Top 5 Cryptocurrencies Under 1 Dollar! NXT, BAT, ARDOR, GOLEM, STORJ

what’s up guys I’m not Ryan and today I wanted to talk to you about my top five pick top currency picks under $1 now before we get into it I just wanted to remind you that I am NOT a financial advisor I am just a dude on YouTube with a passion for crypto currency also crypto currency is a very risky market you should never invest money into the crypto currency market that you are not willing to lose if the volatility of the market is going to stress you out just don’t get involved now if you didn’t know already every single video I give away point 0 5 litecoin to lucky commoner in the comments section below all you have to do to qualify for this giveaway is like this video subscribe to this channel and post your litecoin address with a meaningful comment in the comment section below last video we had 19 unique comments so you’ve got a 1 a 19 shot at winning a 3.0 5 and litecoin let’s see who the winner is this is my giveaway advance oh yeah boom angel Lara you need to make more videos my dude love them thank you very much that makes my heart very happy you are the light coin giveaway winner here you go boom point zero 5 litecoin is killing this today up almost 30% in one day boom diggity enjoy that light coin now let’s talk about my top 5 picks for crypto currencies that are under $1 every single one of these crypto currencies you can buy with Bitcoin on bit tricks calm there’s a linked for that exchange in the comment section below if you want to check it out first in my list is a crypto currency known as ardor it’s currently being sold for 57 cents apiece it’s got a circulating supply of nearly 1 billion tokens in a trade volume of nearly 9 million dollars every 24 hours now our door is a blockchain used as a service it improves blockchain performance by reducing blow and solving the blockchain scalability problem to give you example of the problem they’re talking about as you’ve probably seen recently Bitcoin has just exploded it’s been growing at levels I’ve never seen before so yesterday there’s over 200,000 unconfirmed to Bitcoin transactions so the blockchain and Bitcoin miners are are currently confirming more transactions they ever had before so miners can’t keep up with all transactions that are going on the blockchain and that’s slowing everything down and our door is offering a blockchain that essentially solves that problem now that being said no cryptocurrency should ever really compete with Bitcoin because they’re all connected to each other our door also offers smart contracts but instead of using the etherion platform it’s using the NXT platform our door also offers smart contracts similar to aetherium but it uses the NXT platform it’s another cryptocurrency we’ll talk about here in a bit it has customizable child chains what that means is you can create your own cryptocurrency off the our door blockchain it’s also a proof of stake cryptocurrency so bitcoin is a proof-of-work cryptocurrency and how proof-of-work works is Bitcoin miners attach their hardware to the Bitcoin blockchain and they use their hardware to verify transactions going through the blockchain now proof the stake person can mine or validate a transaction on the blockchain simply by holding their currency in a private wallet attached to the blockchain this basically means the more you’re holding the more mining power you have our door is currently sitting in 20th place on coin market Capcom now the second cryptocurrency I like under $1 is a cryptocurrency called in XT NXT is currently being traded for 72 cents apiece it has a maximum supply of 1 billion tokens and a trade volume of a quarter of a billion dollars every 24 hours now NXT and ardour are very very similar and actually our door was basically a hard fork of NXT and it’s often referred to as NXT 2.0 14 2016 our door was airdrop to every person holding the NXT token what that means is you were given free money for holding the NXT token now similar idea is happening again because the first our door child chain is being released on December 28th 2017 and this crypto currency is called Ignace now Ignace already ran a successful IC o—- that’s currently over and they raised over 15 million dollars but that was not your last chance to get involved in the Ignis I see oh now for every NXT token you were holding in your private NXT wallet you will get half of an Ignace cryptocurrency token for an example if you’re holding 400 NXT tokens you will get 200 Ignace tokens simply air-dropped to your NXT wallet so here is a 7-day chart of the NXT token price and it is gone from 1900 to Tashi to 4600 Satoshi and USD that’s 20 cents to 72 cents and that’s because bitcoin is the currency for cryptocurrency so it’s price calculated for the growth of Bitcoin and the growth of the NXT token now we still have a full 20 days before the Ignis tokens are air-dropped to the NXT wallet so we will most likely see an increasing growth in value in the NXT token just based off that effect now the next cryptocurrency on my list