Tether Growing by Demand or Artificial Inflation? – Prints Two Billion USDT Token!?

conspiracy could be could be a conspiracy what say you guys we’re talking about tether guys they have reached an interesting milestone of printing their two billion USD T tether token guys is this caught inflation I don’t know guys will stop crypto nation it’s pita with decentralized TV your best place for news on Bitcoin blockchain and cryptocurrency tech in today’s crypto news big conspiracy of the day tether issued its a two billion USD T token due to seemingly growing a demand is it really growing or are they just inflating the price at opportune times guys let’s get into it if there’s one particular token in the cryptocurrency world which sparks the most debate it has to be tethers USD T well before this it was a beats connect but B Connect is no longer in the news wand because be connect has fallen apart and my my assumption in many ways the tether might be next but let’s get through this guy’s and see whether you agree with me although this is supposed to be a digital representation of the US dollar there has been numerous concerns over its rapidly increasing supply in the financial asset required to back it as of right now the tether supply is over two million u.s. DT it’s a remarkable milestone I’ll be at one that is heavily criticized and I have certainly questioned the tether in the past and is evidently the creation of tells us D T tokens have always been considered rather controversial every USD T in circulation represents one u.s. dollar keywords represents one US dollar one would expect the Federal Reserve to oversee the issuance of such peg tokens rather than a company known as tether how so far there has been no negative backlash although it might be only a matter of time until the US government decides to pay closer attention to this particular project it doesn’t seem as if tether violence any regulations though what is what has most enthusiasts concerned however is that the USD T supply is increasing very rapidly a few weeks ago daily prints of ten million USD T or are not all that uncommon it seems tether is has ramped up production quite significantly as issued an additional four hundred million you Deepti this week alone sounds like massive inflation to me guys that is a very steep amount of currency being brought into circulation as long as the company has the financial assets to back these tokens there’s no cause for concern so far we don’t know if that is the case which fuels even more speculation I’ll tell you we’ve talked about this before I think the reason why they’ve been in flaming the four hundred million USD T in the last couple weeks is because now you can buy it with aetherium is that why and we opened up a new market here guys thanks to its increasing rate of it issuing new USD T tether has reached a major milestone with over two billion USD T in circulation at the time of writing there seems to be an endless supply of these tokens the company also unrealistic tokens now exists only a theory on blockchain as well just like I said which may explain the sudden increase in demand whether or not this is the driving factor has yet to be determined at this point well I’ll tell you my opinion I think it is because of exactly that now that you can get it with a theory of guys sounds like a massive explosion in the inflation pants one thing a lot of cryptocurrency users have pointed out in recent months is that the new USD T tokens are always printed at quote convenient times when Bitcoin price faces major adversity Heather brings more currency into circulation than it would otherwise when the Bitcoin price rises it will issue USD T in order to keep the trend going are they pumping Bitcoin and manipulating the markets guys is this one of those things where tether and BitFenix are going to be back in the news for collusion and manipulation of the markets maybe we will have to let bit the next figure it out guys this all sounds like a major conspiracy as no wrongdoing has been proven to date however there seems to be no such thing as coincidence in the cryptocurrency world these days people are suspicious by nature and it’s only normal they would voice such concerns publicly whether or not tellers recent milestone is a good thing remains to be seen given the negative focus on this company prior to this event is very likely it will receive even more negative press because of this development at the same time if the company simply is succeeding by legitimate means then there’s no abs there is absolutely no cause for concern given that there is no arbitrage opportunity with tether or any chance of it appreciating in value it remains to be seen where this demand for USD T is coming from when USD t will always be valued at approximately one u.s. dollar although as there has been a 7% discrepancy in the past only time will tell whether or not this is all on the up-and-up but for now no one can fault tether through anything other than circumstantial evidence well guys tether is in the news again for getting a pretty big milestone milestone printing to a billion u.s. and DT is this a cause for concern guys well when it comes to crypto currency well we have a lot of coins that are inflationary in nature they continue to print them like dogecoin but dogecoin doesn’t seem to be moving and or manipulating or let’s just say influencing the market like tether might be so I’m gonna throw it right back to you guys let me know in the Bitcoin got pub or the comment section below whether you believe tether is doing something nefarious or whether it’s just the nature of the beast that’s actually a good way of putting it is it the nature of the beast guys let me know in the comments section and thanks for joining us in today’s crypto news but conspiracy of the day may be brought to you by decentralized TV your best place for news on Bitcoin blockchain and cryptocurrency tech if you’re new here guys make sure you join the crypto nation and subscribe to our YouTube channel and check out 10 days of Bitcoin calm for the rest of you guys to smash the like button for deflationary currencies like Bitcoin and aetherium classic probably better investments are for the long term model if you know what I mean

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