Why NEO will make you rich! $NEO Price Analysis and Prediction

how’s going guys in this video I’m gonna talk a little bit about why Neal is going to go back and actually it’s going to take a larger percentage of my long-term Holdings for the last couple of months I’ve been evaluating my position specifically on Neal ever since we had this massive run that was called back in August and for those you guys who are new to my channel I covered Neal back in summer of 17-4 we took off to this massive run which definitely was one of my best trades ever and now we are facing something very similar in fact I think that Neal is about to do something much bigger than what it did in the summer and so I wanted to kind of share that with you right now despite the price increase that we’ve had in the past couple of weeks I do think that Neal is on track to repeat and exceed the summer rally that we had back in August and to just give you a recap of you know where we’re at right now Neal started off on a downtrend at the peak around August 14th and that was basically marked the end of an exponential parabolic move that started sometime in July and this was after another parabolic move that came in in June so Neal has had two major parabolic moves the likes of this last one that lasted all the way from August until the end I would say officially officially it broke the downtrend around December 19th now according to my crude technical analysis around mid December I would put it kind of put it this way so if you can see from this yellow line what I usually do is I kind of try to give me a main trend line we kind of broke that so this rally that we’ve had has it’s already about one month old so I mean you take it how it goes obviously you probably should have picked it up right here when back in December the 22nd and then into this rally now the reason why I bring this up is this is that once once coins break this downtrend line like me what neo did right here there is a very high chance that neo continues to establish itself on a new Uptrend now unfortunately and this is the part where I think he gets a little dangerous is obviously the coin has run up a lot and it’s basically going vertical so if neo needs to establish a mean trendline it needs to kind of pull back a little bit without having to go back to this scenario but I do think in the next couple of minutes I’m gonna talk a little bit about how Neill is going to sustain itself in this price price area and hopefully continue to march higher past this last point back in August and so just to give you a run-through here we’re not too far off we’re about maybe 25% if you take a look at this high right here that we had we’re about thirty eight percent away from the August high so neo needs something right now to kind of propel it forward and I do think there is something in the works right now that’s gonna do that so if you stick around with me in a couple of minutes I will talk a little bit about how Neil can get to that point and potentially higher now obviously there’s a lot of ifs and there’s a lot of definitely a lot of situations where it can bring neo lower but I do think right now we’re about that midpoint maybe about three quarters of the way into this rally so there is a little bit of a potential for a little bit of a have a move here okay so let’s talk a little bit about neo specifically and some of the price patterns so if I take a look at the price pattern right now you know going in from just to give you an overview of just kind of more rat on in August of 17 neo rose about 300% in a span of just I would say a couple of a couple of weeks if we do the same price extrapolation which started around June near Rose about seven hundred percent now let me give you the logarithmic one just to show you how how this changes a little bit okay so in the logarithmic curve which find is that neo actually has the one that started in in June was actually a lot larger on a percentage basis actually went up about three thousand percent that was so just to give you a some perspective and then the one we had in summer was actually not as big as that one that one actually only rose about let me put this up for you three four hundred percent and the current one that we’re in right now we just blow this up a little bit is actually started around here December the 10th it’s currently at about four hundred percent so we are I guess you could say that we definitely are a little overextended I think we definitely are very close to the August one the difference I see what this one is that compared to the August rally that we had which was due to the rebrand I think that Neil has now evolved itself into a more mature company and I do think that although it’s it’s risen about four hundred percent from the low versus the last one which is also four hundred percent and then the three thousand percent which happened back in April I do think that there is a lot more momentum going forward now the other thing is the one back in April that was the first one that occurred which was back in April 28th of 2017 and it rose three thousand six hundred percent pretty much what happened there was this was the very first time that people got introduced to Neil and then there was this massive kind of consolidation that happened for a good like three months and then it broke here what we’re facing is a downtrend line that has been broken that then this downtrend has lasted since August all the way up to December so pretty much for four months Neil was on a downtrend and I think that all of that selling pressure all of that I think eventually got washed out a little bit and now we’re facing a brand new uptrend so I do think that this is time is a little different than the one we had back in August so I don’t think 400 percent in my opinion is the I think I think we’re gonna have some profit taking obviously but I don’t think that the run is over okay now let’s go back into this last face so we are in the accumulation phase right here we kind of popped a little bit we went down and now we’re kind of running up again so let’s talk a little bit about some of the catalysts first and then we’ll see so if you take a look at Neal’s price overall we’re definitely hitting that we broke that 138 mark which was really good the circling supplies at 65 million coins and with a max of 100 as you guys already kind of know about that but there’s a lot of stuff happening so first off Neil has not only expanded its exchange reach so back then when we were I was covering Neil it was barely getting listed on some of these exchanges in fact it was it was just getting rebranded from at shares