is currently in 59th place on coin market Capcom and it is called the basic attention token now the idea of the basic attention token is to take out the digital advertising middleman now their website has a couple stats listed here up to 50 percent of the average users mobile data is for ads and trackers costing you as much as $23 a month so that means 50% of your mobile data is taken up by ads that are being shoved in your face not only that each page takes longer to load because it’s not only trying to load the information that you want to see but it’s also trying to load all the ads that are just placed all over the place as you crease phone battery life by as much as 21% and your privacy is violated by trackers and what trackers do is watch what you do in the internet and then it created that they think you would be the most interested in now with brave and the basic attention token what they’re trying to do is eliminate all those problems and then in the title and currency explains itself it’s the basic attention token so the browser uses this new currency pay people for their attention this is another token and platform that I think has a very bright future in the decentralized cryptocurrency space now the next cryptocurrency under $1.00 that I am super excited about is gollum gollum network is a decentralized sharing economy of computing power golem is currently in 46 place on coin market cap komm has a total supply of 1 billion tokens in a trade volume of nearly 6 million dollars a gallon is a global open source decentralized supercomputer that anyone can access it’s made up of the combined power of users of machines from personal laptops to entire data centers anyone will be able to use gone to compute any program you can think of so let’s say you’re in the CGI industry and you need a very powerful computer to render all these three-dimensional figures that you are creating traditionally you’d have to spend like fifteen to twenty thousand dollars on just a super awesome computer but with the Goll network you don’t have to do that anymore you’re using a shared economy of computing power so this is useful to you if you’re a video editor because it will drastically shrink the amount of time it takes to render your videos so I think that once the Gollum platform launches price of his token is just going to explode because a shared economy of computing power could be useful in just so many ways now the last cryptocurrency on this list is a cryptocurrency called storage it’s currently an 88th place on coin market capcom with a total supply of four hundred and twenty four million tokens with a total supply of 425 million tokens and a twenty four-hour trade volume of ten million dollars now storage is name explains exactly what it does it is basically the future of cloud storage let’s watch this very short one-minute video explaining exactly what it does imagine if the cloud wasn’t up here but down here with us that’s storage storage is a cloud shared by the community it’s potentially the largest cheapest and most secure cloud available what you shared is what you get you could even be paid by renting your extra space but how is it more secure each file is shredded encrypted and spread across the network until you’re ready to use it again and you can be sure the files are safe because the keys are in your pocket not a company’s only you have access to your stuff because the network is shared you don’t have to worry about slow download speeds coming from one place we’re all helping to make the system blazing fast and if you have some extra space lying around you’ll get paid by users who need more than they can share it’s like renting out your empty hard drives a cloud with security no downtime and speed at a fraction of the cost that is awesome so not only can I have a Dropbox like service where I can store my files and know that no one else has access to my files except for me but if I have extra storage on this platform I can literally make money with it I love the idea of this platform and not only do I love this but vitalic the man behind the theory and the mastermind who created it says decentralized file storage systems like storage has the potential to eliminate high markup costs and market influences and provide a much higher level of privacy so as you know I’m a huge fan of a theory I’m a huge fan of italic he’s a genius but seeing him support this program it makes me even more excited about it storage honestly is probably my favorite out of the five of these so I think long-term wise it has the highest potential to grow in value but that is of course just my opinion do your own research and decide for yourself thank you so much for watching this video if you haven’t hit that subscribe button hit that subscribe button turn your post notifications on so you’ll know every single time I release a sweet video follow me on Steam and follow me on Twitter links are in the description as always you guys are amazing and I will see you next time [Music]

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