Why VeChain COULD Be The BIGGEST Cryptocurrency Of 2018!

what’s up guys kripp cyclopia and today i’m talking about v chain a cryptocurrency I’ve talked about loads V chain honestly is one of my favorite crypto currencies in a moment as more and more information about it and how great it is keeps coming out as it comes out with more partnerships in the media things like that more adoption and just generally more use and just media coverage as a whole their CEO Sonny neo as I mentioned every time as mentioned himself and quotes he does want to CV chain and believes V chain can be the biggest cryptocurrency we’ve ever seen and will be the number one cryptocurrency in the future and honestly every day I’m starting to believe this information more and more as it climbs the ranks and currently sits at around rank 24 and Cuauhtemoc Capcom and it’s just over six dollars in price which is still severely undervalued in my opinion I talked about loads how great V chain is for example it’s been around for more than two years as partnerships with Renault healthcare committee who also sponsor Manchester United and who by isackson media I think it is and things like that so it has massive deals and has more coming soon as I’ll mention in the future of this video it’s also partnering with a global convenience store chain called Family Mart through DNV GL who has loads of associations with loads of different business partners and things like that this Family Mart has over 24,000 locations worldwide especially in Asia with South Korea Japan things of that and a few in USA and Europe so also ven has a team of over 150 employees which is very important you can see all the information on all the employees and they’re very accomplished as a team and have a lot of great things to come as I believe they’ve done in the past they’ve done a lot of great things in the past and this will be nothing different this is a movement this is something that’s gonna change the world and they want to be a part of it they’re doing a very good job of it there’s also rebranding humming savvy chain which is gonna be from VN to ve T which is V chain thought and a lot of PR movements to follow this month including the move to master nose and things like that and they generally just send up quick Q&A is like a facebook Q&A that’s coming on 24th January I’ll talk about that and if that you’re on this video but also they have a work in our Western Android app which is very important a lot of other kryptos don’t have that and it also allows mobile users to get involved and it’s very important I see that as a big factor because it’s sort of like broadens its horizons on who can use the cryptocurrency also subject very honest company as it publishes the financial reports and leaves nothing hidden which is very good for it you know partners and investors as they can see all the financial information they want to see whenever they want to see it and they know their company isn’t doing any dodgy things that they’d only be part of also the Thor knows which will come in with the rebrand from ven to ve T V chains of the chain Thor basically they’ll be Thor master nodes and nodes where like Leo gasps you’re basically owned for holding so your own Thor as a cryptocurrency for holding which be a quarter I think if or fifth of the current V chain price as an estimate so you’ll earn a certain amount every day every you know week every month of a year depending on how much of each chain you are in it basically be a form of passive income so it can be an incentivized thing for holding V chain another thing to say about VD chains that they’re very active and social media platforms as I mentioned before they have announcements already from their official reps and things like that and they’re constantly creating new partnerships and communication channels for example that they have a new discord server out that’s been out for a few weeks now I think and it just allows people to kind of come together as a community and talk about V chain and future comparable stars have talked about this before neo a similar thing happened with it we started around eight seven dollars which we can see VJ sitting around and in a year and a half or no a half a year even it’s basically gone to over a hundred and fifty dollars in value at its peak and this is due to the rebranding and new information coming out new partnerships new adoption which is very comparable to V chain that’s why I think it’s very undervalued obviously there’s gonna be different differences in there and the potential because the market cap were different because V chain has a lot more in circulating supply and total supply so something that needs to be considered but it’s something that can’t be out of question another thing I said is etherium has a third of VN supply so in theory you know at anytime V chain could hit a third of a theory on price so like $400 in theory if it stays at a 277 million circulating spy economy sits that also there’s a almost there thousand percent increase in the one month period and this is fastly growing I think he’s gone up a bit more and this is very very good to see well I think it’s a hunch men to be a hundred percent sighs well no it had a thousand percent in a month in a month period before the information came out about all the partnerships as you can see here had a massive load of growth and is looking very very promising but anyway that’s it for the facts there I want to talk about today the newest news has come out about V chain that will affect the price in the future for a start it has a partnership with Fang hue bang I think it is Fang hewing as you can see here which basically means V chain is breaking into the financial services industry as frankie wang is a mortgage company basis as rats basis itself around SMEs and loaning and things like that so if we look at if we look at the information here i’ve written down the notes is basically trying to solve with the v chain thor update problems in the by net banking financial products and things are and by the financial institution as a whole and companies like thank you wang and other companies like healthcare collimated are really invested in v chain as i see their technology to solve a lot of problems they have for example with thank you wang as a loaning company they want to start like a digital credit score system a credit real own payback