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what’s going on YouTube welcome to tone teen girth which variance analysis channel my name’s Tony team excited to be here with yesterday and we’re gonna go through a peer technical perspective on verge because I believe there’s opportunity in the market you are the sunshine and Hilah I all right guys welcome back so um you know a lot of you guys know about verge burst been really hot recently so I’m not gonna go that you know what virtually does or its launch our potential I’m really just gonna go through look in the graph because I realized something trysting stuff here that is going on so you know bridge went on extremely extremely well I don’t I just don’t know what to say exponential rise right here right it just went past the roof it went so high right it reached almost 2000 here and I’m looking at the Bitcoin on chart on up dead tricks right so that’s two thousand right and then they kind of and then came down hitting a low of about 800 here and then they spiked up again hitting seventeen 17 2012 and then you know 1687 kind of came down now to this point right so right now we’re sitting at a price of 933 so you know what’s going on with verge right so we can see here in the early stage of verged exponential rise there’s a bullish set up here intact and it was actually still intact here around December 30th or show um before verge again broke out of this trend this bullish setup right but before it was it was on a very good spot but here it failed to bounce back to this bullish up to this trendline and instead it kind of reached down towards the the 8:19 resistant line here right so I think this is interesting I when we connect these two points these two reasonable lows here these actually actually these four recent lows we can kind of see it kind of creates this risk if we you know just put it down a little bit it creates is descending ledge in triangle and in that really I think it’s it’s really a break rotate make-or-break moment here for her verge because if we see a price rebound here up I in my opinion that is a buy signal that is a buy opportunity here we can see though however the volume has gone down a lot which means we’re just probably gonna consolidate for a little bit here before if the ball and kicks back in again because this is not nearly as much volume as verge had when it’s at its peak right so if volumes start kicking back again then we can seem verge moving but I think if we see a price reversal if if verge does not break the nine hundred line here and a verge in turns spike up again and then and then I think that attacks by signal in which I will recommend you guys to wait until it dips our place probably a buy order around one zero three seven around here around let’s see with one zero three nine right I’ll place a buy order this resistant line or if you guys want to be safe that you guys getting to the position you guys want I recommend around here 1165 Brown or so I do not recommend you guys to place a buy order any higher than that because if it if it comes up you know if this descending wedge is intact and has to come up and come down and bounce down again right so I don’t see why you guys would place a buy order much higher than that and then I in my opinion that will consolidate around its level but then the key thing is it verge breaks out of this descending wedge and breaks out here again then you know that’s interesting to see if it if it returns to the foolish setup but if it breaks out here either way I think it represents a good signal for a perch but again if verge dips below this descending which dips below this line even below this if it dips below this resistant zone then it’s really a bearish market for merge at least in the short term in my opinion so that is it guys thank you so much for watching subscribe my channel above and watch my other videos here comment down below what you guys think of virgin drop me a big thumbs up if you liked the video peace Massimo’s oh you are the sunshine in Hilah [Music]

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