This is why Monero Will SURGE in 2018 (XMR)

[Music] how’s everybody doing today it is the naughty investor here hope everyone is doing well today now there’s about 10 crypto currencies for 2018 that I am very bullish on and I’m when I say crypto currencies I only mean alt coins I do think bitcoins gonna have a big run to in 2018 do not get me wrong but for this video that won’t be putting out probably in a few days I want it to be out of course before 2018 so you guys can you know use it to your advantage I’m gonna be doing this video and it’s gonna be 10 alt coins 2018 the ones I’m most invested in and the ones that I think are gonna have the biggest bull runs now you guys basically know three of those Crippler you know about four of them already you know I’m very big on XRP you know I’m big and etherium and you know I’m big on litecoin however I’ve never really talked much about Manero other than my tutorial video on how to buy Manero and that will be linked below if you guys would want to check that out monaro in my opinion is gonna be one of the biggest bull runs in 2018 because of the fact that it is slowly but surely coming to dominate dominate the deep webs in the dark reps on the deep webs in the dark web those you who don’t know are basically part of the Internet where shady stuff happens and I’m not making the moral arguments for or against it’s not my place to do that you guys have your own morals you guys have your own opinions on that but there’s no doubt about it that this is gonna make us a lot of money if you own Manero because this is going right now what’s happening in the dark is they are slowly but surely moving away from Bitcoin look I love Bitcoin I do I’ve made a lot of money with Bitcoin but bitcoin is not the best privacy coin it’s you can say it’s the best cryptocurrency in other ways as a store of value or something like that but it is not the best privacy coin mineiro is probably one of the best I mean there’s some people who prefer Z cash and there’s even some spam about deep onion or whatever but but Manero in my opinion is the king of privacy coins so what’s gonna happen throughout 2018 is people can turned with privacy as well as the dark webs in the deep webs people on their vendors on there they’re gonna stop accepting bitcoins they’re already starting their early starting but more so in 2018 they’re gonna stop accepting Bitcoin stop accepting litecoin and they’re gonna start moving exclusively to Manero because Monero XMR is the king of privacy and what this is gonna do for the price of course is if you understand supply and demand this is gonna increase demand from an arrow because anyone who wants to buy something on the Deep Web the dark webs whatever they’re doing they’re gonna have to buy Manero and that’s gonna be money flowing into Manero and you might say well how much money really is it and I don’t know because I don’t really deal with the dark webs very much I don’t really deal with a deep web very much I’m going on a few times on the curiosity but it’s not something that I use I’m really not involved with any shady stuff online but there are people who are and those people are gonna need to buy monaro know when you look at this chart look how beautiful this is it is just a steady climb from November to December to the end of December look at this MACD indicator we have been in like a month-long bull run it’s so study look of study that is because of course the blue line did cross over here right where my mouth says right in there lining not a ton of volatility there is a bit of over buying on the RSI but that will be corrected if you don’t own yourself some Manero I definitely think you should check out my video on how to get some using shape shift if you already know how I think you know definitely do it because I think Manero within 2018 very easily break that seven hundred eight hundred dollar mark maybe even touch a thousand right it might even touch a thousand because of that demand that is coming from these dark web vendors and these Deep Web vendors in what-have-you and again that’s not the only place my Narrows demands gonna come from that’s just a segment of it another big place are privacy advocates people concerned with the NSA people concerned with it you know with government overstepping their reach Oh stepping into our constitutional rights those type of people are definitely going to be very interested in Manero and of course they’ll probably still own Bitcoin as well I think everyone should own a little bit of Bitcoin but those people are gonna start putting money into Manero when it comes to investing time and when it comes to making a stand against some type of government action against their privacy and against their you know civil liberties and I’m not trying to make it a political video this is not a political video this is an investment video I’m just giving my opinion and why I think XMR Manero is going to rise throughout 2018 so if you enjoyed this video make sure you leave a like and subscribe comment below if you want to see my video next week on my 10 cryptocurrencies all coins for 2018 that I think are gonna make you guys a lot of money that I think are gonna make me a lot of money and some of course have already made me a lot of money so definitely you know comment below definitely subscribe definitely share this video it helps me out a ton and just look at this chart it’s just a study month long bull wrong that bull run bull run that is just a beautiful guy I hope you guys enjoyed it have a great day and I’ll see you in the next video peace out

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