Vitalik Buterin Supports Ethereum Classic? What’s the Future for ETH? – TODAYS FUD

there’s a lot here I don’t know should we get into it should we get into it what’s up crypto nation its Peter with the centralized TV your best place for news on Bitcoin blockchain and cryptocurrency tech and today’s crypto news bit some interesting news from our main man Vitalik butor in now you guys probably know my stance on Vitalik butyrin a boy wonder avoid genius but there’s a couple things that if you kind of scale out a little bit from this article it makes you question a couple things let’s get into it guys we’re not gonna be getting into conspiracy Sunday here just yet but I tell you guys get your thinking caps on let’s open our eyes and widen our gaze a little bit and see whether there might be some I don’t know maybe not inconsistencies but there might be a couple nuggets here that are worth noodling on let’s check it out guys metallic beater and supports etherium classic interesting well you guys know that I’m a big fan of aetherium classics so let’s see what’s up Vitalik beater in a young man from russia who pledged to change the real real economic system with blockchain has his platform recognized by big names such as IBM samsung berkeley credit suisse etc he received the field fellowship when he was 20 established a theory and foundation unveiled his aetherium plan at the miami Bitcoin conference and was later funded 31,000 bitcoins valued at approximately eighteen point four million dollars at the time this year the the next year he launched frontier a theory aetherium first live release and had ether ETH publicly traded on exchanges in the world at large now the talent butyrate regardless of what you want to talk about the guy he is a very accomplished young man for sure I’m literally like twice his age but here’s the thing though he received the Thiel fellowship when he was 20 established the etherion Foundation and did all this stuff when he was 20 years old now for a young man who has zero business experience who do you think is really pulling the strings here guys I mean think about it this man has never worked with IBM Samsung Barclays Credit Suisse it’s before this period before he you know did all this stuff and now he’s rubbing shoulders with all these big money players in the market so is vitalik beuter and really the man behind the coin or see just like a president of the country are the men and women behind the veil behind the curtain really pulling the strings here guys can a 20 year old boy wonder boy genius really have that much capacity to understand the landscape and be able to establish these huge foundations in which frankly a 20 year old of any other and the other 20 year old in the world probably would never be able to envision or number to never be able to execute against just some food for thought guys as we get back into this article the etherium I seal was held from July 20th I remember that day distinctly I was super excited about it at a btc-e etherium cotton conversion rate of one to two thousand on the 17th of June this year Aetherius market can’t hit hit a new high 1.5 7 billion with the interest rate up from less than one dollar to nearly $20 a 20-fold performance the next day however the smart contract platform was hacked a thief made off with 37 million aetherium equivalent to 53 million by attacking the Dow a very heartbreaking experience especially for me because I had such high hopes from a man Vitalik beaten until he did something that was completely insanity in my opinion to recover the lost view turin and dowse member decided to replace the hack blocks with new ones which meant the principle of tampered tamper resistance was broken censorship resistance and tamper resistance was broken man you became centralized in one fell swoop but the question really is was that your decision Vitalik or was it the men and women behind the curtain that were pulling the strings cause disputes and led the split of a theorem classic from eth beuter instead despite aetherium seems to have attracted all the media et Cie is playing a dark-horse role in other word he thought aetherium stumbled against a bottleneck as a retry of the Austrian School of Economics the total supply of aetherium classic will be reduced to two hundred 10 million no scarcity no difference between tokens and fiat or only a position change from miners to the real world center pipes who QE craze are diluting the wealth of the general public is worse to find out that no aetherium supply plan will be released until proof of stake conversion takes place what are you waiting for bro let us know what’s going on man and the centralized aetherium foundation key idea and the centralized theory and foundation will still be the decision maker for us supporters of the digital currency we need a clear estimate the fixed supply of etc’ obviously fits digital assets feature there all there are overseas blockchain experts argue that etherium classic is the original intention of ether and less supply is a spirit of digital currencies which are simply numbers being trusted by people for it’s unchanged ability I think this article brings up a lot of very crucial points that a lot of people aren’t talking about and in my opinion aren’t really taken that seriously not only has the roadmap for aetherium constantly changed over time which happens I can give them that however they haven’t given us a lot to work with yes yes yes in the last couple weeks or so metallic beaut has given us a pretty nice template of sorts of how proof of work / proof of stake hybrid will work and some rules around it which is helping I CEOs understand how to launch successfully secure fundraising rounds however when it comes to the future of aetherium it’s still yet to be known and for me I mean a full disclosure here I own I hold almost no ether the only ether I hold is in let’s just say a wallet that utilizes ether for transactions which essentially means aetherium is my bitch but I’m a big fan of aetherium classic because I believe that theorem classic was the original intent of aetherium until they went centralized so the question for you guys out there today and we can discuss this more on the bite-sized Bitcoin YouTube channel stream what do you guys think about a theorem in the future of aetherium what do you guys think about aetherium classic I’d love to know let us drop a drop a comment in the bitcoin pub or in the comments thread below we’d love to have a conversation with you guys about why you think aetherium is the shiznit and why if you’re in classic is even more of the shiznit thanks for joining us in today’s crypto news bit brought to you by decentralize TV I’m your host Peter the centralized TV is the best place to come for news on Bitcoin blockchain and cryptocurrency tech if you’re new here make sure you subscribe and smash the bail button for the rest of you guys smash the like button for the original aetherium it’s called aetherium classic cool

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