what’s up guys crypto club here and today and bringing your video on the crypto currency called Quantum pronounced Q term quantum whatever you wanna call it that has jumped the 13 spot on coin market cap recently as its hit a new all-time high of around seventy dollars considering only a few days ago it was only worth 20 that’s a 300% increase plus over the last few days so I’m gonna go into the reasons of why it’s growing so fast and what quantum is exactly so if we jump over to the price and the page itself of quantum as you can see it’s sitting around $70 a fin that’s dropped to around 68-54 and as you can see I’ll just explain to you what quantum is basically it’s an open source blockchain project develops in Singapore by the CEO Patrick died and basically it is specifically engineered for a business adoption so it’s specifically engineered for the business side of the cryptocurrency world and if we look at the graph here I’ve got some statistics if you see around the 15/16 the price of quantum was only around $18 and on the 16th I had a rise to about $30 and it stayed fairly consistent around the $30 mark until the 18th of December which is around when blockchain Asia I was it blockchain it wasn’t blockchain as you saw his block show Asia and until that show that had a massive increase in over the last day 19th of December it’s gone from a measly $30 to $70 in value within a day and the reasons for that are basically it’s because of the media coverage like this block show and like the coin Telegraph making articles on it as you can see a huge impression was made at block show Asia this is what I’ve gathered from this article so a huge impression was made at block show Asia as the crypto currency if you look on all the forums and stuff it was considered a very undervalued asset for a very long time considering its its technology etc and its plans for the future and it’s finally basically entered the limelight and people as you can see in the article here it says somewhere here that this time we did we will discover a company called quantum and sweet with the CEO Patrick died so this is the first time it’s gained proper media coverage it seems like as the discovering is acting like the discovery and the scripts like currency which is very interesting but it’s great at the same time yeah CEO Patrick dyers impressed the media and light in the world and the technology and its combination of other technologies and cryptocurrencies because the sort of technology takes like Bitcoin transactions things like that the sort of safety aspects and it combines a lot of different technologies and it’s taking as they describe it’s bridging the gap between East and West with all the cryptocurrencies and it’s taking the floor now basically and that’s why it’s hid around $70 another reason is just yet basically all the media coverage and the show is basically just doing doing amazing things for this cryptocurrency as you can see Forbes just made a fourth main article on quantum it she’s a big leap for them as you can see a price leaps 189 percent in eight hours what is quantum and why is it growing so fast so a Forbes has given their major media coverage for this as well that’s only gonna do great things for the price and for example at the time of writing this the article writer said on Forbes it was 50 dollars and 78 cents and now it’s 70 dollars so it’s up 20 dollars since the publishing of the article in Forbes so as you can see Quantum’s basically have really good position a doubt will stay at this high price for a while I expect this to stabilize around 60 or maybe more good things will come out about it and it might even hit the hundred mark this year who knows but anyway this has been crypto Club I hope this video shed some light on this new cryptocurrency and helps you discover more about it if you have anything to say in the comments please leave any questions awesome advice in the comments for other people please like favorite and subscribe to the channel as it would help me out massively as I said this is crypto club and I’ll see you in the next one

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