Why Ethereum Classic is a Sleeping Giant

she’ll agree to be live here in a couple of moments perfect hey everyone welcome back to another video here at coin of today let’s discuss a quantitative and qualitative analysis of aetherium classic and why I believe that this is a sleeping giant and the crypto currency markets so before I start full disclosure this isn’t financial advice this is just research and made and conducted for entertainment purposes if you would like to make a specific financial decision I don’t advise you to take the look and ask your financial advisor whether or not your decision that you’re about to make is a good one so let’s start off with the quantitative analysis why a theory of classic is a underrated project for those who don’t understand what a theory of classic is you’re saying hey there’s a theory and there’s another ethereal classic what’s the difference a quick summarization the theory of classic was a hard fork of aetherium back at 2015 I believe there was a hundred and forty million dollar first ico or a crowd fund called the Dow and there was a little um there was a slight hack on with big regards to D the Dow part of the Dow crowdfund the IC o—- I believe the little dice show I’m not sure but essentially what happened was there was a hacker so 60 million dollars worth of ether and what caused the talc butor and to look into what how to solve a theory of how can they do this was they had to hard work so the hard work onto the new aetherium and there were some people in the community such as charles Hoskinson who is the founder of cardinal and that’s another discussion after but there was a lot of people who were not happy about the situation and they started to look into if you’re in constant so the heart for that there was the theory of classic where they specifically wanted to as you guys can see here the classic version preserving untampered history free from external interference and subjective tampering of transactions because aetherium as of today still has to go through a lot of issues the town of uterine is more more based on trying to find you know trying to create the incredible idea wasn’t miriam and try to disrupt incredible command incredible industries with a smart content platform aetherium classic is more preserved on the untempered history they don’t want to kind of snuck out of the boundaries hold on code and try to you know bite more than they can chew etc right they would like to just maintain their philosophies and kind of take their time in regards to the development which is kind of good in a sense where they’re not going to rush into any project they’re not gonna rush in a new development regards their api in GUI or any of the programming language or developments right so let’s start off with the quantitative analysis so currently there is a market cap of 3.4 billion dollars in aetherium classroom with the circulating supply of ninety point eight million so approximately 99 million coin the tokens of ether classic which has a total supply of 230 million and this will be expanded by 2050 according to the inflation over time it’s going to be a two percent increase over a five year span until twenty eighty five so to me two percent for five years and then another two percent for the other five years and it goes on until it reaches to 230 million tokens now in regards to the ICO details it was a hard fork so everything that in regards to that router was the tortilla remembers I believe in 2016 I’m not quite sure around the date but essentially with a hard fork the amount of ether that you have you will be entitled to the amount your class so in regards to the all-time highs and the all-time lows there was the all-time high of 43 dollars and 94 cents and an all-time low 99 cents so price movements against Bitcoin let’s take a look at on chain effects here and I thought I hyperlinked it no let’s take a look here exactly what do I need so okay which some ways you look at it just on chain effects which is strange but not a problem let’s take a look here ok so just give it a moment in work arts the data loading it’s just giving a little bit of time but before I even go into that I can continue on so the value analysis of the games competitors it’s the classic version preserving untampered history free from external interference and subjective tampering of transactions so that’s the value analysis against competitors the competitor that I kind of specifically focused on particularly was ethereal and the way I kind of like to see it is etherium is more of the like in a sense it’s a good thing to have outside of the box thinking but there is times when you’re overly ambitious right and especially with something that you’re dealing with especially with market cap over to approximately 84 billion dollars as of today a January 3rd and especially with sharding and you’re trying to your improve who works your algorithm is proof of working it italic is trashed which into the proof of stake algorithm where a transactions are either can be validated through taking your coins it’s so many things that he’s trying to do and in regards to scalability with aetherium right now it’s not feasible and that’s the problem right now we’re trying to find well not myself personally but the developers in etherium in aetherium classic they’re trying to find out how to scale this this production this protocol because for it to actually have a real-world use case that everyone in the world can actually be using a theory in one way or another perform it needs to be scalable and that’s what the issue is right now so let’s take a look here with if cerium classic just having some technical difficulties so strange but hopefully can show the loading chart here for some reason it’s not populating okay