Why I Bought Binance Coin At 30c, And Why It’s Heading To $100+

[Music] okay welcome back and today we’re going to be talking about the finance coins let’s come down and find out where finances holding right now number 27 finance coin trading up $20 39 cents and I just want to talk about why I purchased this coin and a fair decent amount of that at 30 cents if you’ve been in the crypto sphere for a while you probably know that you know you you hear about a coin once or twice but often that doesn’t fully register for you until you hear about it four or five six times you’re like cheese what is this coin let me go check it out and often by that stage it’s risen so much so it’s about getting in before the rise but it’s good news because the rise I imagine for many of these coins including by Nance coin is just going to keep rising it’s just the beginning so heard about this once or twice and I knew it was an upcoming exchange and I knew exchanges had actually been struggling some had been hacked some were hard to use some didn’t have good customer service yet I saw the way that by Nance exchange was communicating to the community I haven’t sent them messages on Facebook and I got a reply extremely fast and with that amount of customer service and the level of ease that the exchange was going for and that I was experiencing when I was one of the first to jump on the exchange and actually try it out I was really excited and by Nantz coin was actually at 30 cents at this stage so this is the finance coin to u.s. dollars now it actually only comes down to 53 cents down here yet I bought it at 30 cents so I bought it somewhere down here it actually doesn’t even register on this graph for some reason but it went up to about $3 and then it got hit with some fad from China luckily banants was prepared and it was actually registered in Hong Kong so it sort of missed that but still it got hit quite hard and then we’ve just seen this rise this continual rise and what I like to see from a technical point of view I can just you so we’ve got this rise here then we’ve got arrives at a steeper angle and that’s just building momentum and also we see there’s volume here building which is a great sign and as you know the volume is indicative of simply the exchange getting more people on to it more users onto the exchange the number of users I think has gone up to over 4 million and as you can tell I believe it’s going to be the most popular exchange for 2018 so I can see that raising to 20 30 40 50 million and people are just starting to catch on so then we’ve got this huge run-up you now what I’m expecting is it to actually consolidate down into this region and then move up again I think the amount of pressure simply from the users using the exchange is going to keep pushing this coin up and up and up so a few weeks ago I had a target on this coin so this year at $65 and that was at the time that I was making my program for the top six coins to hold for 2018 and on my own program I’ll actually put the link below to work for that and buy an ounce coin at that stage was $3 a few weeks later it’s hitting up to 22 dollars so that’s a huge increase I actually had my target for $65 and because of this increase I think I’m gonna have to raise that up to a decent amount more than $65 honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if this coin hits three four five hundred dollars by the end of 2018 simply because the exchange is doing a great job each quarter it burns coins so the supply goes down and the demand is just increasing massively so if this buying volume just coming in then you know even this is great side we see that okay it’s retraced a little bit but it’s very little volume so no one’s looking to sell so that’s a great sign for this to come back into a bit of a retracement with low volume and then when the next surge of buyers come in it just pushes it way up again so I’ve also got five other coins in that online program that are yet to pop it’s been consolidating nicely and I think in the next week or two it is going to be their time to actually move on and make a move like buy an ounce coin in doing so you can get this program for I think it’s less than 13 dollars or something like that so you can click the link below it’s 90% off the online program and if you’re looking for some great picks for 2018 then you can just click the link jump over and and check it out I think it’s extremely valuable so if you haven’t checked out buy an ounce coin or buy an ounce exchange I definitely recommend that I’ll also put my referral link link down below buy an ounce coin has treated me very nicely and I believe that it’s just good simply going to continue to move on up potentially with a little consolidation period here if it comes into a period very tight for a period of time then that is extremely bullish and then we’re looking to move on up again yeah I can just see by Nantz very soon at $50.00 and they’re more I’ll take it from that but let me know your thoughts on buy an ounce coin let me know your thoughts on some coins that are up-and-coming I’ve been just studying day in day out as to find out what is going to be the next one like I click to this one at 30 cents also jumped in at neo at about 5 dollars which would run up to 55 now it’s sitting at 100 but it had that big consolidation once again through that China thud but there’s some huge run-up is going on now and some coins are really jumping out at me very slowly from a technical point of view as well as a fundamental point of view but also on top of that just the potential and the markets that they’re going after so it’s an extremely exciting time to be in this space and I look forward to 2018 chapter in the next video the coins [Music]

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