Why will Siacoin be Successful in 2018? The Dropbox and Google Drive killer

what is going on crypto youtube this is crypto Cody back at it again bringing you daily crypto games daily crypto content let’s get it let’s go so today’s video is going to be about why see a coin will be successful in 2018 and why I could possibly generate a 50x return on investment by the end of 2018 so let’s get into this one so see a coin simply put is a decentralized cloud storage platform on the blockchain you hold the keys to your own data no outside company can access your files unlike traditional cloud storage companies we’ve seen things like Amazon s3 be compromised we’ve seen things like Google Drive be compromised we’ve seen things like Dropbox be compromised meaning that people like hackers have gone into their system and their servers and able to take peoples or businesses or organizations files which is pretty sketchy if you ask me but wait there’s a solution it’s called see a coin so how does it do this how is it able to encrypt your data so what happens if it splits your file into hundreds of pieces and each piece is on each node on the network so if you had the wallet or you’re a minor onceá you’re essentially supplying a node on the network and you’ll you could have a fragment of a file and even if a hacker did compromise sia coins network they would only get a fragment of a file and that’s useless to a hacker if you have a piece you can’t open up a piece of file you need 100% of a file to open up a file and even better see a coin is the cheapest cloud storage platform that exists right now one terabyte on seokwon cost about $2 per month and comparison that would cost you $23 on Amazon s3 so you know if you’re an organization you want to pay $2 or do you want to pay $23 I’m gonna go with the $2 to store on the cloud just my thoughts so every chyme n shinned earlier every computer using CA network supplies the nodes to the network so it’s just as fast if not faster then current cloud storage arms and also see a coins platform it’s open source so anybody can download the source code and contribute to the source code so if you wanted to develop an application on Co coins API then you could do so so if you’re a computer science engineer this one’s this one’s a homerun for you and also I already mentioned this but SIA SIA is the cheapest option for businesses and organizations to store on the cloud so this is really a no-brainer for any business organization I was used to work at a real estate school we use Dropbox as our cloud storage platform but that’s something that’s been hacked many many times and if I personally had bank statements employee wages all that stuff a whole bunch of confidential stuff I want it to be in the most secure most encrypted platform and even better this platform that’s most secure and the highest encryption this is also happens to be the cheapest platform as well so to me it’s a no-brainer for organizations it’s just a matter of when are these organizations and businesses are gonna know that she exists well I will go into this so see a coin is only traded on two major exchanges right now in the US it’s mainly traded on Polonia acts and bid tracks so a lot of people have a lot of people still want to buy there’s a huge demand for SIA token but a lot of people don’t know how to buy a SIA token and Polonia acts is there they haven’t been adding new users or bit tricks they have been but it takes a really long time so you know once once these exchanges figure out how to get more and more users on their platform and in see a coin start gets on something like buy Nance we’re gonna see real exponential growth because this coin has utility it’s not a coin that’s a whitepaper project and is working on their technology this is a company that has working technology today you can go on their website go download their wallet and you could essentially lend out your storage today if you wanted this isn’t like something like a OS where we’re still in an IC o—- state so finally I’m gonna end this video on Co coins why papers States and is the main reason why I think it’s gonna be extremely successful in 2018 so the SIA coins why paper states that they will perfect see a coin source code so they’re gonna perfect their wallet and everything and they’re lending um Lennox lending out your storage so they’re gonna perfect this platform that you can download on their website so once this is completely perfected we’re gonna see a huge marketing push by SIA coin could possibly see them in the media could see like things like Forbes doing articles who knows but the thing about it is they’re gonna they’re gonna have a marketing push and they’re gonna ramp it up to make sure cloud storage providers know that see a coin exists they know that it’s the cheapest option they know that it encrypts their data and they know that it cannot get compromised so there’s gonna be zero hacks on the co-owned network so somebody on Dropbox is gonna jump the gun to see a coin real quick real quick so please tell me what you think about this video in the comment section below rate like and subscribe this is crypto Cody and one more thing please check out my Twitter I’m gonna leave a link in the description and also my discord it’s a chatroom you can check out peace ow crypto code

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