WHY VeChain WILL HIT $100 in 2018!

what’s up guys crypto club here and today I’m doing another video about V chain and you guys asked for it you thought you know you want to find out what my prediction is for what food chain could possibly hear in 2018 so before I get started on the points I want to make my prediction for V changes you could probably tell by the title is hundred dollars at least I would say somewhere around that I think there’s some a fair estimate where cryptocurrency is currently heading and sort of the the quality of technology that V chain and marketing has I could definitely see it up in the top ten sitting around a hundred dollar mark by the end of this year I’ve got a few reasons why I’m just gonna go through if you haven’t seen my other videos check them out I’ll go through the points I made in other videos that basically explains why I think V J is a great crypto currency and supports the reason I think he can hit $100 spacy V chain currently sits around 426 so it has gone up a fair bit since I last made a video about it currently down 8.5% in the last 24 hours because of the price question of course cryptos which is a it actually isn’t too bad considering what hover cryptocurrencies are doing in terms of their price Corrections but anyway let’s get started off so V chains been around for more than two years I’ll just knock these out quickly it’s had a huge amount of partnerships like Renault and a most recent one which wasn’t much recent one anymore I’ll delete that now but I’m the most recent one actually mentioned later which was Hugh by Saxon cultural media limited but basically one of their bigger ones was healthcare Colin’s it was a sponsor that also sponsors Manchester United so as a massive deal possibly billions on a deal because as you know if they sponsored Manchester United’s Premier League team massive massive deal they don’t just sponsor if anyone I think that’s what people forget you know these big companies don’t respond some of any old you know cryptocurrency you have to do their research and have to believe in it because it’s a lot of money they’re dealing with and V chain yes it does have a great marketing team and a lot of good names behind it but still they have to believe in the product is well for it to be relevant and worth investing in there’s also the other partnerships here that you can see so I made an infographic about which partnerships they should do have a lot PwC DNV GL which is the convenien stole partnership has us pronounce that Nagel something China Unicom Microsoft and Chinese national government which is incredible very very good statistics and partnerships there and it looks very very promising very hit for it to hit $100 price box it has a lot more resultss that a lot of these other cryptocurrencies even in the top 10 have at the moment another thing to mention is that as I said they’re partnering of global convenience store chain with 24,000 locations in Asia United staes Europe things like that which is the DNV GL which is very very important because you know sort of widespread getting some mainstream sort of retailing and it’s very important that cryptocurrency so it gets that sort of you know service because it kind of you know makes them a very relevant cryptocurrency if they’re gonna be used in mainstream retailing and convenience stores especially if something day-to-day that people use you know day-to-day usage is one of the more important things what you know how much is transacted in a day to day basis and that’s really gonna help out and make it more relevant as it continues in its career as a cryptocurrency also there’s an accomplished team of over 150 employees I mentioned as many a time the CEO is what for such established bands like Louie Vuitton and things like that in very higher positions he has the marketing expertise to make it go far and also has the name behind him as well as his team to sort of make it very relevant in the future he has announced himself officially that he is setting it up and positioning it’s been the number one crypto in the future so we can see where we’ll be in the future I mean if he’s saying something like that in 2018 you could probably expected to reach the top 10 as it currently sits at 13 I fanned his card but few spots in the last few days and it’s happening all very quickly and especially with a rebranding coming soon that is definitely gonna push it up another few spots so it’s gonna get rebranded from ve and to ve T with lots of PR movements this month also moving to masternodes so basically what that means is basically you earn something called thoth or which is basically some sort of neo you know it can be comparable to neo gas so basically when you hold neo in your wallet or wherever wherever you hold it you earn gas as a result unless by another cryptocurrency that’s worth its own you know amount usually 20% of what the original cryptocurrencies worth so in this case Thor would be worth estimated 20% of what V chains were for any given time so that is very important because it’s good because you can earn a passive income from holding and it’s very important for people because you know if people want to get invested in cryptocurrencies not not only because they believe in the cryptocurrency also doesn’t make a profile visit and it helps if you’re gonna get some passive income they don’t actually have to set up your v chain chairs in where you can earn fall and kind of sell them off to kind of recoup some of your investment which is very very interesting so as I said yes as rebrands that the V chain Thor that’s gonna be an official name mid January that’s coming very soon so we called VT rather than V and they also have a working at Iowa’s and Android up I think this is one of the most important points because I think this is very rare cryptocurrencies a lot of cryptocurrency the top 100 still don’t even have this working you know they have they have these white papers that have a lot of ideas about wedding when a garden roadmaps but none of them have actually achieved what seems like a simple feat and app you know on both iOS and Android but it does mean a lot because it kind of you know branches out there directions and sort of helps them get known and is makes it have pickable for a lot more people around the world if they have to hire Western agile apps because the Mobile’s is really where computing is moving in the future you know handheld devices and things like that and the way to go it’s very important that cryptocurrency gets involved in epic ensure transactions in real life will probably be done through like Apple pay things like there where it’s using NFC to pay for things and it’s very very important that they jump on that as soon as possible they’re also