you know what instead of waiting for it what I’m gonna say is let’s take a look at the so in regards of price movements against Bitcoin if cerium classic has been obviously they haven’t been growing as compared to other all claims I like to be frank here in fact they’ve been slowly slowly steadily increasing over time especially with something like their emerald wallet they do have an SDK I believe so they do take their time in regards to making very quick decisions currently within markets and especially liquidity which is very important in with our start all coins they’re listed on by adds matrix bit hub and okay X already underrated one is become because as of right now the Koreans the Korean exchanges are pumping a lot of volume into specific all coins and if there’s optimism for that they’re obviously the volume is going to be correlated to that and also transfer on to the volume of an increase in inexpensive great so as of right now the volume is for five hundred and forty two million dollar US Dollars and in regards to the different census method it is a proof over work coin so in regard to the quantitative analysis is just a little bit of numbers here just to help you understand what exactly are you looking at an all-time high of 43 dollars a 94 cents and why do I think that if they’re in classic is kind of the sleeping giant in the crypto currency markets in regards to a huge market cap something with 3.4 billion I’m gonna diverge until why this is really interesting so Lily in regard to the qualitative analysis they use case a platform that allows software developers to build the next wave of market disrupting decentralized applications their target market is the Internet of Things and other smart contract developers an application decentralize applications that can be used within the blockchain like I said the technology is the blockchain so what are the innovation this is interesting governance and protocols and led by IO hkt okay we’re sort of for the governance of protocols so in regards to the protocol with etherium particularly governance is very very important what I mean governance I mean that there is a specific standard that needs to be set and if it’s not being met in regards to anything in regards to the standard of if there in classic in this case it is not feasible and it’s not going to be implemented in their source code or the development and they need to peek to their standard so in regards to that they’re already having a specific a specific a specific benchmark that they need to apply to in regards to future developments of etherium classic that’s how I kind of view it there in classic they’re not trying to find oh but stressed red let’s do sharding let’s look into casper let’s look into all these different types of new innovations within aetherium as opposed to solving issues first instead of trying to solve the issues on the way while also looking into future developments it could work out for aetherium I’m not sure I’m not shelling etherial I’m not shooting it down what all I’m saying is in regards to a company that is handling billions of dollars that is going to continue on increasing because their ecosystem and the Internet of Things is going to start to increase over time particularly around 2020 2025 so in about seven years let’s take a look at a broader perspective of what artificial intelligence can actually provide us humans in human civilization how can this kind of governance and protocol can be met so say for instance whatever if there is a new technological advancement in regards to artificial intelligence how can a theory of classic help that and provide value they’re not gonna just jump on the court this idea I’ll be like this is how we’re gonna do it they’re obviously going to magic look into it study research which is why it leans on to my next point which is led by the ìoh Katie if you don’t know who the IO HK team yes let’s take a look so this is their this is the website it’s a really really fascinating website cascading disruption experimentation is the mother of creation so they do have a ton of research they research incredibly like I haven’t they haven’t research papers like educational like in regards to the literally of the sophistication of their research papers is very very interesting like Ouroboros which is part of our panel it’s very interesting to take a look at their protocol proposal for an etherium classic Treasury system so in regards to this let’s take a look at the projects of i/o HK so obviously there is car data right our data is continuing on to continue a lot to keep to you an increase and what’s very interesting is if you take a look at the team their team is full of PhDs software developers smart individuals who are going to try to solve problems like their team is the incredible team thing it’s understated the amount of developers that are in Cardinal and also is there in classic like this is what’s making a theory of classic a sleeping giant in my opinion because obviously yes as of right now card n o seems to me and it’s the its Charles Hotham Charles hoskinson’s baby the CEO of carga no I mean with a team of over look at this look at this team it’s incredible that’s like 6 12 18 24 27 individuals that are working in one project obviously what if there needs to be this is what I mean in regards to developers all these cultivating minds and brainstorming ideas that can solve issues particularly within blockchain technology and this is not even a car data review this is just I oh HK and what they focus on so obviously is a decentralized system it’s very classic that runs smart contract applications are run exactly is programmed without any possibility of downtime censorship fraud or third party interference and that is very important in regards