Why DASH Will Be $1000 In 2018! (Long Term Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis)

what’s going on guys Nick here bringing you a brand new cryptocurrency video in this video I want to give you guys a – long-term cryptocurrency technical analysis review we’re gonna check out the website look at some of the projects it’s releasing in 2018 as well as look at some charts and see what’s going on here with the trend within – so real quick we’re looking at the coin market cap right now 196 billion dollars is the total net worth of cryptocurrency Bitcoin dominance currently at 60% and as you can see we are right now seeing a inverse correlation which is what I expected right now Bitcoin is trading at about let’s see seven thousand and ninety two dollars it went as low as I believe six thousand nine hundred and fifty within the last hour – and bitcoins down about five percent on the day and bitcoins down five percent and look at all the other all coins here on coin market cap or up you know a couple percent even some are double-digit percent such as Mon arrow here up fifteen percent on the day rip all of two percent – up two percent them up nine percent so as you can see that inverse correlation is there and in my opinion I think this is just the start of it I personally think bitcoin is definitely due for a more long-term pullback we are overextended I know that the fork is happening very soon people want their free money but I do think it is too much of a predictable move and the Bitcoin price will definitely pull back before the fork even happens I think the fork will definitely just even add to the price dropping even more now if we go to the Bitcoin chart real quick you know this is super bullish you know perfectly bulls chart and right now on the daily it looks like this chart is correcting perfectly you know RSI is gonna try to get down here into more of a consolidation range we have a candlestick that went as low as like I said sixty nine hundred dollars but you know when we zoom in here to the 4-hour you can see that this is a lower low pattern here you know I think this is just the start you know we hit our low of six that six thousand nine hundred and we had our key support of seven thousand and twenty dollars here and seven thousand and eleven dollars so this was almost a double bottom and the fact that we broke through to support on some pretty huge bear volume right now is definitely bearish to me I do expect a more you know long-term consolidation pullback I think you know 6,000 is definitely a fair range to pull back a you know we had a huge run up here from China you know not really building much support you the way up but we definitely built a lot of support around the $5,600 range so I do think it would be reasonable for its drop that to drop down to $6,000 which would be a higher low compared to these two recent um you know pull backs we had here in the past so overall I do think bitcoin will have some more long-term consolidation and we’re gonna see all coins pump because that’s exactly what we saw today Bitcoin down five percent which is currently you know control in the market and everything else started pumping you know we saw some money flow from a Bitcoin into the all coins now many people are cashing out there you know cryptocurrency the money is just floating around between different coins it’s going in two different places between Bitcoin and the all coins so with that said let’s do a quick analysis here on – so – is a coin that is currently up about 2% on the day and – is one of my favorite crypto currencies it’s probably my top three I love Bitcoin – and like coin um – and like one especially just because you know they’re they’re fast they’re cheap and you know that’s really we want to you know what you asked for when it comes to a cryptocurrency the other day I sent about fifty thousand dollars worth of Bitcoin and it costed me about a hundred dollars in transaction fees now you’re probably thinking you know you could have changed the fee or you know you shouldn’t have spent that much of course I had tons of inputs on my wallet from different mining payments and stuff like that but it shouldn’t cost me a hundred dollars to change for that much no matter how many inputs I have into my cryptocurrency wallet no matter how many different payments I’m receiving with litecoin no matter how many inputs no matter how much money it is I’ve never spent over a dollar on a like coin transaction as well as – – is super fast I believe now that liquid is like segwayed um I think they’re very close in terms of their speed but overall the overall they’re two really good coins I wouldn’t say neither one of them is decentralized because you know there’s Charlie Lee the creator of light coin and – has a whole you know team developing it but um the thing that different differentiates itself from the other coins is that – has a very small circulating supply which drives the price of each coin up very high as you can see here on the right side in this column this is the circulating supply of each coin – has 7.6 million coins in circulation like what has 53 million of course the token value is gonna be less when there’s more tokens in circulation Bitcoin is only sixteen million and the fact that – has you know less than half of what Bitcoin has and it has you know fast payments it’s cheap I think – definitely is promising here in the long term and they also have a marketing team that has you know that plant I’m doing great things here with – in the future and real quick you know if we take it to take a look at the chart when I got in the crypto currency – was only like it was like eight dollars and when I really started researching all coins that’s when it was about eighty to a hundred dollars so you know ever since then it’s all-time high when to four hundred and twenty dollars and so I’d be about a four hundred percent game which is you know quite a bit of course I got into Bitcoin at about eight hundred dollars so I would have been you know better off just holding Bitcoin but – is definitely here had some huge opportunity to start off you know we just saw clear higher highs and higher loads and then we saw this dip down to about one hundred and fifteen dollars that broke a lot of support but overall we bounced consulted and then we had this huge move now I’m not really exactly sure you know what news this was because I never really held – in terms of a long term perspective I definitely want to get some of the feel in the future right now I have about 5,000 like coin if I wanted to I couldn’t convert all of that into – at the current prices and get a – masternode which is holding one thousand – basically if I hold one thousand – I earn about I want to say maybe six – a month okay so I’d receive about you know twelve hundred dollars a month in – for free it could be more than that someone correct me in the comments if it is more than that it might be even be as high as $2,000 per month for simply having a – masternode because it supports in network so that’s something I’m considering doing it’s a very expensive – masternode probably the most expensive in the business but it would definitely be worth it depending on how much I would receive like I said I think it’s about um it might be 2 – per week that’s what it could be so about $1600 per month that’s why I think so that’s why I main reason why I might be switching into – year for a more long term long term perspective but overall you