What is VeChain? – 3 Working Protoypes + Upcoming Rebrand Thor – Moon?

everybody’s always been asking me about that V chain guys and actually I had a phone call today with one of my friends in Florida who said that he’s made a lot of money on V chain actually over a hundred thousand dollars on it congratulations Paul you know who you are but I have an invested in V chain just yet but here’s an article hey what’s up crypto nation I forgot to say hey its beta so use an article guys about V chain it’s kind of a tldr and you know what it ain’t do bad so let’s get into it guys what is V chain a lot of things are happening in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency right now and no one could keep tabs on everything V chain is one of those projects would seemingly emerged out of nowhere it is the 25th largest cryptocurrency by market cap no one will deny that any blockchain based project is of great interest to the world there there are some questions as to what sets V chain apart exactly it is not that easy to come across information that describes what V chain does exactly according to its website v chain is the world’s leading blockchain platform for products and information that is a vague statement which echoes a fair few companies in the blockchain industry right now leveraging the blockchain to build a trust free and distributed business ecosystem doesn’t explain much either it does appear that the team is focused on scalable solutions which is a positive note but scalable solutions means I don’t know guys I’ve done the reading too as one would expect most people aren’t interested in finding out whether or not V chain has eight working product after all a lot of blockchain based ventures have nothing more than a proof of concept at the stage and a crappy white paper with V chain things are a bit different in a good way if total three products have been developed using this block chain all of which seemingly focus on entirely different markets and very disparate my friends good to see companies explore use cases outside of the financial sector these days first there’s an API gateway service which is used by a Chinese company in connection with importing goods we have seen people explore the option of using blockchain in the supply chain industry there’s actually quite a few now these these days guys and it seems to check out some of the boxes in this regard additionally V chain is used by the price of Waterhouse Coopers for third-party services which is another major validation of what this technology is capable of last but not least it also seems that V chain also pays plays part in the lis owning Academy of Agricultural Sciences distributed data storage all these products are pretty significant in their own way well then although they may not necessarily be all appealing to the masses so a lot of it in a lot of ways guys is b2b business type applications not b2c or business to consumer guys or business to customer but hey b2b business guys is a multi billion billion billion billion dollar industry in the traditional markets and I can certainly see a big deal in the crypto space as well it will be interesting to see how all this plays out in the long run but so far it seems like a feed chain is doing exactly what it advertises bringing the blockchain to the masses is still a very steep challenge to say the least so last but not least guys what’s in store for V chain as is always the case with blockchain based projects one has to wonder what the future holds for V chain it seems like the project will soon undergo a major rebranding – V chain Thor blockchain this means that the existing event okaz will be converted to vet tokens and from what I understand there’s going to be an airdrop of those of the Thor I think I believe so you guys don’t have to do your homework on that moreover there will be a proof of authority consensus model to ensure future developments are aligned with the vision of the V chain foundation additionally there will be nodes and master nodes al biet in very limited fashion it’s an interesting turn of events which may or not be a positive impact on this particular project well guys like I said before in the beginning of this crypto news but I currently do not hold any position in V chain and so I’m gonna throw it right back to you guys let me know in the bitcoin dot pub or the comments section below are you invested in V chain and number two why what makes you so interested in V chain and why are you excited about the potential in 2018 thanks for joining us in today’s crypto news MIT brought to you by decentralize TV your best place for news on Bitcoin blockchain and cryptocurrency tech if you’re new here guys make sure you subscribe and you check out the crypto nation and the ten days of Bitcoin calm for the rest of you guys smash the like button for reaching making quite a few people a lot of money in the short run at least

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