Zcash Price Prediction, Analysis and Forecast (2017-2022)

hey what’s going on everyone Matthew from the right rear comm here today I’m gonna be doing a little price prediction video on the C cache and I might as well mention right off the start here that you know I’ve done multiple price predictions now cover many of the main ones out there so if you’re interested in in seeing those price predictions I put links in the description below this video so yeah if you want to go and see preparations for a lot of these coins over here I’ve done plenty and you guys can go and check those out but like I wanted to say we’re moving into you know the smaller crypto currencies out there right the the up and coming and you know we’re not even in the top 15 anymore so it’s a little bit of a Wild West right once you get into this this range right now this is a top 100 ranking based on market cap but you know once you’re over this you start getting into you know the smaller crypto currencies some have adoption issues and stuff like that so you know it’s it’s a little bit of a dangerous story territory to plan you know you could either make it big or or just end up being a bag holder pretty much is kind of what it comes down to but you know it’s it’s worth taking a look at because there’s definitely some interesting opportunities in you know all those those alt coins out there but easy cash right so it has a pretty small reddit community only about 6,000 people and it’s a privacy coin so you know it’s a little bit of a comparable to Manero people often make the comparison between the two and you know a lot of people do say that Mineiro is better from what I’ve seen and I guess I kind of agree with that at least in in the current state of these these two crypto currencies Manero does have a lot of things going for it right it’s ranking number nine based on market cap so it has better adoption some say that the privacy is better on Manero I can’t really verify that but you know Manero is is definitely one of the better crypto currencies out there right and that’s not to say that Z cash necessarily horrible or anything but you know Manero is definitely doing well right and Z cash is it’s sort of doing zone thing you know it’s a little bit of a of an outlier in in turn aspects gonna go through the numbers here real fast so volume of 24 of the past 24 hours is 36 million dollars and this is just for the past 26 out of 24 hours so you know that’s not an average but if the average is around that range of like thirty-five million dollars or something like that that’s pretty good right considering its its market cap you can look in the ranking and a lot of coins that are have a bigger market cap don’t have as much transactions in the past 24 hours right so that’s always good to see that you know there’s liquidity and stuff and going back here it has a very very low circulating supply right and a lot of you know that I like to see low floats right low supplies because this really helps with just one there’s automatically value when when there’s a low supply right there’s much more scarcity and it can make for some really big like price squeezes where where it can really just shoot up real fast because you know there’s such a low flow and you know you often see the the bigger prices when when there’s low supplies so you know that that’s always good to see but this is a very low supply right this is one of the lowest out there if I’m not mistaken only a little bit about two million and I think that that’s a little I think this might grow a bit but this is a little bit dangerous and I think this might be creating some price action issues so I’ll get into that a bit but market cap 550 million so definitely more room to grow and stuff but let’s see getting into the price now this is where there’s there’s some concerns that come into play right I’m really kind of focusing on the numbers here and you know I didn’t do much for a while pretty much just slowly started climbing up from $40 had it’s it’s sort of take off and went all the way up to $400 which is pretty nice to see trickle back down and you know it’s been pretty much you know fly-in and trading in a tight range now for a while it’s obviously moving as you can see right was a 160 here back in July and you know moved up back above 200 below had a bit of a spike and right now it’s at 232 dollars okay so this price action is not necessarily worrisome or anything I mean it’s not the greatest price action but you know there’s sometimes some good with price action like this when it’s when it’s range mountain the problem is that there’s a reason for this price action right and we have to try to figure out the reason because you don’t want at least like as an investor in stuff you don’t want this this thing to be like flat forever right so you know as far as price prediction goes and stuff looking at this price action right here it does seem like right now we’re gonna fall a bit more so I think this will tumble down to you know testing some support levels probably right so maybe this $160 area you know back down here how’s it low did it go 147 so I know I think it might test around that that $150 range in the next couple months which isn’t great to see honestly and and that’s definitely not good for anyone that’s holding the the cryptocurrency but basically I think this in this flat price action you know it’s probably due to to multiple things but I think that is just because it’s a you know a pretty tight-knit community that’s that’s circulating around these the cryptocurrency and you know it’s making for this very like tight range right where where there’s not like mass adoption and there’s no like major selling off basically people using it for for privacy reasons so they’re kind of gonna be like permanent users of it in a way if that makes sense but it’s it’s only the same people it seems like who are who are messing around with his cryptocurrency and I think that that’s what might be crossing this this very flat training range right so like I said I do expect it to fall back down a bit in the next couple months right and from there you know it’s very hard to say well being in two to five years I think it could definitely unfortunately break this this support level and you know if that happens that would be pretty bad for this cryptocurrency I would lose a lot of hope for it I think it would really just tumble down the ranking pretty quickly if it lost that support level right we would see it falling back down into its lower ranges but you know it could very well just bounce off that range and just kind of redo the whole range bound thing so I think that you know like I said short-term I do see it falling from there though it could I think it could be range bound for a while and you know I mean it’s pretty obvious since it’s in a range where like what could happen so I mean where are they gonna break this support level over here or we’re gonna actually see it move back up and then break through this this $400.00 area that it was sort of before so that’s obviously the bullish case scenario what all the holders want to see and you know I’m not saying that that can’t happen it’s just that in the short term I definitely think it’s gonna it’s gonna go back down so that’s sort of the first point of interest but yeah basically just pay attention to those two areas and whichever breaks first is gonna decide where the fate of this cryptocurrency pretty much automatically right and yeah there’s gonna be reason for for it braking whichever level but that’s that just kind of how it goes otherwise you know flight Pratt if it’s flat plant price action you know same old I guess right so yeah let me know what you think of Z cash definitely an interesting cryptocurrency out there interesting for its privacy reasons you know all of you know that I do like privacy coins because there’s definitely a market for those and people who who want crypto currencies like that so it automatically will have a a user base which which is good to know but yeah you know like I said this is definitely one the smaller cryptocurrencies out there definitely not the smallest so yeah I guess it’s one that has potential and you know it’s just a matter of time with with this adoption stuff in this whole crypto world but definitely let me know what you think of Z Cash I’m interested to to hear what you guys think overall about this cryptocurrency where you guys see it going and with that being said everyone I hope you like this video if you did make sure to leave a like and subscribe for more investing and trading videos and thank you for watching everyone I really appreciate it have a nice day

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