[Music] what is up guys is the Olaf back again with another video just gonna give you guys a quick update on birch and Tron I know those are very popular coins at the moment some of you guys are kind of panicking some are panic selling I just want to give you guys my take on the market at the moment and you know let’s get started so here we are on corn market Capcom currently looking as you can see Bitcoin is down a theorem is down basically it’s a sea of red right now most of the coins are down here oh the only coin that’s doing pretty well here is Neil at the moment up around 12% so that’s pretty good there but we’re gonna take a look at Burge and Tron as those are very popular coins and a lot of people are kind of worried right now because you know a lot of people are saying that these coins you know might just fall out of the sky but you know we’re gonna take a look at them really quick and see what’s gonna some potential plays here in the near future are for both of them so right here currently looking at Burge around ten cents market cap 1.5 billion current daily trading volume 137 million we’ll take a look here at the charts on training view so right now like I said before in previous video you’re always gonna wait here come on symmetrical triangle and wait for the breakout right now it just happened to break towards the downside here so it broke towards the downside currently is touching the 50 EMA at the moment here as you can see your stochastic right around 5 on the daily which is a good sign and our size around 45 so right now momentum is pretty low here on the day chart we could probably see a bounce here pretty soon in the near future but we definitely want this to kind of stay here on the support line here around roughly the 800 satoshi level there for the for the future there so right now on the one day chart momentum is pretty low so we’re gonna be looking for potential bounce here as you can see here on the 4 hour time frame which is even though it looks even more better at the moment here currently at the right here currently RSI is 23 which is really good there shows that it’s almost done for the there’s almost no more sellers left here as it’s almost oversold a lot of people probably going to start to purchase this as you can see here we’re gonna see a reversal candle here as you can see this wick here showing signs of bullish momentum their stochastic pretty load they’re around 16 starting to curl on the four-hour timeframe there as it starts to show momentum starting to build up there towards the upside we’ll see if 800 Satoshi is the support level here for Burge it might be the bottom at the moment here but we’re definitely gonna be watching out for this in the near future as you can see here previous support level is roughly in this general range here around the here on the 4 hour time frame roughly around the 750 there it was a little different on the day chart but now as you can see bullish reversal dere candle at the moment like I said the RSI stochastics showing signs of birch kind of merger definitely starting to trend up with here in the near future so that’s just gonna be a quick update on birch let me go take a look Tron with it so right here currently looking at Toronto core market cap as you can see here currently trading on four billion dollars volume around 1 billion almost 1 billion dollars there in the USD all right guys remember Tron had a market capital North even see here roughly 17 billion it was definitely a top 10 coin at one point right now I think it’s currently trading at the 14th position let’s see here so yeah Tron currently trading at the 14th position down just absolutely insane correction here so let’s take a look here on the 4 hour time frame so as you can see here insane correction let me see what this is if you take the highest right here on 2000 stats pull it all the way down so roughly a really a 75% correction which is absolutely insane you take the Fibonacci retracement here it’s even more insane so right here it now she retraced but typically you you know see a bounce here on the sixth one a wish it did right there correctly in that general range but then you rarely see anything breaking the 786 fit right there exist very it’s a pretty low probability but this one definitely did so I don’t know if this is a pump and dump but on and on has not been doing pretty well here as it’s been a massive correction here and right here currently looking at the Socastee and the RSI our side run around 27 sarcastic roughly around the 12 range still showing signs and down on momentum here in the four-hour time frame on the RSI still has some room to go before it’s completely oversold and then you’re gonna be looking for that reversal candle here probably the four hour time frame just to see if Tron will definitely start to turn in the upward position but tron right now as you can see we have a support line here roughly roughly there around the 475 satoshi range so definitely gonna see a bounce here because this is really popular coin same with the verge so these two coins are different going to have an insane bounce for those people that are currently not trading these two you’re definitely going to want to see you probably could have an amazing swing trade play or day trading play when these two would definitely bottom out pretty soon and I think Virgil definitely bottomed out sooner than Tron at the moments of a Tron very popular coin huge community behind it so when this press gets roughly around here and before 75 Satoshi ranch here for trunk is as you can see here on the 4-hour still showing signs of a downtrend there you can see that here on the stochastic definitely staying under this John trending the support line resistance line here when the stochastics and same thing with the are side down training as well so this thing still has some room to go in terms of turning towards that 475 support level there on Tron but you’re definitely this a pretty strong bounce it here and then your coming future because this coin as well as verge definitely has the community behind it and that could be a really good day trading play as well as a swing trading play for those that thought they must about here for Tron you definitely can get in now because it’s price is fairly cheap compared to what to be if you guys believe in this project is same thing with the verge as well if you guys thought you missed the boat there for bridge still time to get in prices are pretty cheap right now so don’t think of this bear market here for the past two weeks as a bad thing it’s definitely a good thing because now it gives you guys an opportunity to jump in the all cones that you guys truly believe in for the future there so just a quick update on those two coins don’t panic guys this is part of the process and cryptocurrency there’s always going to have correction periods here from time to time as Bitcoin definitely has to correct it can’t keep going up forever so that’s just gonna be a quick update on the two coins I hope you guys enjoyed the video if you guys are new to the channel definitely hit that subscribe button and I’ll see you guys in the next one

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