What is Zcash? is it too late to invest in ZEC?

it’s July 22nd 2017 and on this crypto coin show let’s get into one of the more promising blockchain projects currently in the top 15 coins Z cash Z cash is a decentralized and open source cryptocurrency with strong privacy protections transactions are shielded hiding the sender recipient and value on the blockchain it’s like the secure transport layer or SSL version of Bitcoin but is d caching goodbye stick around to find out I’m Ashlyn Addison some vincentio and this is a crypto coin show where I decrypt of facts to keep you on track in the crypto world bitcoin is the first digital currency to see widespread adoption and although payments are conducted between pseudonyms Bitcoin cannot offer strong privacy guarantees payment transactions are recorded in a public ledger from which much information can be deduced V cash encrypts the contents of shielded transactions with encrypted information the protocol uses a cryptographic method to verify the validity G cache uses zero knowledge proof construction called V case narcs zero knowledge proof allow Z cache network to maintain a secure balance on the ledger without revealing the parties or the amounts involved in the transaction all of the metadata is encrypted and used to prove that nobody is stealing or cheating the system VK snart is the heart of the cache it’s what makes it so private and zero knowledge proof are supposed to be V caches token feature in V cash transactions are less than one kilobyte and take under six milliseconds to verify orders of magnitude much more competitive than Bitcoin the cache can be both private and public when chosen payments sent from a shielded address to a transparent address reveal the received balance while payments from a transparent address to a shielded address protect the receiving value of Z ec v cache is currently the 13th largest market cap on coin market capcom it’s currently sitting at a 200 dollar coin value with 350 million dollar market cap Z cache topped out at a 630 million dollar market cap peaking at just over 400 dollars a coin on the market in late June 1.7 million coins are in circulation and the team is investigating options for the future which enables accounting for all of the cash in existence but for now we don’t know what the exact distribution is although it’s said the total supply it will end up being the same as Bitcoin the CEC will probably go back up to its all-time high and break through it but buying now and selling out the current top isn’t even a 15% game so maybe pick up a few on Polonia acts to diversify if it dips and get yourself into the Z cash game long term Zuka Wilcox the founder of CEO and CEO of Z cash with more than 20 years experience in open decentralized systems cryptography and startups as well he’s founded least authority a simple secure cloud storage system beside him he has a strong team of scientists and engineers working tirelessly and ensuring the cash runs smoothly their top advisors are gavin andresen and vitalic butyrin two of the biggest cryptocurrency names right now their investors are DCG Pantera capital San bushi Capital Roger ver Vlad Zamfir Barry Silbert and Erik Voorhees all huge names in digital currency the Z cash client only has official support for Linux and they’re not intending on offering any versions for Mac or Windows though third parties have ported versions over unofficially what do you think of Z cash do you see its privacy advantages enough for people to use it instead of Bitcoin do you think that by having these huge names backing the project it brings instant credibility and success please leave your thoughts in the comment section down below this crypto coin show is sponsored by event change smart ticketing platform join our community and read our white paper for our upcoming ICO detail I’m Anton Addison and thanks for watching remember to like this video share it and subscribe to the crypto coin show on YouTube see my next video and I decrypt the facts to keep you on track in the crypto world you

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