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[Music] hey guys it’s Dexter here and I just wanted to do another little update video on V chain right now the markets actually down a little bit we hit 800 billion and it’s down to 732 which is still great but if you look it’s just a sea of red right now aetherium is up and people are speculating the reason a theorem is up is because they’re trying to get on to exchanges but a lot of exchanges are down right now so aetherium is usually what you people use to transfer from like coinbase or g dax or things like that so that’s why I think maybe seen a little pump but honestly in the long run etherium is probably gonna go up and you know get get closer and closer to bitcoin but let’s look at at this sea of red you see this guy’s everything’s going down lots of things going down but V chain holding strong twenty six point five percent increase in this sea of red actually have 563 right now last night it was at 450 or something like that so uh that just shows the the strength of V chain in and just how how it just shows that the fortitude right so I’m gonna I’m gonna go over this last video I made on V chain it was at 263 and I thought it was a great Buy and I still think it’s a great buy right now it’s it’s just it’s it’s insane the amount of partnerships that are coming out of this thing first of all Thor isn’t life yet and Thora is not going to be live until quarter to but they haven’t even done the full rebrand yet which is happening soon here it should be happening in January so the main thing has in hit here yet I think up until quarter to this thing’s gonna be available at a great price once Thor gets implemented people are gonna start living off for just says people started living off of gas from from neo the the Neo Bri rant rebranded to ant shares was huge it made the price go up like 10 times and yet people are living off of gas right now because that’s just how it is I think a lot of people don’t understand with V chain that they’re implementing they’re trying to to do something like you know like its own aetherium in a way it’s gonna develop its own blockchain right now it’s running off of aetherium but it’s gonna be changing it’s gonna be letting new icos happen on its own personal platform which is insane so a lot of people aren’t understanding that it’s not just you know it’s not just codes going on going on bags anymore it’s not just what a lot of people saw it for what it first was I saw this thing of 50 Cent’s and I thought it was just gonna be QR codes going on alcohol and bags and stuff and I thought it was cool but instead I put it in different investments such as Rae blocks or you know stellar but it’s so much more than this it’s so much more than this and I think a lot of people come to the V chain website and they they think it’s just a QR code they think it’s just a label on different things and they don’t see it being huge but oh my gosh it’s so much more than that and the website just doesn’t show everything that it is here’s a big partnership that just came through with DNV GL which is insane these guys have airbus they got coca-cola tents an IBM Oracle Cisco HSBC and Alibaba this is can you imagine if these codes start getting implemented everywhere it’s definitely possible we’re possibly looking at the next Amazon guys would think I said this in the last video not the next Amazon but something on like an Amazon scale where it can be implemented on everything bags cars computers owns anything clothing like like beds it could be it could be on everything this thing can go anywhere anything you think of this thing can be implemented on drinks you know food everything so this thing really has no limits Plus on top of the QR codes it’s also got its own blockchain so this thing really there’s no ceiling on this bad boy it’s it’s planning to make a faster version of aetherium in a way because once again it’s on blockchain also this briarbrae err Braer capital this guy he started investing in crypto and you might you might know him he’s invested in in facebook right so where is it is this it okay yeah this guy this guy invested in Facebook in its first funding round in 2005 he saw the vision none of us saw that vision and Facebook guys well maybe some of us did but a lot of us didn’t we didn’t really know what it was we thought oh my space my space is gonna be better or something like that uh haha this guy this guy saw what Facebook was gonna be and he invested in it and now look at it it’s it’s a behemoth it’s insane he also invested in at sea all these other things all these other great projects you can definitely look into these but he’s invested in two Kryptos two Kryptos guys aetherium and v chain i’m sorry got to put my finger if there am envy chain that is that is insane so this guy sees the potential of V chain or else he wouldn’t be advertising it on his multi-million or even billion-dollar venture capitalist firm right it’s it’s it’s like if do you want to do you want to find the next big thing because this is definitely likely to be it and it’s it’s somewhat of a safe gamble as far as crypto can be safe which I guess it can’t be but once again just do your own research guys I am just even more excited about this than I’ve ever been I threw more money into this last night and I’m actually liquidating a lot of my positions in order to go deeper into V chain just it’s it’s I’m not gonna make it above 30% of my portfolio but I am just going I’m going balls deep in the V chain guys it just seems like a foolproof foolproof and if you actually look at this thing this chart is just sexy you guys oh my God look at this thing it’s only it’s not even 2 billion market cap like if this thing grows to even litecoins level it’s gonna be insane I definitely see this thing conservative conservative probably 15 by the end of quarter 1 at least I’m thinking 30 to 50 and of you’re conservative but I do think it’s possible for this thing to hit a hundred bucks end of year so if you guys load up on this you guys start generating some Thor you’re gonna be pretty happy you’re gonna be happy and I don’t think you’re gonna regret it this thing has whale walls like like mad so once we bite through those walls this thing’s just gonna soar through the roof it’s gonna soar through the roof you’re gonna be happy you’re not gonna be sad or who knows I don’t know but do your own research eyes don’t just listen to random people on the internet do your own research please just read the white paper it’s not even white kids it it’s almost well read the white read their white paper and then also read all the news that has been coming out look into their partnerships watch the interviews there’s so much information around there around V chain and just wrap your head around it get excited and if you do get excited throw some money in here if you don’t get excited then just don’t man just I don’t know just do you do you and I think that’s it guys I think that’s it if you want to subscribe to my channel I’d appreciate that hit me with the thumbs up and yeah guys I wish you the best of luck may may you all have a good New Year and yeah that’s it that’s all I got guys look into it please just look into it all right that’s it see you guys in the next video [Music]

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