what’s going on guys Patrick here bringing you a brand new video today I want to talk to you guys about verge we’re gonna make a verge do the full Wraith was released we’re gonna see what exactly that caused the market give you guys my prediction on where Virg is going in the future as always but before we get started guys two things first if you are brand new to the channel and you have not subscribed yet make sure to smash that subscribe button also hit that notification icons the bell icon right next to subscribe button it’s super important stay updated with all the cryptocurrency videos most of you guys probably know that cryptocurrency is a space that changes every minute so if you miss a video and you only watch it to two days later it honestly could mean the difference between making a thousand dollars in losing a thousand dollars so you don’t want to miss the videos also second thing I ran into a crazy situation which is the reason basically I didn’t upload yesterday this videos actually supposed to make a verge do yesterday but that didn’t happen and I’m gonna tell you guys the whole story at the end of this video I’m just saving it to the end for those of you who are only here for Virg and don’t actually care about what happened but some crazy story went down I’m gonna tell you guys that at the end but without further ado guys let’s get started over here we are on the verge Twitter why do I go on the verge Twitter a lot and why am I on the verge Twitter right now I’m gonna show you guys there is a post right here um here you go so tension our wonderful hashtag Burge family you have asked us we heard you at the verge currency is the only and is the one and the only official source of any verge related news and updates starting right now we will post a list announcing who are the core team members very soon so basically it’s one it is the one and the only official source for any verge related news the next tweet was no one other than that then the at verge currency Twitter will make any official post on behalf of Virg now here it is the Virg Twitter 210 followers it’s just at Virg currency guys this is actually a great thing because the reason Virg price has been going through the leg he’s been going up and down some shoots up a lot and it shoots down a lot my guys I’m gonna show you guys that chart in just a second the reason it’s been doing that because a lot of fun has been spreading a lot of people have been spreading false news a lot of people have just been saying things and pretending to be someone and you know and that honestly causes a huge problem for the coin especially what it’s trying to establish itself on as one of the top crypto currencies with all this bad news it honestly just hinders so this is going to be good if you ever want any information on Virg make sure you are following it through Virg Twitter they’re going to be the official announcement of absolutely anything now this then is why this announcement was done here it says presenting the full Wraith release now available for Windows we are currently compiling for OSX and will be posted shortly plea el release can be found here so just click on the github it’s gonna take you right here full release a full Wraith release foon Wraith release full man this is a mouthful to say I don’t know why honestly shouldn’t be I’m just tired but you guys can see it’s this is by Justin V for Vendetta of release this – two days ago and here you go you have the source code everything perfect but guys most importantly if you aren’t trying to you know get information stay up to date with Virg make sure you follow the verge twitter also guys if you by any chance during this video you want to go and buy some Virg I have a link to buy a nan slink in the description and hopefully if I remember in the comments – you guys can go over there by virtue per easy to sign up make an account I don’t I don’t know by the time you’re watching this video if they’ve allowed accounts to be made again so go check it out maybe they have maybe they haven’t I’m not sure otherwise I am working on finding a better way for you guys to buy the coin I just don’t wanna promote anything that don’t believe in currently or I don’t use so buy Nance’s my go-to once I find a better exchange I’m going to also of course tell you guys about that now guys let’s go over the crypto currency market Cabot’s get his pager refresh just because look at that we gained we’re at seven hundred and twelve billion dollar market cap Bitcoin dominance 33.5% 24 our volume is 51 billion dollars so let’s take a look at how the whole chart looks before we started talking about verge I see a lot of rent I see a lot of red I don’t like to go over this before I go before I make a video because I want this to be live and what you guys get my full thoughts on it on the spot now I see a lot of red I see like Tron fell a ton man Tron is having a rough time although I I do a whole Tron long term Tron’s having a hard time also Bitcoin is down again it’s at fourteen thousand two hundred it did have a run up but this might be at one of the lowest points we see Bitcoin