hello guys and welcome back to another video by me vise investor today’s video is going to be about what’s going on with risk today is January 7th 2018 so guys let’s get started if you guys haven’t noticed today risk is at 38 35 dollars and the mark hi mark I’m at 4 million 150 yeah fausto billion sorry and rank 17 on coin market cap which is insane guys if you have noticed rank 17 it’s pretty amazing and if we want to compare that to November December the price was only 11 to 20 dollars and rank between 19 and 30 and kept going up and down but 11 to 20 which was a huge increase already there if we compare it to October ish because it can really put a date on it but October September October ish it was only at 4 to 6 dollars which was nothing compared to the price right now if you guys watch my top 3 coins for 2018 you will know that liske is one of my picks and I’m a long-term investor risk so the price increase is definitely something I really like and I think actually when this video has been uploaded to YouTube it might even have gone further up maybe to 38 that’s my prediction and yeah let’s keep on going for all you guys that don’t know is a much of our list here’s a little something for you a description blockchain application platform that inspires enables and supports developers to build decentralized applications written in JavaScript for those of you that don’t know what JavaScript is it’s the most used coding language in the world I myself am studying JavaScript at the moment and a lot of people know how to write JavaScript yes let’s go on where is risk located risk is located in sukh Switzerland because it’s easy and fast in cooperation support from government and promising developments security for the founders so guys a lot of you don’t know that Switzerland is one of the countries that is has the best acceptance of cryptocurrency and supports the development so in Switzerland basically if you you want to start a company something sweet line is one of the best picks for you it’s also been stayed in a lot of articles and for those of you that don’t know I shall live in Switzerland for five years so I actually think makes a lot of sense right next point the pros about lisk their employees they have representative and the growth so employees by employees I mean they have so many employees and it keeps growing if you follow them on Twitter you will see them employing people all the time sometimes they are not firing but some people leave the team but it’s many many more getting employed then leaving and representative is when list cast their offices office in Switzerland but they have a representative in each country at least it tries ever representing each country that will start meetups and keep people well informed about the project and what’s going on and yet the third is growth and it pretty much explains itself it’s been growing like crazy if you look at the price maybe you also understand why and see the helix bro is going up people are seeing risk and a lot of people see Liske si how do you call it iceberg not iceberg salad but a iceberg on the ocean where you can only see the top but it’s huge beneath if you guys watch Titanic yeah yeah anyway some of the factors the rope map right now some of the factors that can and make the price either explode or decrease our main change stabilization list AB stabilization and rebranding and relaunch so guys for your view that I knew it liscus its main chain and of course having a main chain is really important especially because you want the list app stabilization which is there side chains to work so for the side chains to work the main chain has to work which makes a lot of sense so I think they will manage this there’s already there’s been of course a box but they are definitely working towards a goal that’s not too far in the future and they will make it work I hope so guys the rebranding and relaunch date is in February I had a 20/20 on 22nd I can remember now but their place you got to rebrand themselves because suc right now if you go to the homepage and stuff they haven’t really made a lot of marketing strategies about it their logo looks awful a lot of people think it looks like a yeah some game from the 80s 90s runescape like but anyways when the relaunch and rebranding comes we’re never going to see a price increase at least up to the rebrand and relaunch maybe afterwards the will you never know they just had a live stream a few months back where the price plummeted as soon as to delay the relaunch so this time it’s definitely going to happen and I think we will see a huge price increase and hopefully some nice designs and a great homepage and everything next point the community the list community isn’t saying guys their main Twitter has over one hundred sixty-eight thousand followers and they are really good at keeping their followers up to date not only do they have one account which is called liske HQ they also have a lot of other liske Twitter accounts for each country where they yeah write in different languages for example they have in Germany and at the Romanian some other places I can’t really mention them all also liske has a reddit page which has over 23,000 users which is also insane and not only do they have a Twitter where they keep people updated and they have a reddit where discussion is made they also make live streams here and there the 10th of January they actually going to have a live stream going on where they’re going to talk about the relaunch I guess I haven’t really read that much I wanted I haven’t been I haven’t