what’s up guys crypto club here and today I’m making your video about V chain cuz a lot of news is consistently coming out about V changes are currently sits at number 31 on coin market Capcom with a market cap of 1.6 7 1 billion dollars and it’s it’s just over six dollars in price as it’s up right now when most of crypto currencies are down due to news has come out about what is the future holding for V chain so what I want to talk about today is the partnerships they have and the official announcements coming up and also the new news coming out about it which I’ve actually explained why a moonshot is very highly expected very soon for V chain of wires to explode in price this month and next month start start off I’ve talked about a lot of these notes before I’ll bring up these notes here so you can stop the video and have a look at them these are notes from my past videos wife Inc V chains a great crypto currency and why I think is gonna explode in price over the course of the year but there’s some more information to talk about that will explain why things can explode this month for next month in particular so pause the video now and check that out so I’m gonna get into it now so I talked about this this chamber 4 DM v GL it’s basically what DNV GL was basically a global convenience store franchise vote 20 4,000 locations and they have partnered with V chain that the official announcement coming out very soon you know cover the date in the second but this is very important because it’s 24 thousand locations involved in Asia with Japan China people like that and it’s also America involved is Taiwan South Korea Thailand Philippines Indonesia Vietnam so really the big players and cryptocurrencies are covered right now and very high grossing markets around the world are being covered by you know Vijay was a relatively new and relatively unestablished cryptocurrency so far and people predicting off this sort of goes through there’ll be a massive moon show a massive ballroom for the cryptocurrency as it gets to see you know piloting in real world practical use and will be a very very big step in the right direction as novel cryptocurrency will really be involved with you know global convenience store franchises and other things like that the MV GTL also has over 86,000 enterprise customers and over companies so if really gonna push Vicenza cryptocurrency and really get it out there so this was kind of you know this was kind of just an announcement that wasn’t really officially done but in the last day we have seen an official announcement when this will be happening so V chains official rebrand event and announcement of the DMV GL partnership will be on the 26th of February of awesome official documentation of that now it will car on that day in Singapore I love an Asian country that I have a lot of media broadcasting and be very interesting to see how it all goes down also they tweeted about here that they’re very excited to announce the overwhelming amount of additional customers and strategic development opportunities the V chain rebrand event will occur on 26 February 2018 Singapore and their documentation is here about it as you can see they’re also going to be announcing the DMV gl partnership so the rebranding is really the ahead of the train here really the thing they’re trying to get across to their public because that’s what they know everyone’s really interested in but this massive massive partnership is also going to sort of have an effect and they’re kind of keeping that below the radar until the event comes out everyone kind of knows about this partnerships going ahead it’s just really gonna be set in stone because there’s one thinking rumors about it and just a fan ounce Minh other– thing it being official and put into use so as you see here it’s what February 26 is the date for this rebranding and official announcement of the partnership so another thing to talk about the reason I think it’s gonna explode this month is that they’ve just announced another partnership which is basically that they’re gonna work with national level government body state tobacco monopoly administration and China’s central government owned by China National tobacco corporation via exclusive partnership with national research consulting center I think that’s badly translated but basically when beans are gonna be working directly through the government no they’re gonna die work directly with the government the Chinese government food and tobacco industry which is very important the tobacco industry as you probably know is one of the biggest industries worldwide and especially in Asia so you know it’s a very very big movie chain becomes you know the sole supplier the sole cryptocurrency the backhoe industry in China this could be a very very very massive push and also is aware of them working directly with the Chinese government and this will push a lot of the legislations to be built around V chain as if they adopt yet fully as its successful Wizards a backhoe industry it could be a very interesting set of weeks and months and years for V chain other cryptocurrencies as if China adopt it as their main one it could put a lot of stress on other cryptocurrencies and V chain could reach the top one spot they said they that the CEO wanted it to be a in the coming years of when V chains around so as you can see here there’s more information articles like medium where it’s getting a lot of media coverage about this whole worm this whole China tobacco industry sort of deal as you can see V chains blockchain the internet of all things IOT so ocean so they’re not the first bas to enter China’s tobacco industry working with national level government body state tobacco monopoly administration and China central government owned China National tobacco corporation via an exclusive partnership with NRC C so as you see this is exclusive so maybe the sole cryptocurrency to be involved and also they talk about DMV TL being involved as well so it’s very very interesting to see this as we change getting picked I have all the other cryptocurrencies available especially with ripple being a massive you know head or her massive name and Asia right now they’re picking V chambers they see the technology to be you know superior and better suited to their needs there’s very very interesting is very very interesting to see what we’ll hear about on the 26th of February as they’re talking about the rebrand and DM vgr at the moment for that February 26 announcement but maybe this Chinese one and maybe more partnerships in the future will be announced in the future and it’s just gonna explode the price it already has started to have an effect on there but obviously until the news actually goes through it will have a bigger effect so it’s never too late by Vijay and have a lot of people getting fold line thinking it’s too late to actually buy V chamber it’s definitely not because news like this will push it say it’s currently you know if we scroll down is currently sitting around six dollars it’ll definitely put it over the ten twenty dollar price range I could print it and now as it’s currently always in the green in the last few days compared to when all the other cryptocurrencies are taking a hit because of South Korean laws and things like that and just multiple effects to the cryptocurrency market kind of giving a hit you know as you can see ripples down recently and other cryptocurrency that’s competitive in Asia so it as a whole it’s just very interesting information I thought I’d update you on and why I think it’s gonna have a massive bull run this month for next month it’s been crypto Club I hope you enjoyed the video if you did like the video and also comment a comments that should below what you think about this information also if you like my content subscribe to my channel hit that Bell notification icon to be notified when I next upload there’s been crypto club and I’ll see in the next one

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