Stratis Technical Analysis (STRAT) : Oh that’s good. Really good… [December, 2017]

alright alright Sam with you back here on Friday December 22nd another member requests to take a look at strat now this I’ve got a lot of members that are very bullish here and some good news for them because it’s trading very very technically and I think there’s some interesting things to see here so this I mean this is a strat to Bitcoin on bit tracks this is the one hour so this see this kind of craziness here there’s no there’s no point trying to put a count on that there is no count there’s not always a count in the market at all times although some would tell you otherwise and I would tell you as a trader to be practical about it if there’s no count that’s useful to you there’s there’s no point in going through this trying to come up with some ridiculous complex correction just for the intellectual pursuit unless you know that’s your thing I would tell you that this doesn’t get meaningful until we hit this pivot here where we can start a 5 wave sequence and that’s where I have started this from and I think where we get some meaning and some tradable events here that can be useful to us so looking at this I can see a really nice clean I get a one two here’s I get subdivision into my third which I would expect and you can see here we don’t overlap the one that’s kind of interesting is I always tell you that doesn’t happen by accident so we get a three four up into a five so if I if I look at that now and on the assumption that I may pull here so if I look here so here’s my one we go down we get just a little bit a hair through it we get through the six five but we know a two can go can go that deep well then I’m going to pull up just to check it I’m going to pull to my three and that’s kind of interest so if I was pulling from my two for traditional well where do we go right into the box okay so this okay it just it can’t get guys it can’t get any better than that that is it that is so okay so we have our one we have our two we’re pulling from the two to the three looking for the fourth we have the Vegas way we literally go in between the Vegas wave into that like the I can’t script it any better than that not only do we go in between the Vegas way we go in between the six one eight six five that is that is a must take trade that that you just you have to take that trade they just you don’t get those that perfect that often with with with very low risk because we’re going to put our stuff we can put our stuff either then either under the seven eight six or just below the wave one high on the assumption that we stay with an impulsive wave there so from this where do we go boom right right to the algo target okay so you’ve got and it pretty much of a straight line I mean yeah we can get a five wave out of that but this is that is so I’ll goes are in we know that okay so that you know again you al goes shown by the target by the reaction at the target not by the by here although this this you know this is part of it but here’s the towel it’s the reaction at the negative twenty three six that’s the tail on that well of course in addition to this we’re just to see what the geometry looks like we’re gonna put a pitchfork on it and let’s pull from our low to our to our three high down to our four now I’ve got a modification on that well even that by itself is interesting but I can look at this and tell you that if I go back to original recipe okay guys I mean it just it simply does not get any more technical than that yeah that is that is so we have here so let’s look at all the components here that we have in this trade okay so here’s trading principle number one Andrews trading principle number one if by defining three major pivots we have an 80% probability of making the median life we literally tick the median line we have a median line trading principle number two that very often the market will pivot at the median line so we have we have median line trading principle number one here number two here we come down right here’s the the pause here at the lower parallel back up for our B wave now we get the breakdown so we can look at this and say okay well I’ve got a wildly technical five wave structure given that okay so let’s not now that we know that this is a good pivot here so then we get an a we get a B and then we come down for the C interestingly the C’s back here at the 50 but that’s not our pull any longer because we’re not pulling from a completed five wave sequence so we’ve got to go up to the top here where we wick the median line back to where our entire five wave starts right on there okay so we get an ABC into this to define our two so there’s our a wave there’s our B wave and we come down into a seam we even get good subdivision into that okay so this while we could put we could if I highlight this I’m sorry my machine is really slow today if I highlight this I can go out to the two and catch that right so I I can catch that you know I probably I would probably reshape it I would pull pull from these three pivots but that still may be contender because now we’re playing for a12 so now the count is if I can get this so here’s our the start of our five wave there’s our one here’s our two three four five okay let me change the degree on that just so it makes sense we’ll go to we’ll go to a blue and we’ll go up to minuet okay so that now now we’ve got now we’ve got a really nice technical count underway so we know a two wave hot highest probability for a two way between the fifty and the six one eight what do we do we go right between we get we get a little wick through the two thirty three here but we’ve got support here we hold the six one eight so yeah that’s