so if you guys are interested in buying Bitcoin also I linked to coinbase in the description that’s where I buy my Bitcoin so if you are interested in hopefully making some money when Bitcoin rides back up now would be a great time to get into it obviously of course this is financial advice just telling you guys what I’m doing why I think the situation Cardno is also down so if you are a Cardinal fan this might be a good time to pick up some coins but here we go stellar is down 11% – guys it’s been rough for cryptocurrency the last few days we’ve seen a lot of down we see the etherium just shoot through the moon so that’s really really cool it’s almost $1,400 let’s see yeah a lot of coins are going down but hey what do we call that on this channel for those of you guys who know we call this Black Friday for crypto currencies just going ahead pick up the crypto curse is that a fallen that you think are good for a long term hold tron for example do you think it’s gonna go under ten cents I personally don’t and if it does it won’t be for long I still think Tron has a long way to go in the future so that’s the coin that I’m probably gonna be picking some more up right now it’s number 12 in total market cap I’m probably gonna be picking up some more anyways we’re we talking about Virg in this video of course here is Virg sat with a 2.5 basically a 2.5 billion dollar market cap set at 16 cents sixteen point six seven it is down however 18.6 9% man you guys can see the chart it had a huge run up with this whole verge news thing and then it came crashing down we’re gonna look at that and the more interactive charge just a second though here we are here we are you guys have asked I’ve answered this is the more interactive chart that I have for you guys you guys can see ah what are we doing and this is the more interactive chart for you and you guys can see the candlesticks it’s easier for me to talk on this too and apparently this is the one you guys want so birch what do you guys see when we are looking at the verge and the verge chart so first thing I see is this coin would be fantastic for some swing trading guys I’ve done this with this coin too I bought some you know I hold Virg for the long run as well I do have a good amount of Virg and when I saw it come down a little bit here I picks him up it went all the way up I sold because this was a huge run-up it was going to have a correction it was you know it only made sense so it came down I figured it would come down roughly around this point so it came down here almost made the sideways movement but then it came down again and this is where around about this thing goes somewhere over here is where I picked up some more Virg held it it came all the way up here again same situation sold up here when I started noticing that you know it wasn’t going to touch its all-time high sold some around about here picks him up again here and now I’m just kind of holding it I didn’t get a chance to do this because of the story they’re gonna tell you guys at the end of this video but this is a great coin for swing trading there’s been a lot of you know good news followed by fun then good news fall by fun good news fall by foot it’s as it’s just honestly such a pity for such a great coin that we have to stay here and watch you know it go through all this but for those of you guys who like Virg and you’re holding Virg for the long run this does not matter to you whatsoever if you’re like me you know what who cares if in one hour it went up and then one hour it corrected if you’re holding this for six months that was two hours out of six months you don’t really care it isn’t worth stressing out over this what I do think though I think especially with this whole Rhea thing coming out finally we’re starting to see verge you know keep their promises they say they’re gonna deliver stuff if they can keep doing that and build up trust in the community again it is only a matter of time before a verge test this all-time high and we start you know growing we’re 21 on the total market cap for all coins right over here twenty one two point five billion dollar market cap you don’t get there by being a bad coin you don’t get there by you know anything other than having a good team a good message a good project and that is what I think for a chest that’s why I’m holding verge for a long run I still see a lot of potential with it I know we came down here we had a correction all the way back down but from here I don’t think we’re gonna be going down too much more guys I think if you’re holding this for a long term honestly it isn’t worth your time to stress over this if you are trying to swing trade this slow now might be a great time to pick up some verse make a possible swing trade it hit the same level here I don’t think I mean obviously I can’t say you guys for sure but I don’t think it’s going down much further if it does I would look for it to go either here or maybe even here but I don’t see it going lower than that after that hopefully it’s gonna have another run up and you guys can make another 30% on your money pretty pretty easily so