What is OmiseGo (OMG) and why it will Rise in 2018 – Price Prediction!

hey guys Tony here got another video for you today and I want to talk about a Mesa go which is an all coin that I’m currently invested in and why I think it has a lot of potential now as you guys have seen it from my other videos I like to talk about all coins that are related to companies that actually have or solve real-world problems or provide real solutions and who are actually executing on those solutions and who have you know partnerships where they proven to companies large companies that you know they are the technology is capable of solving a solution saving their money and things along like that so a Mesa go I think will rise in 2018 so let’s go through why I think that and you know what before we do that let me quickly show you coin market cap where it’s currently listed so you guys get an idea so a Mesa go is currently number 26 on the coin market capitalist it it’s trading symbol as oMG and currently it’s trading at $14.50 around $15 and the markets down a little bit right now I think everything Bitcoin litecoin everything’s down so it is took a bit of a dip but in if you look at the chart here for like the you know the whole year it is definitely up and it peaked at around looks like $20 just over $20 in early December so it’s it’s on the rise and it definitely has potential so let’s go through the reasons why I think it’s it’s great and I’ll give you a bit of background what it is of course so Mesa go is an open payment platform and decentralized exchange issued on the etherium on a theorem on a theorem network rather than develop their own network the developers of omus ago decided to use ëthere UM’s infrastructure and build their platform on e theorems main net and no miss egos mission is to become the world’s leading peer-to-peer crypto currency exchange so as such it’s a utility that extends far beyond that of a regular all coin amis ago has the potential to phase out exchange platforms completely so where you wouldn’t need an exchanges such as coinbase and things like that this would make it this would make its native cryptocurrency OMG among the most valuable in the market in a similar manner to how smart contract single-handedly made a theorem the second most valuable digital currency currency now that should actually be updated but I kept it a second because ripple did surpass aetherium for the second place and theorem is currently third but things fluctuate and we have to see you know right now ripples XRP prices dipping down a bit so let’s see what happens but a theorem was holding that second spot for a while now and obesity goes saw great gains in December and joined the billion Donald Club so it’s gaining momentum and vitalik boo Turin if I pronounce his last name correctly the founder of a theorem tweeted that it’s one of his favorite token models so let me show you guys the tweet here and maybe he had something to do with the price jumping and going very high he did he tweeted on December 11th so he said right now my favorite token model is OMG style taking staking tokens reasons not a medium of exchange token clear valuation model expected discounted future tax freeze – note operation cost requires running node to get returns get passive income so more legally defensible so me so you got the guy who founded you theorem right and he’s a fan of it so I think a lot of positive news well let me give you the biggest news here why I think this thing has major potential do you know a company named McDonald’s I’m sure you’ve had some food at McDonald’s fast-food restaurant their fries your chicken nuggets things like that well obviously one of the largest restaurant chains in the world major brand has partnered with omus ago and currently testing payment in the Mesa go payment method and their establishments in Thailand so in Thailand ER is about 240 establishments and they’re testing it there so the success of this venture would Co michigo being used in over 36,000 McDonald’s worldwide if it goes successfully but like I said it’s providing real-world value solution and it’s already partnered with a major company and brand and they’re already in the testing phase so this is not just a random IC o—- that’s saying here’s what we’re going to do they’ve already hit the ground running getting these things done and and so there’s potential there right now I always go back and tell you guys when investing only invests what you can you’re willing to lose crypto currencies very volatile so there’s no guarantee here but you look at what’s happening and you you make a guesstimate and and you know you look at ok does this have lasting potential I think o me see Goa has lasting potential so that’s why I’m invested in it I don’t own a ton of it I own a good amount that if it hits you know 100 bucks hundred fifty bucks I would make some nice profit for sure and I think you know if you go partnership with McDonald’s is successful and and things work out well it will start to expand to the different McDonald’s locations worldwide and then you can see other retailers and restaurants are gonna start adopting Omi’s ago as well so that in a nutshell is what o me co is what it’s about what’s happening right now my price prediction I think by the end of 2018 we can see $150 between $150 to $200 that’s just my price with the prediction conservative but I think it has a lot of potential a lot of really potential to grow and get adopted especially I mean this is a major partnership guys McDonald’s and they’re already testing it in like 200 locations in Thailand so if you let’s say in q1 of 2018 or q2 2018 the results come out that they had a successful testing and in McDonald’s gonna adopt it the price is gonna skyrocket and then expect more more retailers and restaurants to come on board so that in a nutshell once again guys is what a Mesa go is about why I’m invested in it and I highly recommend you guys visit their website or Missy go dot Network and read the white paper learn about what the company’s about who the investors are who’s on the team working there so here you have their white paper right on their home page you can download in english and different languages there’s a video talking giving a description about it and as mentioned they’re investors so they have like SBI investment which is currently invested in ripple and a bunch of others so and you can check out the folks who are working on the team so highly recommend you do this for all crypto currencies do your homework know what you’re getting into and and actually what’s interesting Roger ver is also one of the advisors so you guys may know him very well but there you have it Oh Mesa go I think I think is one of those Kryptos are gonna take off because of the potential and what it’s about what its gonna saw what it’s trying to do who is working with right now we’d love to hear what you guys think are you currently invested in Oh Missy go what do you think about it leave your comments in a comment section below thumbs up this video if you liked it and so please subscribe to my channel for more videos on a me see go and other cryptocurrencies as well I will talk to you guys later

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