What’s Next For RaiBlocks? (BIG MOVE AHEAD!?)

[Music] hey what’s going on in Vaughn Matthew from the right trader.com back today with another cryptocurrency video today I’m gonna be talking about ray blocks giving you all an update on what’s been happening with exchange listings the price the fundamentals and just really talk about everything that concerns ray blocks in the short term also have some great news for you all I have been a supporter of roblox since since it really started taking off you know around $6 I think I was really the first cryptocurrency youtuber to come out and back ray blocks I’m very happy that I did I really think that we’ve already seen it grown a lot there’s only more to come at this point so I wanted to officially announce that I will be adding ray blocks to every single daily crypto update from here on out covering the technicals and news every single day for ray blocks if you’re interesting that make sure to hit that subscribe button that’ll be coming soon other than that let me just give a quick shout out to my premium content if you’re interested in monthly cryptocurrency buying opportunities or five high return Kryptos for your 2018 portfolio I have a link to all that in the description of this video but let’s get back to the Rae blocks update to start off I wanted to talk a little bit about just the numbers here going through what’s been going on so we’re currently ranking at the 17th spot on coin market Capcom growing nicely three point six billion dollars in market cap hanging right under $30 right now volume still a little bit on the lower side but that’s mainly because of everything we’re seeing with the exchanges just slowing things down a little bit we can see that we’ve been in a bit of a consolidation here after the big run-up which is completely normal and you know that’s kind of to me expected almost the good thing is that the finance listings should come soon that’ll definitely affect the price in some way now I am going to tell you what I think is gonna happen in this video I’m gonna get back to that in a second for the time being we’re consolidating a little bit the by Nance listing should come within a week or two there’s no specific date but from most predictions that I’ve seen that’s around a reasonable time frame that can definitely you know get us out of this consolidation now to talk a little bit more about the exchanges the list has grown a lot remember just not long ago at all we were only really on bit Grail and murca talks most of the volume was coming from bit grail things have already changed a lot right we’ve got a lot of new additions we coin canbids II and of course COO coin is now the biggest so those are all great in the long term that should definitely help things we didn’t really see any price spikes because of getting on these exchanges just yet but in the long term from what I’ve seen it definitely helps cryptocurrencies right that’s pretty obvious to get into some some news here just gonna talk a little about the subreddit it’s still been growing a lot over 40,000 subscribers now that is a very big number in the cryptocurrency space and it’s still growing a lot like I said a lot of active users to live very active communities so no worries there what’s happening with exchanges right now is it just seems like there’s you know some growing pains as far as Rea blocks goes right getting used to this high volume and everything is creating some slight problems overall it’s nothing to worry about the rate blocks development team is very proactive about this always reaching out to these exchanges trying to get things fixed as soon as possible and that’s what’s happening right now with cool coins so they had some issues with deposits and withdrawals for xrb they they actually fixed the deposit issue as far as the withdrawals it looks like they just have some syncing issues right with the rate blocks node and mostly because of the high volume they they already have a fix for this that should be rolling out in the next day though we’re seeing these problems you know bit Creole has some issues like this now it’s cool coin overall though it is a good thing and this you can see here the top comment is that it’s good that these these bugs are getting fixed before we’re on Finance right so so as we get more used to to all this we shouldn’t see these type of problems get minimized as fast as possible and really in the long term like I said this should not even be a problem right we won’t even have to worry about this stuff it’s because rate blocks is a cryptocurrency that works a little bit differently for most other cryptocurrencies it is a dad coin and that just creates some different integration with exchanges so exchanges are getting used to that new integration basically just to simplify things a lot let’s get right into the the price here so I do hold rate blocks just a general disclosure there I bought it at around $9 still haven’t sold a single xrb I don’t planning on doing so until quite some time you know I’m pretty much in it for the long term at this point to talk a little bit of what’s happening with the price we can see that of course we had our big run up this is just a cool point graph so we had our big run up and Coconino reason we got listed so it doesn’t show that big run up we’ve been in a consolidating now what we see though is a very interesting formation a very bullish formation actually in an Alex also plays very well with my kind of theory on what’s gonna happen with the finance listing so I might as well get into that now I think that you’ve probably seen a lot of things about what might happen with the finance listing people saying that it might sell-off could spike obviously stuff like that I don’t think we’re gonna see a sell-off to be honest because we we got a kind of a Silva news event after the finance boat was over the price fell back lower now the buy Nantz the whole buy Nance thing is pretty much priced in you could say that the most likely scenario is that the price would just kind of get relatively stable when it gets listed on Finance I definitely think that’s a pretty likely scenario from what I’ve seen though after big listings like that the price is usually pretty stable and and then slowly but surely maybe a month after things really start picking off and it’s pretty much off to the races from there so that is definitely a likely scenario like I said I don’t see really a strong possibility of us dropping just because we’ve already had this pullback right the one of the reasons why I think we could definitely see a big spike you know that would push us about $50 when we get list on Finance is because rate blocks you have to remember compared to a lot of these other kryptos is a very hot cryptocurrency right now you can see that by the subscriber growth on the subreddit and just all over a lot of eyes on rate blocks people absolutely love it from my I can see it is a hot cryptocurrency so I think that we could definitely see a scenario where a lot of people that then we’re going able to bind on bit Grail for whatever reason stuff like that jump on the opportunity when it’s on Finance so I do think a spike is possible could it drop of course I don’t think that’s the the most likely scenario at this point I think where they’re gonna consolidate a bit more or pretty much see a spike right when we get listed that plays very well with the the pattern that’s in play here as far as the technicals go because we’re what’s it looks like we’re in a cemetery a cup and cup with Hanul formation and just to talk a little about what that is if you’re not aware of it it’s a chart formation where you know the price basically starts rounding back up and it kind of forms like a cup like a teacup pull back a little bit near the previous resistance level and then we get a massive breakout usually it’s a very very strong pattern that usually plays out kind of in the mid term and that’s exactly what’s happening right now with with three blocks if I can get back to the chart here we’re getting this rounded bottom coming back up slowly but surely just to go ahead and put in some some more technicals here we have of course some resistance right here at around this 220,000 satoshi level go ahead and put this in and rent make it a bit bigger so you guys can see that better and that’s gonna be a level I want to make sure we break out of otherwise a couple more of these so over here I’m just gonna throw another one in and then the official one as far as the real cup with handle formation would be the previous high right now so on this graph at least it would be all the way up here at two hundred and ninety thousand satoshis so normally trend along this this curve until we get there and then a little pullback where we would then break out with a lot of strength right I would say even here we could already get that strong break out over here near this 258,000 satoshi level we could already see that that big breakout happen but overall it’s looking good here right this is like I said it’s a very powerful formation it just takes a little bit of time to pin out that makes sense right with the bindings listing you have to remember that that being said this is pretty much all I wanted to update you all on as far as robots is concerned here in the short term just to recall I I will be adding it to every daily crypt update so make sure you subscribe and yeah thanks for watching everyone have a great day

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