know you wouldn’t parabolic on some huge bull volume here senator all time high of four hundred and sixteen dollars and then we kind of you know had this u-shape kind of cup handle and we you know set a double top at four hundred eleven dollars I would say this is a double top from there we consolidated had a volume climax to the bottom hit two hundred and twenty one dollars and ever since then it’s been a nice and steady downtrend if we take out the some lines here we could draw a nicer distance line here perfect right there um you know multiple points of contact here you know it’s one two three four five there’s there’s about six points of contact here on this line you could even draw maybe a channel from you know something something like that you know I mean it’s definitely in this more downtrend channel right now now if we zoom into today it had some nice bullish going today as you can see it’s low was about two hundred and fifty three dollars and it set a high today of three hundred and one dollar so there is some very huge opportunity when it comes to trading – of course this was a very overextended move and it wasn’t going to sustain that definitely someone just driving the price up with a ton of volume who want to obviously manipulate the price but um – is definitely a volatile volatile coin considering its market cap is only 2.1 billion dollars it’s even smaller than light coin at the current prices so overall I think – is gonna be a thousand dollar coin I really think it’s possible due to its low supply they have a very good marketing team they’re cool the coin overall you know all based on this chart I’m bullish on this chart you know I mean all it takes is some bull volume to break out of this the MACD is on the verge of a cross here on the daily okay whenever in a daily MACD cross happens that indicates that one’s in for some long term bullish movement and the fact that Bitcoin right now is starting to it’s kind of starting to wobble it’s starting to lose its balance I think some profits are definitely gonna flow into these all coins and – being one of them to send some you know nice profits here probably up to maybe 360 dollars you know test this previous resistance – also has a um some pretty big news here coming out in June 2018 this is the – roadmap basically – is centralized I guess you could say it’s not as decentralized as Bitcoin you know it’s still cryptocurrency but um you know when it’s centralized like that they can you know do a lot more to the network okay you know they have the power of manipulating the network that’s why we’re having so many Forks right now for Bitcoin is because a network can’t agree there’s no single ruler to say we’re gonna do this we’re gonna do that with – you know it’s kind of a network agreement based on the masternode system and in 2018 – is actually you can’t let’s go up 2018 – evolution is coming out main net June 2018 this was originally supposed to come out this year which this might actually be why this you know price went up so much but they delayed it a whole year until June 28th which gives a lot of more people who want to accumulate – for the long term a chance to get a master node like I said if you buy – and get a master node that’s I feel like that’s a investment that can’t lose and this you know what is evolution is what you’re probably asking – evolution it’s basically goal is to make it you know this wants to be the worldwide payment system as you can see official user friendly wallet – as a core wallet which you can download the desktop they want to make it easy to use wallet nice and clean and they want to make this basically the payment service of the world to be used in merchants stores and stuff like that you know it’s definitely it definitely has the technology in order to do that like I said it’s um very cheap fees you know easy to send super fast confirmations you know bitcoins been taking like 30 minutes to an hour to get a confirmation depending on your feet with – within probably a minute or two your your transactions already confirmed so – evolution their marketing team I believe I posted the old press conference conference on this YouTube channel about maybe half a year ago it was a whole – meeting of them you know talking about their roadmap and what they’re gonna be doing and you know they said you know possible stuff like a Superbowl commercial is possible due to their master note system and how you know basically they gain funds through the mining process you know I mean so they could spend that money on marketing or however they choose to promote the program and overall just drive the price flying up I know they recently lost a man to be Johnson – I believe another cryptocurrency but you know that’s that’s not too big of a deal yeah it didn’t really affect the price here maybe it didn’t a short term for a little bit but overall definitely still bullish on – so that’s why I would be a long term holder me personally I definitely have to think about it if I want to get this – masternode because it would be a long term buy and hold that probably be the only calling I’d be holding you know I mean would be – because that right now it’s worth two hundred and seventy seven thousand dollars which would be a large portion of my my net worth so I would definitely have to think about that but that’s why I’m bullish on – for the long term that’s why cryptocurrency technical analysis there’s not much to draw on this chart besides what’s going on right here we could probably draw well here let’s do this again let’s draw this here down down like that and we could maybe draw a little equilibrium something like this right now could expect the breakout here soon you could even draw this back to here if you really you know there’s multiple you know patterns here with you could draw on this chart so with that said let’s do a 0.01 Bitcoin giveaway worth about $70 in Bitcoin I do this giveaway every single day all you have to do is like the video be subscribed and turn on post notifications click the bell next to the subscribe on and you get daily notifications when I post a video do those three steps and every day I pick a random winner from the comments so I’ve met it said that Exodus volunteered ready to send I’m gonna simply pick a winner so we’re gonna hit start and I ran the winner of the 0.01 Bitcoin is I’m not even gonna try to pronounce that you know but by uh by Yan Xing okay that’s my that’s my attempt he said house neo coin let’s take a quick look neo number seven up zero point eight three percent on the day there was a lot of hype Anil got released a lot of people were i but what does that I think they were just taking it in their wallets receiving gas I’m not really too sure but overall I might have to make a video charting this because but just I’m looking off the at this I could tell there’s definitely a move here coming soon for neo especially if Bitcoin profits start falling into it so maybe I’ll make a video in the oh if you guys want to see me chart a different cryptocurrency leave a comment down below so um huh how’s me I’ll probably make a separate video on a man to answer your question overall I never personally really research into what it exactly is but um I’ll probably make a video doing a trip and quick analysis on that so there’s your 0.01 thank you for entering the giveaway thanks everyone for watching hope you guys enjoyed the video have a good moment peace out

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