so the network will eventually scale now in terms of the briefs wallet in terms of the briefs wallet that’s one thing they’re working on right now which is basically to combine Bitcoin and Stratus together on the same so they can actually be interchangeable so instead of going to us DS for Stratus they’re going to introduce Bitcoin in there so that you can always kind of go back and forth and again this is going to be huge because when you’re able to jump back between Bitcoin and Stratis tokens you’re gonna introduce a brand new type of clientele that has never heard of Stratus but because they’re a Bitcoin they’re gonna see that and potentially it’s going to be huge alright moving on to the strat token the strat oaken’s really operates under the exact same principle as the etherium token which is gasps they’re going to be used to pay for the fee transactions and what they’re gonna do is that as it gets as it scales it gets larger and larger and larger these tokens are going to become a lot more valuable valuable because obviously you’re going to need them to run the run that one the other thing about these tokens is that they use it for staking 250,000 Strad tokens and I’m gonna think guessed at aetherium when we’re waiting for a theme to go proof of stake they’re gonna go somewhere along those same lines and the idea here is to use Stratus as a service really it’s it’s not submit as a currency like you’ll find in some of the other ones so again I usually make that same comparison with ethereum because realistically they’re almost doing the exact same thing the only difference is that they have different clients going but pretty much what they’re doing is they’re trying to create a service which eventually will increase the value of the token as more of these businesses hop on board all right let’s talk about specific use cases now what what do you use with Stratos okay so a couple of things that I really kind of felt fascinating on their website and I went ahead and just kind of pulled this out because you know if you really think about it when you have a product that has a lot of potential you want to look at different industries you don’t want to just look at financial you don’t want to just look at medical you want to look at the whole entire ecosystem of what value they can provide for other industries so for example on the manufacturing side if let’s say you’re a business manufacturer and you are made you’re selling clothing or let’s say you are selling toys or whatever what you need to do is you need to reconcile both your inventory and also with the customer in terms of what they want and what they need versus what you have overstock or things like that and so right now the way the way it’s done is that on the supply side chain is that there’s a lot of middlemen a lot of different pieces that go with it computer programs at the track inventory customers at the retail level which have to figure out the the retailers have to figure out what the customer needs and so you’re dealing with like four or five different systems the Biggs example like to think of this that’s a company as a master this is very well as Amazon you know Amazon has really great inventory control and they’re actually able to reduce your cost down by trying to figure out how to navigate through this entire supply chain network and what stratas attempts to do is very similar to that but instead using the blockchain to provide a solution that could potentially reduce that cost and and speed up the process and reduce forgery or counterfeiting or double entries or things like that so once a customer comes in and they want to buy something they’ll go into the ledger Straz will align a blockchain ID for it and then hook it up back to the manufacturer and the manufacturer will give the product or vice versa and so this one is actually very important because it’s really about information that’s being tampered and also incorrect information that may that may actually end up hurting the company in the long run the other one is going to be the medical and the clinical trials and this was going to be huge because during the pharmaceutical and the biotech industries you’re always constantly getting new drugs coming out and as the drugs come out they had to be FDA approved and you got to go through that whole process of doing that and right now there are systems in place and companies that kind of go ahead and manage these but there hasn’t been really a good way to do it centrally in a way that everything is kind of in the ledger and so what Stratos attempts to do is pretty much if you go from a research medical trial let’s say you’re developing a new pharmaceutical drug for cancer for example and you publish their results on a very prestigious academic journal what’s gonna happen is that somebody has to review that data and then they have to store it and then they have to send it back out so the data is very can be manipulated the data can be amended in some ways but once it gets into the blockchain it becomes a lot more efficient and it’s almost immutable so I think that’s where the selling point is this immutability part of the blockchain that was originally found in Bitcoin and the other one which I think it’s also very interesting is on freight transportation is when you have these internet of things which are controlling all these different devices and they need to feed it right back into a central server and stratas would pretty much have to reconcile those those blockchain to store information from each of those devices so as you can see from here the sky’s the limit I mean we’ve got three major industries in here which are very large part of the economy and any sort of disruption in any of these industries or inefficiencies cost begins to become an issue and errors become to get an issue so I think Stratos does a great job of attacking these these three alright let’s talk about some of the catalysts and risks first with Stratos number one the catalysts right now a theorem is undergoing a lot of uncertainty in terms of scalability in terms of security in terms of the hacks so people are trying to look for an alternative an alternative that maybe has a little bit more of a solid grounding ground in technology a