a deep two but that’s what you’re expecting in a tus and now the now we’re looking for an impulsive move because we have a completed five wave into a one we have a three wave counter-trend correction of that five wave sequence into a two now we’re expecting our third which must be impulsive can’t have a diagonal here so we need an impulsive move out of this low so how do we know well the expectation would be that we’re going to come up here and we’re gonna go we’re gonna sub divided into five waves so if we’re if we’re just starting into our one so you know no telling where where where we’re gonna pause there but the structure here the geometry might be a tell we’d also be looking for some clue for resistance coming back the other direction so if I’m pulling from this high to what now appears to be my too low wouldn’t be surprising that we’d pop up here and come get that back get and get moved in my arrow and then run into some resistance here at the six one eight way as we do often we’ve come from either direction we also have the the prior high here so you might get some resistance here which would set up so potentially that becomes a one you might go down to the fifteen minute to get better subdivision on that and then the trade becomes the two trying to get into the third of the third that’s your money-making wave so if the opportunity presents itself if we can come up here run into some resistance get a reaction that would be be anticipating then you’re looking for a three wave counter-trend move here into a – here’s your exit here’s your invalidation point well for this trade this would be the meaningful pivot because you’re operating now on the assumption that you’re too low is in so you don’t want to you don’t want to try and rationalize it and say well if it goes lower you know maybe I’m getting an ABCD no that’s the wrong move if you if you enter the trade on the assumption that your low is in don’t take it don’t let the market go below it take your stop there and just re-evaluate you could always get back in always get back in so if you look at that just in terms of visually you look at the risk reward so if I and I do I like to do this a lot just so you get a sense of it so if if this is my risk okay so you can leave this I don’t I don’t need to put the the the other the trading view piece on that just look at the risk reward okay so do you see why that just visually just makes sense I’m risking this to make that so what do we got there one two three four five two one five two one and that’s just your first algo target remember our expectation if it’s going to continue to if this is the right pivot I and I would probably draw it the other way as well but potentially so here’s our algo target from that low so we’ve got that as target one I would also redraw this and I might keep these on two different charts I’d want to see this reaction okay I’m like what what’s going to happen if I’m coming up to this because now I’ve got three new I’ve got well this these are the same but I’ve got a new pivot here so potentially what I have here is my corner pocket yet again so where’s that likely to bump into some resistance well the median lines certainly a candidate so maybe we end up if we’re gonna get through these if we’re gonna come back to the median line which we know we have an 80% probability of doing if this pivot is gonna hold maybe our resistance maybe our one comes into I guess I can take this off now you get the point maybe our resistance comes in now at at the median line and maybe we get a pivot there remember median line trading principle number two the price will often pivot at the median line just as we did here to the tick so if we can get a push up here to the median line and a revisit now the geometry is really just laying the map out for you wouldn’t wouldn’t that be pretty so into the seven eight six for the one down to the outside lower parallel for the two and then again we know our target here is back to the median line well there’s our algo target the third might be much higher than that because now we’d be looking at the length of the one projected from the two we’d be looking for you know certainly we got to get to a hundred percent but we’d be looking for that one six one eight as well so if we draw that so here’s our one from my two low potentially my two low well here’s a hundred percent and here’s the algo target so that that would be a place for a partial profit profit where’s the where’s the big target way up here so if stratts going to really fly here if we’ve got if the correction is over and we’re gonna go we’re going to go into a big third well now look at that that’s what you’re looking for there’s the ones that’s the highest probability statistically speaking for our third so maybe you get a 1/2 so do you see though this would be the third of the third right one two third of the third still knowing I’ve got four and five potentially right it’s always just potential roadmap so maybe we’re coming back here to visit the median line again so so there’s your you know if you catch that good for you congratulations that’s just what you’re hoping for right up to the upper parallel to get that one six one eight one seven five window so if you can get that yeah take a long hard look at that I I can promise you I’ll be posting that to members as a place to enter because look at the risk/reward right do you see that I mean that it doesn’t I mean that that sets up that’s one you really want to look long and hard at that’s gorgeous so let’s see if we can get this to follow that roadmap that would be just gorgeous certainly one to have on your radar okay guys I’ll wrap it there

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