Too Late To Buy QTUM? What’s Fueling The Moonshot?

[Music] what’s going on everybody this is Steve from altcoin buzz and today amongst this sea of green we’re gonna talk to you about what is going on with cue ‘tom you may have seen a video that Jeff did about khuddam on November 16th talking about how it is potentially one of the most undervalued crypto currencies on the market at that time well it seems like today in the last few days cute them has made quite a run today in particular becoming one of the top earners on the entire exchange with about a hundred and forty percent gains let’s go ahead and take a look at the charts we’re gonna dive into what just happened to cue them and explain what’s driving that demand what’s driving that moon shot of value increase there and what is queue time on a surface level at the at the very least so that way you guys have an understanding of why this coin has virtually come out of nowhere and brought itself nearing the three figure mark as it’s probably gonna close in on 100 dollars you know it’s surpassed its all-time high and it’s heading on its way to uncharted territories for cue time it may not be a good time to buy it then again once you learn a little bit more about it maybe this is something that is worth getting into for a long haul type of investment because some of the things that it’s capable of doing really do seem like a game changer in the cryptocurrency space but let’s see right when it started on the 11th so we’re about one week into this massive run the price shot from around 12 dollars give or take all the way up to today where we’re sitting at a seventy plus dollar coin massive like 7x gains 6x gains you know you could expect some people to take profit you can see here that people certainly did after the 16th but today became a buying opportunity and people jumped all over it and there’s a cute the few key things out there and the news that queue keeps creeping up on me damn them and let’s let’s take a look at it but if you’re looking to get into it and make that investment it’s on quite a few exchanges you can get out on bit thumb bit tracks by Nance you know quite quite a few more that you’ll see here so you know obviously if it was on less exchanges it probably would have a lower price but the list goes on and on and on you can see the currencies that are dumping into it of which we’ve got a lot of investment from the Korean Won and from Bitcoin so shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to everybody that the Korean Wan is making an investment because we’ve been seeing a massive price injection from our Asian partners over there in South Korea of which there’s a lot of speculation that they may be placing investments as brokers for those in Asia that don’t currently have access to the cryptocurrency markets so you know a lot of a lot of potential wealth over there in Asia just getting dumped into the cryptocurrency space in general is we’ve we’ve hit an all-time high I mean I don’t know what what part of six hundred and thirty billion dollars of market capital how much higher it’s been than that it would have had to have been today because today is certainly a landmark and bitcoin is finally losing some of its threshold nearing the 50% mark again were these 1368 other crypto currencies are nearly reaching the market capitalization of that one Bitcoin current coin so crazy so let’s dive in there’s a few things in the news on what’s driving queue time first and foremost tomorrow so this is going to be taking place in Geneva we’ve got Patrick die who’s the co-founder of Q Tom is going to be attending the 2017 internet governments forum as a speaker and resource and so that will be taking place tomorrow which could be one of the key drivers of what’s catapulting cute them up to its sky-high values will be interesting to see tomorrow during that event if the price soars even higher or if that takes us to a plateau of which it now sits into its comfortable resting place around the $70 mark I don’t know what’s gonna happen to it but it it’s safe to say there’s still quite a bit more hype left in it here’s another another mention so this is from coin Telegraph says that cute um’s appeal to the Internet of Things comes out of a proof of stake design and cooms ability to execute smart contracts from light clients and their Lightning Network and x86 virtual machine which are in the works a lot of big terms there but that we’re gonna break some of that down here into our next discussion so we’ve talked about its massive growth over the last few days some of the markets you can pick it up on and some of the stuff driving the news there are some other interesting things going on it seems to be related to this V V V view IC o—- is taking place also on the trusted IOT alliance so there’s a lot of newsworthy mentions about queue time and its technology and its teams certainly seems to be deeply embedded and dedicated to its work so they’re a very active team not just on social media but out there in the crypto sphere so if you’re looking for a job you want to be a part of this you know bang up team they are currently hiring so go ahead and send your resumes that’s top you know top mention on their website so cute um is is kind of like a supercomputing program but they’re looking at turning the blockchain into a every day business application of which mainstream businesses will be able to build mobile friendly applications and software that are based on blockchain but cute um itself is a hybrid that’s born on the backbone of the bit Bitcoin core platform so it’s it’s banking on that security of the Bitcoin core code base and then it’s been enhanced with smart contracts that are very similar to aetherium so taking the best of both worlds of Bitcoin and aetherium two of the big players in the cryptocurrency space and then building in compatibility with some of the most important and most relevant upcoming improvements to cryptocurrency that will help speed up the computation and make mining a little bit more fair for a lot of people so first and foremost we’ve got the fact that it is built for a proof of stake system as we heard mentioned during one of those press releases we just read and the way that that works is that currently proof of work is the standard concept when it comes to mining a coin and proof of work really means to the victor goes the spoils so to the first person who mines who solves the complex calculations first in a in a block receives the reward for that completely so everyone else who did the computations during that time frame that was competing against them gets a no no financial reward and some might say that’s not fair some might say that’s the way to go but it really seems to be that either those who have joined really large mining pools or those that have a massive amount of equipment at their disposal are most prepared to solve those blocks and therefore reap the rewards so makes creates a very high barrier of entry outside of having mining pools of which take fees and stuff from you it creates a high level of competition and it’s also can be very slow because you have a lot