and now if you take a look at it there’s a lot more liquidity we have literally just by looking at the roster right now 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 there are about 16 exchanges out so in terms of liquidity this coin is massively exposed so what that tells me is that if you have a coin that is on many different exchanges not only that’s the price stabilized a lot more but also you have enough liquidity to can you come out come in and in and out so I think that’s that’s point number one is that coins that have massive exchanges are a lot more stable so I think this price is gonna stabilize because that alright point number two is there’s a list of icos coming out and neil is going to do a a scaling solution that it technically doesn’t really need it because there’s 10,000 transactions per second versus ethers double digit 1 which is I believe like 10 15 20 transactions per second and so what’s happening right now is Trinity has been it’s an IC oh by the way that’s going to be on the neo blockchain is neo has already anticipated a scaling problem based off what you theorem is doing and what they’re gonna do is provide basically a way to do real-time payments and privacy protection for all the Neil assets so I think this is actually really interesting this ICO is going to be done in about eight hours when the for the first for the whitelist and then they’re gonna have four key features payment systems on chain protocol frequency changes so keep in mind that Neil is a blockchain that is building and bringing in different solutions and this is really really positive when we’re talking about an off chain scaling solution Forney already even before there you have any of that ready to go like in terms of the customers while you theorem is barely you know dealing with crypto kitties so that’s point number two that the scalability problem is huge right now with the platform’s then that’s just not limited to a theorem that’s including every single platform out there right now is how do you create a fast way to scale and a fast way to make it private and so I’ve been talking a little bit about on a theorem side like the use of micro rate in the use of sharding and also plasma those type of things which have haven’t been really in my opinion I think are still in the works but with Neil they’ve already anticipated that and there’s actually companies are already building upon that using these solutions so that’s point number two all right point number three in terms of the catalyst for Neil if you take a look at January it’s kind of loaded up with a lot of different events that’s got the neo blocking revolution in January they’ve got late January they’ve got the D apps competition by the way that they’ve actually partner up with Microsoft they have the neo blockchain on the 26 in China they have the DEF CON conference on the 31st and March the 10th and then they’re gonna release the competition winner so they’re doing a lot of PR marketing for developers to get the app process inside neo and so right now is you already know the etherium is the is the first more advantage for D apps building on that however Neil is definitely trying to catch up quickly and they’re going to have a lot of things going on to get those applications process besides just ICS all right the other one is if you take a look at the neo to gas ratio right now it’s actually about 58 a 140 and as the numbers begin to get larger and larger just like I was talking about my other videos gas is gonna be extremely limited in supply the total supply for max right now the current supply for gas is only 13 million which means as more companies begin to use gas the gas is gonna skyrocket which could eventually create more demand for Neil so basically is the companies who are going to be generating the gas they’re gonna want to hold on to the Neil as you’re purchasing the I SEOs and so what’s gonna happen is in order to sustain the sustain the entire process and every transactions they execute on those smart contracts they’re gonna have to use gas to pay that out and so the problem here is that as the price of Neil Rises gas will rise accordingly and so what a lots gonna happen is a lot of these i ciose the companies that got paid a meal are most likely gonna hold on to neo just to generate that gas so there is going to be a holding mechanism in place that’s going to put a lot of pressure on the selling because the gas price increases which means the contracts going to be more expensive to execute so this is very different from aetherium you know piece where there isn’t a gas payout obviously if the transaction fees are high but as long as the I SEOs on neo hold on to that they’re not going to have the same problem as what aetherium companies have which is the price of gas going up in the transactions going up as a network gets clogged so just keep that in mind as you’re generating gas that you’re not the only one that’s going to be generating gas for sale companies will need to use gas again to kind of do the B transactions the other one is Neil is also involved with this idea of digital asset so ever since I did in my last video there weren’t a lot of icos on the market now if you take a look at them these I CEOs have just flooded the neo blockchain and one of them that I find is is called the key basically is a decentralized ecosystem for identity verification using natural big data what they’re basically gonna do is create a universal decentralized identity key that’s going to be locked into the ledger and this is going to be huge because what’s gonna happen is that they’re positioning themselves to create digital identities for the government for businesses and for whatever institution needs them and I think that’s a very different concept than what you get for aetherium where it’s trying to be anonymous and all of this but the problem here is that if you need businesses that need privacy you can’t really do that so I think it’s going to be a huge SEO and pretty much they already have a lot of things in place so I think they’re definitely in the right direction the other one I want to talk about is just the overall state of Neal Neal has a very high capacity right now for processing payment systems very similar to like Visa about ten thousand transactions ethion has even come close to that they also have physical assets on the digital asset blockchain which basically means you can create value from contracts or from actual digital assets which is very similar to what we’re doing right now with Bitcoin and things like that the other one that they actually have that I think it’s really important is this