had time so in 3 days time guys vision and mentality the thing I like about Liske and I think that many people find so appealing about Liske is their perfectionism they won’t release something that isn’t done yet for example let’s make version example verse released there what is called ref protocol which wasn’t really finished yet and a lot of people have been complaining about that where’s Liske they’d rather delay it but they won’t delay that many times of course the rebranding has been delayed guys but remember this is a big project and this has a lot of stuff going on at the moment as well and the second point the keeping contact they will let you know what’s going on every time they hire somebody they will tell you just like I said and the first thing is they have users actually using their liske and all disk chat and stuff like that testing it and giving yeah trying to program a little bit even though the finish platform is not out yet there are people using the STK SDK and stuff like that right now which is awesome that they let the community help definitely smart move if you ask me so guys price predictions that’s why you’re here yes I would like a price prediction as well so here’s my opinion guys remember this is not financial advice I am by no means a professional financial advisor so make your research before you missed anyways let’s start for February I think this is going to be at forty or fifty dollars at least this is my feeling I see least going to forty or fifty dollars by February and that’s just the humble guess I think it could go higher but I think that’s gone that’s where it’s going to be between forty and fifty dollars in February and let’s see the next one in summer guys this is a long shot for me but I have a lot of faith in Liske I might be disappointed I highly doubt that we’ll be disappointed but I think in summer it’s going to be between seventy to a hundred dollars per token and there’s many reasons I think this will happen first of all they’re gonna release the platform before summer I guess I hope which could definitely bring in some money so guys the next one end of the year I think list will be around a hundred to one hundred fifty dollars by the end of the year at least when I say at least guys that’s because my guesses are always I try not to be too positive I try to be very realistic and I tried not to just say big numbers I’m trying to be as honest as I can this is real talk I’m not gonna tell you this is going to be thousand dollars band of the year I think if everything goes like as planned full disc they will have a price about 100 to 150 dollars by the end of the year so my conclusion guys price increase the price will increase regarding me if you ask me they have the rebranding slash relaunch which will definitely bring in some money you just saw what happened to Neil it exploded off the rebranding neo is actually trading at $100 right now it’s pretty good and they have the product released with product release I mean actually just a platform it’s going to be released at least them I think so the roadmap said it was going to be released in May I think but yeah next pond usability as soon as their platform releases they will there will be real-world use as soon as there will be real world real world use that’s a hard word to say when you’re not American or English we will see a price increase because there will be more use of losing risk it will be more appealing to other people to use liske and that’s why I think we’re also going to see the price increase and set investors and partnership guys there’s been rumors about Google partnering up with Lee I don’t think it’s true guys I don’t see why Google will partner up with risk besides them their mobile application platform which is pretty cool but guys don’t put your money in lists hoping that yeah Google will partner with them and you will see a huge increase in price because I wouldn’t think that’s so likely to happen but I definitely see them after real-world use after it’s used in by companies and stuff there will be many partnerships coming up because people will see the potential risk especially because it’s written in JavaScript whereas Cardinal is written in Haskell and theorem in some other stuff I can’t really remember the name right now but Java scripts pretty simple most programmers know this language and or I think everybody that calls himself programmer or web developer knows JavaScript so pretty straightforward so guys that was all I had to say about lists for today I hope you missed and let’s curly on right now I probably maybe might put some more money in Liske I don’t think so should you put money Liske I can tell you you have to research yourself and read up on it and educate yourself about the product maybe if you don’t even know what JavaScript is is probably not a good idea to invest but anyways guys thank you so much for the views I am truly happy to see people keeping on shopping keeping on viewing my videos this would be my thirteenth video so I made 12 videos I got 15k views and 231 subscribers and guys I truly appreciate you coming in this section below I would really like to hear your opinion on what will happen to Liske to summer and to by end of the year maybe even February if you’re feeling lucky you can give you a guess and that’s basically it for today’s I hope you guys enjoyed the slideshow again today yesterday there was some positive comments not that many but let’s see how it goes today till next time guys good luck investing

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