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what’s up guys it’s Brian from asteroid hub is about 10:00 after 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time January 14 2018 we’re coming to you with a brand new trading video we’re only gonna be speaking about Virg in this video that’s it we’re not doing a combo with all sorts of other coins because we got a lot to talk about here clearly this chart that’s in front of you looks like a mess but we will explain it but first hit the subscribe button hit the notification bell if you guys are watching us on Steam or on D tube if you can do the same would be greatly appreciated your Reece team or an upvote you like would be greatly greatly appreciated so what are we looking at here so yeah it looks like looks like a hornet’s nest and I haven’t even drawn half of this stuff yet so what do we have coming in here okay so I’m gonna go ahead I’m gonna start just moving stuff out okay what do we have coming in coming in to this we had two huge not huge but I guess one of them this one was kind of big bullish flags okay right a bullish flag here right a bullish flag here and if we were to go from four hours to probably an hour you probably would see another one here okay so there’s kind of this fractal fractal fractal nature to what’s going on here which is a common thing in a lot of different markets it’s not particularly common to cryptos cryptos happen to show that fractal nature a little bit more because they freak those are more of a direct sentiment of a direct Kryptos happen to be a more direct relationship or viewing of actual sentiment than you find in other markets the markets tend to be tend to have a lot of various different players in them with a lot of people trying to manipulate the direction of whatever it is for whatever their reason is you don’t find the same thing here with with Kryptos as much so so we have these two you know bullish flags that came in and I’m gonna go ahead and I’m just gonna I’m gonna move these things off just to make things a little cleaner and then after that what did we have okay we had this big down right this big down move and right off the bat once you have a big down move like this you start looking for triangles you start you start drawing things okay one of the first things we started drawing was this green triangle okay you can see it here and you can see it here okay I’m gonna move this off really quick and this off really quick okay so you could see this green triangle much more okay and within this green triangle we just had this red you know this red ABCDE okay let’s move this off here yeah this red ABCDE all right and at ABCDE and the market jumped up just the same way in which you would you would expect and from there the market normally would would run up but that didn’t happen here what happened here was the market kind of came down again and then we had this triangle this is kind of this wedge formation we actually if you look at a video we made some time ago I think it was included a few different Kryptos all coins it was Virg Leo’s Minako and I think there was one other as well we had drawn this this triangle right here and it looks as if it’s it’s holding to that triangle so what is the next thing that we drew to we drew these lines okay because we saw oh something’s going on here with this right and it’s exactly what we drew okay so now hmm we’re gonna go ahead and take this ABCDE off of here cuz that’s complete now we’re gonna move this one in I draw these things earlier cuz I don’t want to put you guys to sleep so okay so now we have a B C alright d E and that’s what’s going on here right so what are we left with okay so it looks as if the markets coming here and we’re gonna be looking for a bounce coming off of here however we also still have this triangle that’s in effect as well so possibly what we may see is a bullish wick where the market may come down and then it may come back up and that’s great that’s that’s a very good sign for what we want to see and why do I think that’s gonna happen I want to pull up Bitcoin real quick okay when we just made a video on this so Bitcoin you can see is is piercing through here okay natural this is a bullish wick this just yet or if it’s some part of a larger sell-off an ABC sell-off or a zig zag sell-off and we’re gonna I’m gonna show you what that looks like here on Virg so Virg goes ahead and starts trading like Bitcoin because you know bitcoin is a big behemoth it tends to push around the other kryptos if if Virg starts trading like that then what we may see is not a continuation of this pattern of this larger you know a yellowish mustard ish triangle what we may see is a larger sell-off so what type of sell-off can we see the type of sell-off we can see two things an ABC correction or like I said a zigzag correction an ABC correction I’m not gonna draw it cuz it’s just getting a little too much for people that are kind of new to this is what we would see is a B and then C it would come down okay and if it’s an ABC correction according to Elliott Wave analysis or theory you have three waves in the a three waves and the B and the C has five waves so the C is obviously longer than a and B and that’s probably gonna bring us down somewhere to this level here okay around