an honest company they’re published financial records and leave nothing hidden very important because you know you want a company that you can trust and leave nothing hidden their home credibility credibility goes a very long way in crypto currencies and because people want to invest in something they can trust you can’t invest in something that you don’t trust and hide things from people you know and also the consumers want to know where their money comes from where it’s going and things like that as I said before a long list of partnerships not even one who by Saxon cultural media limited another massive company it’s also stated to be the fifth fastest growing community in crypto currencies said there’s the Thor loads coming soon seeking a passive income from holding it these are my most newest points that I’ve gathered is that first of all they’re very active on social media platforms as you can see here even though rep no of underscore Vijay Navi chamber app is announcing things like them opening a new social media platform which is a discord server so they’ve really brought it out into every different media source they can it’s a sort of create communities and kind of spread the word about Vijay and as you can see it’s up to 17,000 readers which is a massive increase of where I was a few days ago I think just yesterday I was on 15,000 so is he’s growing at a very substantial rate and 2,500 on here right now very very very high numbers which is great considering it is still fairly unknown as it crypto-currency also you know I want to talk about the comparable stats where the weather the estimate of $100.00 kind of comes from because you know all right you could’ve thought I just plucked that number on my head it’s around a two thousand five hundred percent increase on what the current price is around $4 26 and I’m gonna kind of come around to that point so reason yeah I’ll just explain it’s around two thousand five hundred percent increase because you know four dollars to get to $40 a thousand percent increase to $80 it’d be two thousand to get to you know a hundred dollars every two thousand five hundred there abouts so that is how I got that number of two thousand five hundred percent I kind of give you some stats to start off and give you reasons why I think it will hit a price like that so are you the comparable cryptocurrency which would be neo currently sitting around one hundred and three dollars and similar cryptocurrency that experienced the rebranding has masternodes incorporated at one point with the neo gas you can see here around in July it did go from around seven dollars and when this was the this was the around the time that a rebrand occurred it jumped all the way up to forty seven dollars at its very highest and now sits around 103 dollars is all-time high well it’s all time higher than always all-time highs I check that quickly its all-time high probably sat around yeah but 108 dollars is also I’m high so we’ve been half a year it’s gone from $8 $108 which is around a thousand two hundred percent increase and which is very important to say because even V chain itself within a month span it’s gone from you know it’s gone from around 40 cents thereabouts 45 cents to over $4 here around four dollars seven years my four dollars 80 such a thousand percent increase in just a month so the thing from now on it’s again two thousand five hundred percent increase especially after rebounded which is gonna guarantee over a thousand percent increase within half of year especially with the partnerships and financial sort of inferences it has and the sort of investments this has associated with V chain is definitely gonna hit over 2,000 percent increase two thousand five hundred percent seems reasonable considering cryptocurrencies like litecoin theorem are doing seven eight thousand in a year two thousand five hundred percent seems like nothing especially the market cap can hold that the market cap would sit around 225 billion which is basically nothing compared to cryptocurrencies are commonly seen in the top ten I mean in if it was to reach the top ten right yeah it would definitely be you know twenty five billion sounds about right considering all these other cryptocurrencies within the year are going to increase in market cap we expect the market caps go over a hundred one trillion sorry by the end of this year definitely see everyone in the top ten being above twenty five billion and V chain probably won’t be one of them considering the growth has made the partnership so has the investment potential the technology as well people are arguing it’s got one of the best technology in the crypto currency at the moment it’s got a lot of potential and that’s why I’m gonna compare it to theorem as well something that’s made you know a major name for yourself at the moment hitting over a thousand dollars and not stopping as you can see there’s around ninety six million in circulating supply so if you compare some of what’s in circulating supply for V chain which is two hundred and seventy seven million we’re gonna ignore the total supply at the moment I mean I don’t we don’t know when this gonna be you know put into circulation things alone it’s just focusing circulation for now but two hundred and seventy seven million right that’s around three times what the theorem is so in theory viii chain could hit the third of the price what V a theorem is at any given time so if you take the price it is at the moment and divide that by three that will give us the price of each anchored in theory here calculates to around two hundred sixty seven dollars so I’m toning that down the log because obviously that is quite a far stretch not impossible quite far stretch so I think a hundred dollars a third of the initial you know sort of calculation seems about right especially since it’s only a two thousand five hundred percent increase so that is basically all the reasons I think that V chain can hit such a high price point and sort of the insight of my opinion and calculations and why I think V chain can be in the top ten and be at the hundred dollar price point and that is wise my prediction if this video helps you in any way please leave a like and if you like the video just like the video also if you have any questions about being chained or have any opinions or have any predictions of your own or what you think V chain will hit please leave in that comment section below so I love to hear your opinions on this stuff and also if you have any questions I’d love to answer them also if you like my content please subscribe to my channel hit the bell notification icons be notified when I next upload this bring crypto club and I’ll see in the next one

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