DB FD consensus model now this is very different from the POS system the proof of stake and the proof of work because what this does is that you don’t have to deal with the miners you don’t have to deal with any of those issues and you can always definitely scale this a little higher because it’s a lot more user friendly than your proof of work part Neal also has the ability to do the smart contracts in many different languages and again solidity for aetherium versus all of these choices makes it a very easy entry point into the development apps and I think this is a huge one because now what they’re doing is with the Microsoft alliances and what they’re doing with the with the app developments this allows more development on the D apps and catching up to three M’s solidity one-stop you know that programming language also neo is quantum resistance to cryptography so as quantum computing begins to take form in the next couple of years the theorem doesn’t have this it’s easily hackable security is going to be a huge thing specifically if you want to add extra layers and security for it for breaking contracts and this is really big because what ends up happening is when you start using legal documents and you start using smart contracts there is no way that you can allow your system to be hacked and we saw that with aetherium how it kind of got hacked in a way using the whole ëthere in classic situation so I think that’s going to be huge there couple upcoming products coming out for Neil one of them is going to be zipping zipping there’s Nexus already came out this is decentralized exchange you got qlink which is going to be a mobile network in the forward platform regarding digital IDs so there’s a lot of things coming up in the pipeline that I think are gonna create more demand for the neo token on the corporate partnerships they’ve already expanded this to the ontology Network which is a new one that just came out I talked about onchange relationship with neo a while back so you can kind of check out on that but the ontology network basically is going to it’s part of the on chain family and what they do is they pretty much act as a trust system to use the digital identities that neo is developing so this ontology is going to have a very huge role in establishing and helping neo develop the that concept of digital identities and pretty much what it does is going to allow them to create another security level and it’s going to allow the neo contract platform to remain transparent and making sure that those identities are being shared appropriately now entre as you already know is a private company it was founders of the neo council they run that and the fund or funded by full song is a Chinese investment firm that provides them with different types of access to different industries and this is really big because in the incubation space in China specifically when they’re doing start-up companies it’s very important to be connected not only to the government regulators but also the business community so I think having on chain here along with the ontology Network is going to be extremely large on the growing ecosystem basically they have the city of Zion we’re just doing the development for the wallets and for the development of the decentralized exchange Microsoft and Neil are organized together to form the D app development competition which is going to be big I think because then you start attracting a lot of talent and then you’re gonna have obviously your Neil Council which is handing a lot of the marketing and things like that so I think this is a really good one all right so moving along to our I SEOs ever since I covered that last list Neil has expanded there I sealed is considerably most of the I seals that came out early like for example Athenian deep chimney brain and red pulse did very well there even raised a lot of money but what they did was neo has at least a 25 thousand dollar minimum to run an IC o—- ongoing cost and this actually separates a lot of the week I SEOs onto the network deep print raised about eleven point eight million that’s what their target was so they all kind of are raising very little money compared to what some of the ERC 20 tokens already are running and I think this is really good because not sure they’re doing it purposely or not but if your if your initial market cap raised is less than 30 million and this basically they’re being really careful with who they’re bringing in it’s not just the money grab so I think the coins that they’re bringing out right now are high-quality icos and what’s gonna happen is as the name begins to expand a little bit more about what neo is doing people are gonna gravitate towards finding I seals on the new york new york blotching because i know if i know that these coins are good because me already has a minimum cap plus they carefully have a template to select these i cos i think that’s going to be very different from the ERC 20 which accepts almost anybody and anybody has zero cost to create nico so oh in the long run i think once the name gets established i think people are gonna have it so we have stone kid coming out q link that’s already complete we had some i SEOs actually switch over to neo we have the key which was i was talking about earlier trinity which i talked about for scaling solutions and actually neo invest in some of these so it’s actually a really good thing the next is coming up met chain we’ve got a bunch of guys i mean there’s there’s tons of in here coming up and I think as the time goes on these these I SEOs are gonna get a higher quality alright so basically you know in a nutshell I want to say that I’m being very bullish on you not only just on the technical side but you take a look at this reddit post this is actually by the way from their neo website reddit you can find that they have plenty of stuff going on I mean what’s really hard to keep up actually is ever since I covered neo back in summer how much this coin has appreciated in not just the price alone but in the development of it I mean they’ve got ICS up the wazoo they have a great development team they have a brand and a vision for what they want with the smart economy I mean guys this is a no brainer I’m definitely loading up here and I’m definitely gonna run you into a theorem territory so if you have not taking a look at you know take a look at it these links again a lot of them are from the reddit post like this one’s amazing I mean it has all the icy O’s in here it’s got the web sites everything so just take a look at it alright guys crypto bye – hopefully enjoy

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