the $0.05 level it could possibly bring us down a little bit lower I don’t think that’s going to happen but I have to plan for it and I have to tell you to plan for it too the next thing is a zigzag formation very similar as well where we have a B and then C and a zigzag formation the only difference is that this wave was made up of five this one’s made up of three this one’s made up of five so similar to the ABC correction his exact correction also has five has five waves in its last leg so I believe a similar type of type of type of type of price prediction of a round kind of this level right here of around five cents but would be the same for a zigzag however zigzags tend to sell off harder and quicker they tend to be more extended than ABC Corrections so there’s a possibility if it’s a zigzag correction that this may come down even lower so I want to keep you guys aware of what’s going on from there okay so what is the overall there are overall thoughts with regards to this okay our overall thoughts of where this markets gonna go is this right here this plumb line that this is one two and then we have three four five all the way up to you here call it a dollar of five a dollar ten is kind of what we’re calling for okay in the meantime whenever the if if this kind of just settles out maybe makes your boat a bearish excuse me a bullish wick and then kind of rallies back up we may have something coming in like this okay if this is the D of the D in the e continue continue and then we’re gonna have something like this so this is just the this is just the leg okay of the third leg the third leg is made up of five five waves okay so that’s what we’re thinking is going on here with regards to you know chart patterns and Elliott Wave analysis one of the things that we make us think that makes us think that this truly is a triangle is that the volume is really falling off sorry about the noises in the background the baby noises so yeah you see volume is really falling off here quite a bit so that makes us also think that this is possibly a triangle let’s go take a look at our algorithms and see what they say all right so this is this is the algorithms that we we use and created if you’re new to us you know go back and some some of our videos and you’ll see a little bit more description with regards to these I’m not gonna go over here on with regards to Virg but I’ll speak I’ll speak to them a bit so here we see our hidden support line as it’s come up and the markets basically sold off pretty much kiss the line it’s come back up and it’s continuing along along this line we’ve also had I had our strength trench strength indicator show that something’s going on in the market right here that there’s gonna be some sort of a sell-off and we pretty much you know the market ran up and then it kind of came back down again would you see the trend strength indicator is turning again so that could be possibly a bullish a bullish indication we don’t look at we don’t really look at the trend strength when it’s in between these maximum and minimum levels but it’s still good to see a possible direction of where the market may go the D trend here it really kind of shows you a lot you can see the D trend peaked right along here and then it’s sold off continuing from there and that’s what kind of told us when we were trading Virg something’s gonna be going on something is behind the scenes going on MACD also sold off and it’s still you know it’s still kind of in this negative territory Tory negative territory where the lead is is is below the the trailing similar situation what’s going on here with a sign indicator sign indicator is same thing you learned in grade school but it’s it’s impacted by the movement of the price you can see the Sun indicator kind of maxed out here and it’s coming down next day or two it looks like it’s gonna start making minimums but what tends to happen is that the price tends to follow this as well so you can see here it the the price you know kind of maxed out right here you know we also see you know similar here as well the sign indicator is not as good as the other indicators when it comes to daily data because of the fact that daily data is not cyclical it’s more trend like so this is what we see overall overall with regards to charge to go through guards to the chart I showed you previously on trading view we there’s a lot of things to look at we’re kind of at a very very high decision point of which way the markets going to be going and it’s similar situation that’s going on a Bitcoin however on the algo side it’s a similar type of type of view the algos are showing something as well so it’s showing something similar to one of the things you may want to keep in mind is this level right here okay let’s call it about 11 cents 11 cents is this hidden support level the market were to come down to this 11 cents then we possibly may be having a problem where the markets gonna go ahead and change direction so let’s keep that in mind I’m gonna end this right here especially since I’m being interrupted by is someone special but from here let’s you know like I said let’s keep an eye on it if you guys have any questions let us know and we’ll be speaking to you soon happy trading

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