Undervalued Crypto: Status Network Token

hey everyone after new crypto space-age crypto King and I wanted to go ahead and share with you undervalued crypto at least in my opinion called status I told you guys in my last video that I was gonna actually start updating you all on some of the different coins and stuff that I might be trading with or holding you know pretty much until I get a good profit you know that’s pretty much how it goes when I’m happy with my profit that’s when I sell you know so status some of you may have heard of it some it may not you might have heard it as status network token that’s why it’s abbreviated here SNT but if you take a look at the chart cuz that was one of the things that interested me first was well the first thing that interested me was the price I like to look at cheap coins because you can buy a lot of these and if the price does go up a lot then you can earn quite a bit with you know a small investment so I looked at it in on my two cents almost three cents that’s a pretty good price and then I looked at the chart and what I seen was is that the price drop down here and the coin it just came out at the end of June and you know it it seems like it fell down here at the beginning and kind of just stood here and then it had this big spike up there must have been you know a lot of energy going into this coin a little bit of hype some people just jumping on the train to get those trades and stuff and then it just came down from there had a little bit of a go and now it spins kind of slowing down up until about this point and if you notice like that’s pretty close to this point here maybe a little bit lower but since then it’s been kind of like steady in this two cents you know three cents range and I think that this possibly could be you know just even from looking at the chart alone I was saying okay this could possibly be something that eventually at least goes back up in a nice spike to you know about eight cents or so and right now it’s about three cents so that would be quite a bit of profit you know so that interested me so from there I had to do more you know investigating so I looked into the you know market and I have it on bit tricks and honestly I did not want to use bit tricks I know there’s hit BTC and liqui and all this stuff and ether Delta there’s a bunch of them on here but I don’t actually use any of these exchanges myself so I went ahead and did bit tricks started a whole new account did all the security stuff so and I don’t have as much money in there now that I did when it actually got stolen from me so I’m not too worried about it actually but I did go on to bit tricks to get it so that’s where I’m actually you know I’m gonna be trading mine is on bit tricks but if you do have hit BTC that has the highest volume so you may want to go there but if we go over to the website I’ll go ahead and explain to you what status is here well first basically you know status it says right here status is a browser messenger and gateway to a decentralized world you dear him anywhere so status is basically trying to one create an outlet for everyone that’s dealing with etherium and different you know platforms on the etherium network but then it also is you know in a way trying to get more people interested in this theorem as well and bring it to you know the masses bring it to the public and that’s one of the big things that I believe that cryptocurrency needs right now is to become simpler and simplified for you know the average person because there is a lot of things that are difficult for people to understand that aren’t very technical you know tech savvy and stuff like that so simplifying it and making it user-friendly it’s definitely definitely good in my book with anything you know in life if it’s easy to use then it’s going to be easier to have mass adoption so their website it looks you know really good actually even though it’s simple but sometimes simple is best very simple website you can go through here and look I’m not going to talk about everything on this page but they do have quite a bit of social links here that you can check out and they keep up to date with those I did check those out that’s always good when you’re looking into a coin like are they staying up to date with their investors and stuff are they letting us know what’s happening and status is definitely doing that so one of the things I did was I went ahead and downloaded the white white paper and you can go ahead and do that I believe was it from the blog let’s see for anybody that’s interested in downloading the white paper yeah you go to the blog here go to what is status and then you go ahead and click here on the announce the status network and there may be another place too find it I’m not sure but this is where I found it and then you just scroll down here and you can download the status Network white paper draft and I went ahead and I look through that and I was just gonna read this to you guys so you guys can understand what the status network is so status is an open source messaging platform and mobile interface to interact with decentralized applications that run on the etherium network this document presents a utility network token for status the first Eva ever mobile aetherium client built entirely on peer-to-peer technologies the messenger form factor is chosen to make it Durham Phil as familiar as possible to the average smartphone user while providing a flexible platform for adapt or D MPP developers aim to maximize the amount of daily use forums public blockchain and you can go on to read more of this but I just wanted to explain that part and they have quite a bit in here so it is a nice little read but it’ll get you familiar with status and you know where they’re you know planning to go with the status network token and the status network token is basically used you know if you read here it’s telling you all the different stuff for curation and decentralized push notification market governance on the status client and stuff so you can read that I’m not going to go into all the details but I didn’t want you guys to you know look into this coin possibly like I’m not an expert this isn’t like financial advice I’m just showing you guys what I’m doing in the coins and stuff that I’m interested but I think that the price for this definitely could possibly go up in the future possibly to you know where it peaked out out here and even further especially as they start building more stuff you know one of the things right now is they do have the Alpha available for the status you know you know browser messenger and gateway and I think that’s good you know because in the future I see crypto really really really in the blockchain technology taking over you know like the Internet and everything like that’s just the way I visualized it that’s why I’m in this but go ahead and check out the you know status or the S&T token definitely has an interesting chart you know it could end up dropping some more but I feel like you know it’s been pretty steady through here through the September and October you may take a little dip here and there but it possibly could jump up again in the future so I just wanted to let you guys know about that I also have a couple of other coins that I’ve been pretty much invested into and I’ll share those with you guys all soon but that’s pretty much an amount

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