what’s up YouTube this is Ryan Hildreth and in today’s video I’m gonna talk about stellar lumens versus ripple and which one is a better buying opportunity to make some serious cash but before we get started make sure to hit the subscribe button and the notification bell because they give away free Bitcoin every Monday Wednesday Friday and Saturday all you have to do is be subscribed to the channel and comment your wallet address down below but let’s go ahead and get into this we are here on join market capcom and i’ve been getting tons of questions from you guys you know should I buy Ripple should I get into Ripple right now while it’s at $1 it could go to two and you know I want to look at the coin market cap and you know ripple is a great performing coin their blockchain is used for you know large financial and financial institutions and that’s kind of their target market right there you know one of their customers is American Express lots of large financial institutions are using the ripple blockchain you know for exchanging for an exchange of currencies but across you know across borders but one contender that you know it’s kind of an underdog and I think has a place in the market and has better you know potential and buying opportunity right now is stellar lumens okay if we scroll down to number 14 we see stellar they’re at a 3 billion dollar market cap right now trading around 20 cents u.s. dollar value and you know if you wanted to buy one of these coins to trade it for some profit I think that stellar lumens is gonna be a better opportunity right now okay we already saw saw a large run-up and ripple and you know I don’t expect these coins to go like I wouldn’t expect these coins to go to $1000 okay you could simply look at their circulating supply and you know just by looking at that 38 billion coins Stellar’s at you know 17 billion you could just tell right there that these coins aren’t gonna go to a super high price because they have a large amount of coins circulating okay but they can easily double from here okay ripple can easily go to $2 stellar can easily go to $1 but I think that stell is gonna be a better play because stellar is actually a fork off of ripple okay and you know some of the team left ripple to go to stellar because they want to target a different market okay they’re targeting large financial and sorry they’re not targeting financial institutions they’re just targeting large corporations okay IBM being one of ripples are Stellar’s customers okay so I think that they have a place in the market if you look at Visa Mastercard Amex right they all have a place in the market but they go after different customers and I think that it’s the same with ripple and stellar ripple is based off you know low costs they’re cost savings profit generating and increasing efficiency for large institution financial institutions whereas teller is more about decent decentralization you know nonprofits and you know giving better access to you know a medium of exchange for you know across countries like if a corporation wanted to purchase from you know China but they were purchasing from here in the US it would just be an easier exchange using their blockchain so I think that stellar has its place in the market obviously they have a different customer base they’re not going after large financial institutions like large banks but they are going after large corporations one of them being IBM and I think there’s gonna be many more in the pipeline if you go here to this article it’s a great article here on oracle x comm basically another thing that I look at when I am trading these altcoins because I’m not gonna keep this long term okay this is something that I’m looking to double maybe even triple my money I mean we I remember when ripple was at like 30 cents and now it’s at $1 and that was not too long ago and I think that stellar has that same potential it just hasn’t landed those you know set of clients yet to really push it push the coin to that level but I know they will and you know if you look at their team just some of their board of advisers they have Matt Mullenweg who is founder of WordPress Patrick Collison who’s the CEO of stripe Bhagwan Chowdhry professor of finance at UCLA so they definitely have a good team of advisors and I think it’s just a really good team behind this coin so it’s definitely one that is an underdog and I rather play stellar rather than ripple I think that ripple had quite a run up sure can it double if it’s listed on coin base or a big exchange like that maybe but I think that stellar is gonna be a better play for the shorter term trade and this is one that I will be purchasing today I just transferred some Bitcoin into by Nance I’m waiting for the transfer to go through but let’s go ahead and look at the charts okay this is Ripple this is XRP to the US dollar as you can see this coin just really got pushed up from that volume okay we saw some extreme volume come in here and then we saw another pump of volume come in here to really push it past a dollar and you know can this thing bleed out a little bit maybe the 80 cents sure and bounce back up yes but I don’t think this thing is gonna double anytime soon but stellar on the other hand if we look at stellar which is xlm we’re looking at a dollar value we haven’t really seen some extreme volume come in here I mean we did back here when the coin went from you know two to four cents but I think this thing has much more room to go and I’m looking to you know I’m getting in right here we’ve had a major pullback almost near the lows you know for this past couple weeks and I think this is just a good opportunity to get into this coin if you’re looking to trade some alts and double your money you know what I’m gonna hold this one until you know hits 40 cents maybe 60 cents and then just get rid of it and that’s kind of my strategy for these types of coins because technical analysis here you can’t really do much technical analysis these coins go up straight up you know for days and days and weeks on out so you can’t really there’s really no technical analysis here you can you know obviously use some indicators like MACD and RSI which are momentum indicators to you know kind of tell you you know if it’s overbought or oversold and then just based off volume trade volume and previous highs and previous lows we can see that this would be a good buying opportunity for ripple and our sorry stellar lumens and that’s why I’m planning on getting into stellar instead of ripple for a shorter term trade but if you want to purchase stellar finance is probably gonna be your best bet I’m loving this exchange it’s just very easy to trim you know deposit your Bitcoin in here you literally just go over here press deposit gives you an address you copy paste that and send over your funds if we look I actually let’s see if my my Bitcoin actually just came in so let’s go ahead and do this purchase right now to gether on the video I’m gonna go to i’m gonna go to basic right here exchange and we’ll see if i owe to come our stellar comes up and it does okay so we are looking at stellar right now but if you wanted to see all the coins you could go over here to buy nance you click on finance and then you could see all the coins right here and you’d basically just choose the coin that you’re looking to buy xlm BTC is the one I’m looking to buy right now which is stellar lumens so I’m gonna go ahead and purchase I’m gonna do a market order okay you could all you can always put a limit order if you want the coin at a specific price right over here is the order book you see there’s you know the sellers right here the buyers in green right here they have to meet at a median price they have to meet at the middle this is called the bid-ask spread and for me I’m just gonna go ahead and put in a market order which means I’m basically gonna buy at whatever the sellers are willing to sell it at at the lowest price so I’m gonna put in a market order and I could purchase five thousand one hundred I’m just gonna purchase five thousand one hundred worth of stellar lumens today I’m gonna buy Excel M and my order is filled okay so I currently own 5100 stellar lumen coins and I will be keeping these on Finance okay uh usually I highly recommend taking your coin off the exchange and putting it into a wallet but for me and my trading objectives for these coins you know if I go over here as you can see I have some iota once it’s loads up I have xlm so I have you know five thousand one hundred xlm and I also have a hundred and eighty iota and I’m willing to keep these coins on the exchange because if there is a pop in price tomorrow I want to be able to sell fast and I don’t want to have to you know send it from my wallet to the exchange and wait for that lag in time so I do feel comfortable keeping my coin here on Finance this is just for shorter term trades this is not for longer term holds anything I’m holding over a month I’m keeping them in wallets so I hope you enjoyed this video and I’ll see you in the next one take care [Music] [Music]

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