Why ZCASH Will Hit $1,000 in 2018

hello investors and traders out there in this YouTube channel I really want to focus on the most profitable long and short entries in the stock market and the cryptocurrency market so I want to bring you guys the 50 to 100% to 200% gains are even more out there and I’m seeing a very very obvious very clear very profitable entry into Z cash and so right away let’s hone in on the idea that I always like to bring up that price is not random okay and so right here I have a Zi Cash chart pulled up right here and if we go and take a look at coin market capcom we could currently see that one coin right once the cash coin is trading for five hundred and eighty five dollars the total market cap is z cash currently here on January 1st of 2018 is 1.7 billion dollars so investors have as a whole have poured in 1.7 billion dollars and it would take for you as an investor to double your money it would take one point seven three four billion dollars for you to double your money if you were to invest in Z cash at this very moment now if we go ahead and take a look at from a technical analysis perspective we could see that the the big money is currently intentionally and deliberately chopping the price back and forth now you have to ask yourself why is it that they’re doing that they do that because they have to test for sellers before they step in on very high volume and ricochet Z cash towards higher prices so price is not random not in the stock market and not in the cryptocurrency market the big money in one click of a button as we all know can push the price of something very very quickly up or down so what they’re currently doing is chopping it back and forth right you see Z cash oh no it went down 5% or went down 10% have no fear because the big money will step in on a very very high volume and gap it up towards higher prices this is accumulation mode just has you to have in times of the past in the last few months where they’ll they’ll chop it around they’ll chop it around right you see the very low volume down here right they’ll chop it around and then they’ll step in a very high volume and gap their price up and so that’s what I’m expecting here there are testing for sellers right the big money is testing for sellers they will step in high volume and push Z cash towards higher prices now if you’re unfamiliar with buying all coins you can turn the exchanges like baloney acts all right there’s a ton of exchanges out there that you know buy Nats that you can turn to to purchase all coins and you do so with Bitcoin or with a theorem or with a light coin in exchange them for other all coins like Z cash now we took a look at the market capital Z cash and we also looked at it from a technical analysis perspective but let’s take a look at Z cash is underlying technology and so if you want to pull this up for yourself you can go ahead and just go to google and type type in a Z cash but what we find here is an overview is D cash and it really highlights the differences between Z cash and Bitcoin so if we take a look here we can see that Z cash is a decentralized and open source cryptocurrency that offers privacy and selective transparency of transactions Z cash payments are published on a public blockchain but the sender recipient and the amount of transaction remain private which this is a big difference right if we highlight this line right here this is a big difference between Z cash and Bitcoin because bitcoin is completely public and we have found that you know the FBI the CIA they can track where the Bitcoin is going at how much Bitcoin is moving and who is moving it Z cash is based on peer-reviewed cryptographic research and built by a security specialized engineering team on an open-source platform based on Bitcoin cores battle-tested code base our improvement over Bitcoin is the addition of privacy Z cash uses advanced cryptographic techniques namely zero knowledge proof to guarantee the validity of transactions without revealing a dish information about them and so you could learn more about how Z cash works if you go out and click on that link if you want to go out and visit it halsey cash works Z cash encrypts the contents of shielded transactions since the payment information is encrypted the protocol uses a novel cryptographic method to verify their validity Z cash uses a zero knowledge proof construction called a ZK snart developed by our team of experienced crypto cryptographers based on recent breakthroughs in cryptography these constructions allow the network to maintain a secure ledger of balances without disclosing the parties or amounts involved and so let’s hone in on this idea for a second this has been really a problem with Bitcoin right Bitcoin is very easy to track now it’s so Z cash is a platform that offers something very very different from Bitcoin and very valuable and that is privacy right and so if we take a look at the rest of this here instead of publicly demonstrating spin authority and transaction values the transaction metadata is encrypted and ZK snarks are used to prove that nobody is cheating or stealing Z cash also enables users to send public payments which work similarly to Bitcoin with a support for both shielded and transparent dresses users can choose a send Z cash privately or publicly Z cash payments sent from Mozilla addressed to a transparent dress revealed the received balance ball payments from a transparent address to a shield address to protect the receiving value so Z cash offers something that Bitcoin doesn’t office offer which is privacy so I am expecting two Z cash once it’s done call consolidating to break out towards $1,000 offer offering a 100% return on your investment right so here we are you know January 1st of 2018 I am placing a one thousand dollar price target on Z cash we could see that the current market cap of Z cash is 1.7 billion dollars and I am expecting that to grow to at least five billion dollars so we are going to see higher prices in Z cash and I highly recommend loading up

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