to the continuation of the foundation of etherium classic we could take a look at the code this is obviously gonna go on to the github the one thing that I’m really optimistic about is take a look at their ever own ball in regard to the JavaScript go with ethereal go with you like it keeps getting updated every hour which is a very very optimistic sign that this is continued to be developed and with regards to that that’s always good to see okay in regards to the code because there’s a lot of all points that when you look into the github there isn’t a lot of production being done in regards to their social screen source code and what’s funny here is take a look at this the etherium version no doubt bail out speaking through the principles of blockchain openness and trap neutral neutrality and immutability so in regards to your understanding of the watching technology do you like understand the principles of what they apply to the principles of collage and openness neutrality and immutability this is what aetherium classical focuses on that is there that’s what I mean when I what I meant to say in regards the government’s in protocol that’s what I mean they focus on openness neutrality and main ability they don’t want to stray away from that that’s why they don’t continue to develop it that’s we don’t always hear about it there in classic you don’t hear about oh they’re just pumping Assyrian classic is focused on their source code they’re focused on the product development of the blockchain look they can provide companies when they’re right and that is what’s going to make them a game-changer this is why I think they’re a sleeping giant okay so let’s take a look at the goals of Athenian classic our goal is to securely methodically establish a strong ecosystem with a solid foundation and abuse in the ability at its core a platform where developers are able to write code that can run as intended without downtime or interference from a third party we intend to carefully build every aspect of a theory and classic network whether it is a big core infrastructure project or small the application development team experimenting it will hold our principles of security consistency and a meet ability that is important in any company having a protocol a benchmark or standard and everything that they do they’re not going to stray away from it they’re going to continue on and state according to plan and in regards to that that is how deadlines are met that is how goals are accomplished and which is why I’m very optimistic of the theory of classic and which is why I think it is a sleeping giant full disclosure not financial advice but I feel like the points that I’m giving out to you seems to be a really interesting point so let’s take a look at in regards to 30 like I saw the team is already it’s not as big as if it as a huge team such as Cardinal but what I can say is there’s a theory of more maybe speculation like I said not not financial advice all right if the IOH King team is developing Cardinal and also a theory in classic at the same time if you couldn’t be a time where they can infuse together and work interoperability together I don’t think those will work that probably um if they can work coinciding together can make one side regards to what they are doing how they can function to the one aspect of Cardinal Health one aspect of here in classic and vice versa now that is a real coldest addition to talk about later on so let’s try to finish up this video the roadmaps obviously there is specific deadlines if you would like to defeat what exactly they develop an update let’s take a look at a dental or development update so they’re constantly always doing the development update which is very important in regards to team so if you would like to understand more of what aetherium classic is going I owe a dot IO I don’t explain everything okay they also have a block where they can provide who should beta releases so as you can see gr the release to beta Alex sherry you’re young classic developer graduated with a degree in computer science from Limerick University of Ireland she’s a well over a decade in CTO consultant a strong interesting nature of money the positive destruction to Bellingham break-in currently having a ball writing a lot gencode a liability okay so I think that is for me here obviously there’s planned embeds partnerships that they continue to get create as you can see these theory and enterprising lines that’s what made aetherium the first mover in regards to start contracts they created an ethereal anchored created an alliance and that is what makes them very very very a huge powerhouse but what I would tell you is you know maybe one day you never know anything can happen in this in this proof of currency space so in theory impassive kids sure but I wouldn’t take in surpassed you know what anything can happen the fact is that I like personally for myself when I’m viewing companies I like having specific guidelines of protocols and benchmarks that this company is meaning that means that they’re very very decisive in their decision making they don’t stray away from decision making abilities which is very important they stick to the plan at hand they are very very patient in regards to the development which is always a good sign in regards to almost thirteen so these are none of the facts of why I think if you’re iam classic is a very very underrated project feel free to comment down below what do you think I would like to hear some of your comments down below I mean I think we call this video a day do you have any questions that you said comment down below feel free to like subscribe and comment okay guys take care my name is Anthony this is going home peace

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