of people competing against the same line a block might not sound that very that intelligent to have so many different people trying to solve the same problem but you know that’s kind of what gives us so many witnesses their proof of stake generates new blocks of code based upon who holds the most amount of currency in of that type doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re gonna see any financial reward for it what’s actually gonna happen is that the miners who solve the complex calculations will be given a proportionate amount of reward based upon the amount of work that they do you think that B’s proof of work but that’s called proof of stake because the stake holders the person who generates the coin which is determined upon basically their net wealth within that coin so the miners are gonna get the transaction fees so a little bit more fair that everyone doing the work is going to receive some amount of compensation for doing the mining and that becomes less less costly overall for somebody to be entering the mining business so to speak so we have proof of stake then we have segregated witness which is an upcoming technology that’s going to remove the signatures from the blockchain and make it so that we could fit more transactions into one block of code so we’ll be able to process more data more rapidly so those are two things proof of stake and segregated witness that are going to make Q them a faster processing cryptocurrency add on to that though it’s also going to be lightning compatible let me give you a quick rundown on what lightning means because you may have heard this term and it’s actually something that’s quite significant that will speed up a lot of these computations so when you want to create a lightning contract or somebody you basically open up a lightning wallet between you guys it’s like a ledger and you you put in a certain amount of money and the other party may or may not put in any amount of money so you’re going to create a contract between you and your landlord for example or you in a store that you frequently shop at let’s use a store example so think of it it’s kind of like opening up a gift card account and you’re going to put in a hundred dollars because you frequent this restaurant and they take your cryptocurrency let’s just hypothetically say that and every time you go there you spend about ten dollars so rather than create ten different contracts one for each transaction that you go in there you set up a lightning wallet a lightning ledger and then every time you go from one side of the ledger to the other you move ten dollars into their side of it it in any given time any party you or them can cancel the contract or claim the contract and it cashes out and will return either the unused portions back to you and the claimed portions back to them depending whatever sides on the ledger so the the miners out there don’t have to compute every back and forth transaction you and I can go into the ledger and virtually change the balances that are due back and forth at a moment’s notice as many times as we want when we’re ready to settle that we just send the contract in whether we used it all or not and those balances are then debited to each of our wallets as designed so we combine lightning proof of stake and segregate a witness and cue tongue is set to pretty much take things on especially given the fact that it’s on a Bitcoin core with smart contract capability which means that you can build applications on it and these applications with x86 machine capabilities are going to be mobile friendly as well as Internet of Things capable so think of smart devices like your printer may be a smart refrigerator if you’re one of the many few that have the ability to watch television or the internet browse the internet on the refrigerator kind of silly but smart TVs that’s another common application or smart watches even things like your nest thermostat if you have one of those or your garage door opener that’s internet capable so you can open and close your garage door a remote start your vehicle so who knows what type of applications are going to be built but the view seems to be one of the few or one of the first is going to be built on cue time technology and that’s doing its ico right now which is part of what’s driving the value of it then you add in some really significant endorsements here you’ve got Beauchene who’s the managing partner of a mushi capital giving them an endorsement or a quote then you’ve got anthony Diorio who’s one of the founders of aetherium as well as Roger ver who’s the world’s first major investor in Bitcoin startups aka bitcoin Jesus so these three people are being quoted on the website as giving props to the Cuban team the Cuban product I’ll spare you the video but if you want to watch a really quick explainer video it’s about a minute and a half you can see that on the Cuban web site so this this is like the the dream team here not not necessarily the people that are on the actual team but the dream team in the sense of the technologies that are coming together and cue them that make it a really appealing cryptocurrency for those that are looking to build applications it’s really a rat race right now in terms of who’s whose platform is going to become one of the first mainstream adopted blockchain technologies that gets adapted by major businesses so right now we’re in that VHS beta HD DVD blu-ray type of race where a lot of these businesses are looking to compete with each other in order to earn a market share of business development applications and cue them is one of those that’s actually poised to become a major player so in day-to-day businesses we might be seeing people building open-source applications of which they can share their concepts with each other and produce things that solve problems for everyday users go ahead and comment below what your thoughts on Q Tamar did you did you actually have a position in them before they would have their moonshot here and then where do you project them being before the end of the year let’s keep it real short on our time projection so like in the next two weeks where do you guys see Q time going is it kind of plateau or is there going to hit the hundred dollar mark you know I’m not personally invested in Q time actually just to give you guys a disclaimer I do hold a pretty successful portfolio of which have been very grateful for but you know in hindsight q them would have been something to jump on back in November 16th when Jeff made that video so left congratulate him on being one that saw this coming long long ahead of time but that’s part of what he’s known for but anyways you know check out their website check out their tech you know stay tuned and keep your eye out if you guys know of any other crypto currencies that are getting prepared for a moon shot they’d have super great technology like this go ahead and comment them below let us know what it is so we can check it out let’s try to talk about these again before they go big time this is Steve signing off from all coin buzz [Music]

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