What is Siacoin (SC) and Why it Has Potential – Future of Cloud Storage? 2018 Altcoin Pick

hey everyone Tony here hope you’re doing well it is Saturday January 20th hope your weekend is going well I want to talk a bit about saya coin and why I think it has potential and why it’s one of my top all coins for 2018 let’s quickly take a look at life coin watch here saya coin is currently trading at just over 5 cents and it is the has the number 26 spot on the market capitalist here and it’s all time high was 9 cents which it peaked at on January 6 when we had the massive bull run and I did buy some when in the dip when the market you know had a mini crash there so always buying the dip guys now before I go further I do want to say this is not financial or investment advice you should do your own research make your own informed decisions so what is saya guys what is saya Corner well first let’s talk about saya the platform before we get into the coin so sigh of kasaya is a decentralized cloud storage platform that uses a blockchain to facilitate facilitate payments essentially they’re looking to disrupt the cloud storage industry which currently has major players such as Amazon Google and Microsoft on SIA you can rent storage get paid to host files mine saya coin or contribute to the project so pretty straightforward you can rent storage cloud storage but you can also get paid so if you have a computer running and you want to you know rent out a hard drive space on your computer you can do that a lot of computers come with like you know terabyte off of storage these days I think we’ve gone past the days of the you know the 256 gigabyte and so forth there is a downside to obviously getting you know hosting files because there’s an electricity cost there’s a computing cost to that and that’s I’m not too sure how that’s gonna work I know how many I don’t know how many people are gonna do that but if they have the equity you know the computer is running and whatever and at low power and maybe they already have the computer running 24/7 for whatever reason they could do that I don’t know how well that’s gonna work with it it was again it doesn’t have to be everyone normal Joe that is gonna rent it rent that stuff out it could be you know specific community a specific niche that does that but I believe the renting the storage part is going to be disruptive to the cloud storage platform a cloud storage industry excuse me so what problems this the saya solve so existing cloud storage providers are centralized of course costs are high data is often unencrypted and each provider typically runs only several large data centers SIA by contrast allows for private decentralized distributed cloud storage at a far lower price so it’s actually very very much cheaper in Amazon Google and Microsoft so businesses could use the platform to reduce their cloud storage costs and and and that and that’s where you know I where I feel it could be very disruptive now they actually you know SIA as a company actually has to start putting out more use cases and more information of course obviously they’re there they’re executing on a few things right now but you know I would love to see some business case examples but they actually don’t have that yet so that’s where I would see you’re investing you’re looking research a lot I’ve been researching this company since December and I’ve been looking at you know what they’re doing so so far I like what I see but I would love to see you know the partnerships or clients actually starting to use it so I think they’re working on the scalability and and and and looking at getting clients on board but also it provides anonymity let’s say you know when you use like Google Drive to store stuff or using Gmail Google’s pulling that data and they’re serving ads to you so there’s a privacy concern there you know all of these guys are doing in Microsoft Amazon and so forth because they want to market to you they want to get as much data but SIA if we had a blockchain and being decentralized they are really giving you the privacy so I definitely I’m sure there’s definitely a market out there for private cloud storage so that’s why I feel this has less think potential now what is SIA coin so SIA uses a cryptocurrency called SIA coin to enable decentralized payments via file contracts all payments on the network happen in cytokine which is critical which is a critical component component of our cryptographic SLA s SIA coin allows I pulled this information from size website but SIA coin allows us to do things that would not be possible with Bitcoin or traditional online payments so obviously within the cloud storage platform that they have they have their own currency and once again if they get clients on board this coin could increase in value for sure as they start using it and so forth so just don’t quick takeaways cuz I know it’s a lot of data to digest but could potentially remove the need for Amazon Web service while being much cheaper so it could be once again a disruptor for sure obviously it’s open source allows you to anonymously upload your files to the cloud and then through an algorithm an encryption being distributed through throughout the world so essentially what happens when you take a file and upload it it splits that it takes a part of that file and strips it strips it apart excuse me and then it stores on different servers across the world so this gives you more redundancy and more potential of time rather than it being stored in a central server or whatever it is it’s all you know it’s stripped departments and sent all over the and all over different servers so it’s more if one server were to go down on one computer or whatever there’s it the copy of the file will still exist on other servers so that’s where you get more redundancy as I mentioned it provides privacy security and anonymity and stability and of course you are gonna hold the keys that unlocks the files and brings it back off the cloud now on size website and I highly recommend you guys visit the website it’s saya si a dot tech and please go ahead and read read the white paper read everything on this site so you can learn about it but they did a calculation of savings comparing saya versus Amazon versus Google cloud versus Microsoft is your and the cost savings are pretty significant guys and obviously here they show the comparison of being private decentralized and included in multi region the redundancies so as I mentioned it’s not one central server like you know Amazon is one whatever look a couple locations one central server this thing is being your files are being sent to different servers obviously with high security and I think that’s why I think this could be a disruptor this is why I see the potential here and as much I’ve been researching this since December because I heard about it and try it you know look you’re looking at it checking out different resources on it one item I do like which I thought it was pretty creative they have a road map and they actually provide the road map via Trello so Trello is a project management system that allows you to collaborate and I really like that they show this that and this is like you know where their developers and people are working on things and you actually see the tasks that are coming up and what’s been completed releases and so forth and you see like a activity and any comments so it’s pretty cool you know working with clients I’m in a digital marketing field I’ve come across you know clients Trello profiles and Basecamp profiles and so forth so it’s really cool you’re getting some back in access seeing what they’re actually working on so that’s my my thoughts on saya guys and as far as my price prediction I think this could potentially reach five dollars by the end of 2018 buddy end I’m sure we’re gonna see a dollar you know the next may be crypto bull run or so but I think what will be significant for them if stay they can come and say well we have X amount of clients now testing or working with us I think that’s the next phase for them as much and I really think this has potential it’s one of my picks and as much I invested in it and because of also the risk is pretty low right now I think one of the factors not while not being the major factor one of the factors is getting in out of such a low price being you know on pennies so if you guys are interested you be sure to check out the website I’ll put a link in the description to to the website so you guys can take a look at it and that’s what I think about SIA : guys I think it has potential are any of you currently holding SIA corner investigating invested in it are you thinking about investing in it please leave your comments in a comment section below if I missed anything here please please be sure to comment and you know post it up in it pin the post if I missed anything significant but if you liked this video please thumbs up and please subscribe for more videos on crypto currencies I’ll talk to you guys later

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