system with their cryptocurrencies and v chain in specific so we might see exclusivity based on that and it could be a massive massive life step in the right direction we look at the next information here thank you are as a company also cooperates with over 50,000 agents and over 30 financial financial institutions so IV chain gets in good and performs well with thank you an we could see it going inside over 30 financial institutions as they are interested in lowering the cost and making it more efficient as a whole for their cuz their customers in the business allowing to make it more profitable on their side thank you and some information about them they’ve had over 12,000 loans they’ve issued and approved and they’ve created 3.3 billion u.s. dollars in financial liquidity liquidity as a result so that is very very good news to cv chain jumping into the financial interest rate the next thing i want to talk about according to a coin immunity a website that analyzes the community of cryptocurrencies and how stay growing V chain has now become the fastest-growing community community encrypts at the moment as you can see by this graph it has over 71 thousand followers to date and over 26 thousand subscribers and it’s just growing at an alarming rate that gava cryptocurrencies are starting to be worried about especially with the partnerships they’re getting in another thing to say is that sunny day on twitter on his official twitter has tweeted out that China’s CCTV which is the China central TV as mentioned and V change use case and DNV GL digitization no question about the fact that V chain is focused on building up applications with values of real businesses join us to the policy to change the world follow the link around 11:15 to 12:30 basically what he’s saying is that V chains you know taking it step in the right direction to become you know viable in real works real world source circumstances and also it’s very important for CCTV as CCTV has over 1.2 billion viewers as a whole and users that use the platform so it’s getting like V chain out that many people especially in China where it’s a growing cryptocurrency market and a growing economy as a whole is very important that it gets the sort of media coverage that is gained at the moment it’s just gonna propel it further into the moon towards the moon even another thing to say is that DMV GL has an official announcement with their Facebook live session on 24th of January as I mentioned before where you can do it they’re doing a Q&A at 2:00 p.m. GMT to saw ask questions and sort of give assurance and sort of a peace of mind to the people about the DMV l g DM v GL partnership with v chain so people can ask questions about world do and will match to find out some more information about it so people look out for that Q&A and see the information that might be influencing the price you know as they say buy the rumor sell the new sort of thing so I’d be very interesting to see how this all goes I reckon it’s going to be great news on from this 24th of January and the price will skyrocket very very soon and that is the basis of the video just great information more partnerships coming out which will skyrocket the price another thing to say the next point in one of tweet hours about the V chain official page has tweeted out that PwC which basically a bank I think visits V change headquarters with other senior partners and basically this might point towards a possible association some sort of partnership between V chain and PwC even you know even if like one might have been agreed to we just don’t know wait for official informations come out this sort of a rumor that this might be in the work so you know as they say as I said before buy the rumor sell the news is very very promising for V chain this happened just today as you see Raymond chow is with the PWC asia-pacific and serves as the Greater China chairman Raymond’s and several other senior partners visited V chains headquarters on the 18th of January and it’s got picture evidence and everything they even wearing the jumpers of V chain last thing I want to talk about today about V chain and why it’s so great is how they basically mentioned about the PWC sort of situation and the quote from Raymond chow the guy with Asia Pacific basically said to build trust in society and solve important problems that is the aim of PwC as it aligns with V chains vision providing digital trusts utilizing blockchain technology this is what we leverage with V chain to reform our current assurance services so this is pointing towards you know association and working with V chain to sort of make everything better in financial institutions much like Fang hewing wants the sort of set out to do so it’s just great to see a lot of adoption happening for Vijay a lot of partnerships coming through and honestly as I mentioned at the bottom of the notes here it’s the first crypto currency since Bitcoin and ripples have this much interest in adoption and sort of the financial industry and you know not only this is going to be involved in the banking sort of system it’s also going to be involved in global convenience store chains it has a lot of other partnerships and things like that you know health care everything like that and it’s growing at such an alarming rate that the number one clip so clients need to be v chain is looking more and more likely by the day as a team work in the right direction and do everything right at the moment to sort of establish V chain as a big and upper coming cryptocurrency that is going to conclude the video of why I think V chain has a very good growth period coming so in that boom at that and why it’s very very undervalued at the moment for my prediction of what price is going to here I don’t really know I would say at least fifty to a hundred dollars by the end of 2018 I think that’s fair at least $100 by 2018 but anyway that is gonna conclude the video if you liked the video please like the video hit that like button also if you have anything to say about Vijay in any news for yourself please leave in a comment section below for others to see I’d love to answer any questions you might have also if you like my content subscribe to my channel and also hit that Bell notification icon to be notified when our next upload it’s bring crypto club and I’ll see in the next one

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