WHY LISK WILL HIT $500 in 2018!

what’s up guys crypto copier and today I’m doing a video about Liske and more importantly what price I think it will hit in 2018 because I think it has a huge amount of potential and I want to express to people that haven’t invested in Liske already how much potential it has and I’m gonna give you a realistic estimate of what this cool hit so as you can probably tell by the title I said $500 as a prediction of what Liske can hear in 2018 I stand by that it’s probably not realistic that’s not my realistic prediction my realistic prediction is at least over $200 is still a great investment but in terms of my actual prediction because I know that everything currency isn’t impossible and judging by what other cryptocurrencies have done I’m gonna say $500 is a fair possible estimate for if everything goes according to plan and basically I’m going to go through the reasons that right now so if you didn’t know liscus recently had a massive price increase I broke her all-time high today over around $27 seen by the graph is up here somewhere around there so it broke around $27 and that was kind of consolidating around 20 to 23 dollars and here are the reasons why I think risk is a great crypto currency for a stop so basically liske has a stable growth charge you can see below it’s been very consistent in this growth and seems like a really good investment even before this whole rebranding happening first start so it’s also got a higher volume of trades which i think is very important for equipped o currency it’s gonna do well because the more people that trade with it the bearer is known and the more people trust it as a currency in the bare potential has has been actually viable in the future don’t invest in the equips our currency that’s maybe increasing in price but isn’t gonna be viable in the future just because you know it looks good at a time but really has no practicality in the future risk is one of those ones that has a great practicality it has a lot of potential I think also the transactions are super speedy the data transactions are a lot quicker than Bitcoin things like that also they have a lot of things planned on their road map including a mobile client and a new wallet as well as the rebrand and obviously the transaction is also hard-coded at 0.1 liske which is great because transaction fees won’t vary depending on how much load there is and how many transactions are going through per second or need to be going through per second as I mentioned before the rebranding is set to be happening on 24 February so it’s a great idea to probably get into lists now before people see that as public knowledge and everyone knows because the prices started to increase I’m guessing because of it and also because of them updating their wallets and things like that recently and their liske core so it’s probably a good time to get on it if you haven’t already because I think it’s one of the safer choices another reason is a great choice is the pure JavaScript it uses as the language for creating applications for liske is you know written by like over 50% of coders everywhere pretty much and it’s said to be aetherium 2.0 discs and I support that because it has the same if not better technology and quality of technology and uses a language that is known by most coders where etherium is trying to adapt people to learn its own coding language and I think is the wrong business decision by theorem and the right one by Liske also what’s been mentioned is that they’re gonna release the software development kit soon so people can start to experiment of liske and kind of get a feel for it so the first point I get is basically that it’s already had a massive growth period this year I mean if you’re looking the start of 2017 if we go over to the year growth period if it wants to load it has a lot of problems but as you can see it started around 15 cents around start of the year and has had massive spikes at different milestones and recently has had a massive spike from around $7 to around $24 in the last last month or so which is absolutely incredible so if you see it’s gone from 15 cents to like twenty four dollars on average 23 dollars on average with any space of a year which is incredible incredible growth like ten is that fourteen thousand percent grow something stupid like that and has to do like a temp of that next year to even reach the estimates I’m predicting you know it really doesn’t have to put in much effort especially with the rebranding coming it seems like a done deal that it’s gonna hit over $200 if we come over to neo example of another cryptocurrency that’s used rebranding to boost this price or not exactly to boost this price obviously that is Bruce’s price I didn’t plan to do that’s a boost its price but as you can see around the time of rebrand which is August time that was a massive price hike from around $7 an average and hit all-time high of 47 dollars at the time $48 there had a bit of consolidation but as the year went on it hit $69 which is what it currently sits at I think it would peak at around yes $76 peak so really I think this has a lot more potential the technology’s better it’s there you know even it has more supply than mere and things like that it does have potential in this market cap still to surpass that really and then people started to get on it I mean it’s really a third of what Neos prices almost and hasn’t even released its rebound or software development kit so honestly the time is announced by Liske is a great great crimson currency I’ll heavily advise it I put it in my top 5 all coins and video as well because I really believe in it but anyway this is basically why I think $200 plus estimate is fair and $500 it’s not out of reach because of these reasons that I’ve listed here as you can see I had around a 600% increase after re-branded list get a lot more potential even it had the six hundred percent increase it’d be nearing that $200 anyway anyway this been crypto club I want to know what you think in the comment section below what price do you think list can hit in 2018 it’s the end of 2018 I’m saying as well and also if you have any questions about this or any advice that other people could use also if you liked the video slap a like on it and if you like my content give me a subscribe and favorite video and that’ll help massively anyway this has been crypto club and I’ll see you next one

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