solid ground in their coding in their applications not necessarily to replace your theorem but try to find something so I think what you’re seeing right now is a lot of that going on and I don’t think the etherium problems are gonna go away soon don’t get me wrong I think your theorem is a great investment but at the same time I don’t think it’s the only game in town that people should only be looking at the second thing is valuation relative theorem is extremely cheap but they’re only six hundred and eighty five million dollar kept market cap it has a lot more potential if any of what I said comes to fruition let’s say any of the industries go ahead and adopt any any parts of stratas I think it’s going to eventually catch up with his bigger brother etherium and at that point we may end up getting a 1 billion dollar market cap the other one is that I like the fact that they’re operating the brewery’s wallet they’re moving the roadmap everything kind of looks forward towards developing this cloud ecosystem where they’re using Bitcoin to begin pairing and anytime you pair currencies or crypto tokens you expose the public to a larger audience you’re talking to a larger audience which eventually brings in more money and more exposure so I think it’s a very smart move on their end to have that buries wallets as this pairing with Bitcoin and the other one which I like is the Internet of Things we’re just going to be a very large component in the next couple of years where everything is going to be connected to the Internet devices are going to be all linked up and I think Stratos has the technology to be able to take advantage of that and companies are gonna want to look for solutions for that specifically also the ties to the Microsoft Azure platform which is very active and Microsoft’s trying to develop that platform so that companies can begin building upon that all right some of the risks there hasn’t been any proven partnerships that can find regards to what they’re doing so one of the risk you have here is and the reason why you probably have that 685 million market cap is because it hasn’t had the name dropping like you theorem has there is no Alliance type of thing I mean they just work with Microsoft in a way with that ecosystem so I think unless that kind of takes off you’re going to be installing the pricing a little bit also I couldn’t find any major current products that they’re using that actually has been in operation so again a lot of this is very much very new so I don’t know what’s gonna happen in the next five years hopefully come up with something a little bit more tangible and the other one is gonna get increased competition and penetration from other companies so like specifically theorem which has such a huge leg up right now with in terms of the alliances I mean we just got the MasterCard and the and the MasterCard and the Cisco announcement just a couple of days ago so that’s something that Stratus is gonna have to really pick up because these competitors are coming in left and right the other competitor I can think of is ant shares and that shares already has these incubation places in Shanghai they already have alliances with on chain all these one chain sorry and it’s kind of like a little different story I think all right looking ahead what’s what’s part of Stratus here number one is q7 accused the last two quarters of this year are really going to be about developing the breeze wallet taking a look at the Stratfor include in producing Java API programs in and allowing that breeze wallet to kind of come into full full effect and so really when we look into this is they’re moving forward towards integration they’re moving forward to expand the clout and I think that’s the right direction that they want they want to get it yourselves into because of this integration with the businesses eventually something’s gonna stick and when that business hops on I think the price is gonna kill you eventually move up alright let’s take a look the valuation which is should you buy Stratos right now in its current form Stratus right now is five dollars and seventy eight cents is taking a little dip it has 98 million strat tokens very similar to a thorium’s Network it has a very small market cap under five hundred billion we came off of this really exponential move back in May we’ve sold off hard off the $10 mark and now we’re looking at $5 which is approximately 50% of its all-time high and I think at this point it’s definitely very attractive I liked it when it was at $3 however but five $4 I think it’s very attractive looking at overall the community and looking at the price to a theorem this one ranks a 16 vs. Thema – so on a 100 scales racking at 62 and you know looking at a theory theorem obviously blows everything away so it’s really kind of not a fair comparison I would say but in terms of looking at the first number which is that 69 mark I think that Stratis is although it still needs a little work I think it’s got a lot of potential community and also developers are a little bit on the low end right here on the 45 and the 42 levels here so that’s something that I’m just kind of a little bit of actually these are they actually these are the metrics here sorry developers are going to be at 69 which is not too bad not too shabby there is a little bit of active development community in their social mean is a little low and I think that’s part of the problem that we’re having here is that for this price to move higher we’re gonna need this community to give up a little higher which means we need some a little bit of buzz and we need a little of exposure for Stratis and so hopefully this kind of shed some light I think it’s definitely undervalued do I think it’s gonna go to ten bucks I don’t know but all I know is that I like the compelling story right now at ten dollars it was a little bit expensive considering that it hasn’t really released things but now with both the breeze wallet not both with the integration with the pairing the cloud services I think it’s heading in the right direction so thank you very much guys descriptive bud for strategy valuation hopefully you guys found that useful and I will see you guys soon

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