guys that’s gonna be it for this video if you are new and you have not subscribe yet guys make sure to smash that subscribe button hit that like button as well if you did like this video and let me know in the comments what do you guys think of birds now that the full rate this release are you guys excited are you bullish are you bearish let me know what you guys think of Virg and also now for the story that I had to tell you guys this is absolutely ridiculous so I was supposed to get on a flight Saturday night to come back to New York basically I was gonna line here Sunday from Brazil most you guys know I was in Brazil that’s where I was filming most of my videos from that’s why the whole scenery is different now but else pose governor flight Saturday got cancelled so then we got rescheduled for a flight Monday because you don’t only one flight from some Paulo – Brazil to Sao Paulo to New York happens every day I don’t know why or straight flight at least Sunday got canceled Monday then they decided to overbook people by way too much so basically there’s double the amount of people there then there were you know seats on that plane and that plane also by the way ended up getting canceled at like two o’clock in the morning supposed to leave at 11 got cancelled at like 2 o’clock in the morning but they basically moved us from line to line to line kind of delaying the fact that they had to tell us that their what they did so they moved us Alliance on time finally we were in a line and we’ve realized everyone else in that line was going to the same flight we had tried to do the self check-in with the passports and it’s kept saying error and I’ll say what do you mean error that tried my booking reference it said err we couldn’t find this ticket it turns out finally at like 1:30 in the morning they admit it to us that they what they did that they didn’t have seized of the plane we weren’t going to be able to get on so we’re trying to rebook us so we got rebooked for the next day 11:10 in the morning which is I think they said they made a flight separate just for everyone that you know had cancellations and had to get home 11:10 in the morning so usually don’t do flights at that time but they gave us a hotel voucher which is awesome they gave us food they gave us taxi transport to and from the hotel right so ok 1:30 I was gonna get home I was gonna get to the hotel rest a little bit and then head back to the hotel at around 7 get get like 4 or 4 and a half hours of sleep it’s fine we gave the cab we get to the hotel as soon as we get to the hotel and the taxi driver pulls our suitcase out of the hotel of the taxi some guy from the hotel comes out one of the people that worked there and he was just like the airline asked for 15 seats they sent over all they said over over 60 people and we don’t have any space we’ve tried to accommodate some but the last 10 or so taxis have got had gone back to the airport so basically took our luggage out put our luggage back in got back into cabs like an hour drive to the hotel because it than anywhere near the airport joke all the way back to the airport had to get in line again saw all the people that we were in line with the first time basically met up with a bunch of them again and so we was sat there and they couldn’t get hotel rooms for anyone and plus this was already like three o’clock four o’clock in the morning if we were to go to a hotel at that time we’d be like they’re like a half an hour right it was asleep for half-hour then have to wake up and come back to the airport so at that point it wasn’t even worth it anymore so we asked them who could we stay inside security point right past the security give them the bag some check-in the bags go through security and stay on the other sides more comfortable they have the lounge they have you know more seats because there weren’t many seats outside and they were just like yeah sure okay so can we check the bags with you know if you only check your bags four hours before the flight now say wait well my flights at 11:00 you’re telling me I can only check my flight at 7:00 what so I have to stay here from 3 o’clock to 7 o’clock just sat on the floor and they were just like yeah I’m sorry that’s the rules there’s like guys is absolutely ridiculous we were sat on the floor and then the because the people who worked there had the audacity to look down on us as if we were like sat on the floor every time they walked by they kind of gave a snooty look to the floor honestly the worst experience I ever had this was with lactam Airlines never flying with these guys again guys it was a terrible terrible experience they customer service awful would not recommend to any of you guys to travel with lactam Airlines um just don’t do it but yeah guys that was the story let me know what you guys Dave you guys dis states only the end of this I appreciate it but most of you guys probably left at the end of The Verge video but yeah guys thank you so much for watching smash the thumbs up button see you I will see you guys tomorrow for another video

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