#1 Use Case for Ethereum Gets Upgrade! – KittyRace!

you know I think I need to apologize for those people who supported crypto kitties you know I thought cryptokeys was a joke you can look back in my previous DC TV news clips on it and I mean it was mostly a joke because it clogged the etherium Network which I thought somewhat hilarious for a cat I mean think about it the memes guys the memes metallic coin metallic view Turing getting stopped up by a cat the means I’m surprised and this is just my humble opinion I’m surprised the memes of cats and Vitaly Peter and where did they come they didn’t come I expected them to come I thought I was expecting to see memes all over the place of a telecoil his face and like cats I mean the Internet is a place for only two things porn and cats right so I have to apologize guys I mean I thought that crypto kitties was a joke but apparently after getting investment capital was it from andreessen horowitz after getting millions of dollars in investment capital they’re actually making some improvements so Vitalik poin hey you did something good for the world you enabled cats that’s pretty much all I have to say about that today’s crypto news bit guys from the market via crypto yung calm Kitty race yeah that’s right guys Kitty race lets crypto kitties race one another on the blockchain is this going to be your legacy vitalik coin is this going to be your legacy it was only a matter of time until we saw some further developments in the crypto Kitty’s department that particular project has raised up a lot of money and attention over the past few months kitty Reis aims to build further on this concept by letting owners of crypto kitties race their cats against one another whether or not this will be much of an interest in doing so is a different matter altogether it’s quite interesting to see how kitty ray seems to make an impact on the blockchain assets space more specifically the blockchain takes a page out of the book of crypto kitties and goes one step further more specifically this new platform lets owners of crypto kitties race their assets against one another well no one has asked for such a service it is still pretty interesting to keep an eye on you know what sometimes when there’s a will there’s a way it doesn’t matter if people want it you build it anyway I can dig that on paper Kitty race lets users race their crypto kitties but it’s also possible if you spectate ongoing races this could get exciting it’s like it’s like racing chocobos if you don’t know what I’m talking about you’re probably an uncultured swine itself opens up a lot of new opportunities oh there there may not be that much interest in this concept this project does bring an additional use case to crypto kitties as there has been some concerns over the long-term viability of this particular blockchain asset a total of ten different crypto kitties will be able to race against one another users will need to pay an entry fee in order to participate the races themselves will be initiated by calling the kitty race a smart contract the person who executes the contract will be reimbursed in the form of 10% of the initial fee it is a pretty simple concept that may just work out in the long run assuming people are willing to spend money to race in the first place determine the outcome of every race is a bit different from what most people would expect every racer is given a score based on a proved ability fare random roll ooh interesting RNG guys RNG a genetic makeup and position there’s a first mover advantage when joining an a race as the first two entrants will receive one in two points respectively all of the factors award anywhere from 0 to 19 points in whoever accumulates the most points wins the race sounds exciting well there’s a pretty interesting project in its own right there are still a lot of questions regarding its long term viability building further on the hype which crypto kitties has generated would certainly work out but there’s still an overall sense that the initial buzz surrounding the project will run out creating unique blockchain assets is one thing but ensuring the long-term business plan in place is something else entirely once again guys I have to apologize I didn’t know crypto kitties would be a thing number one number two I didn’t think you would actually survive number three now it looks like they’re making improvement upgrades such as the nature of crypto kitties guys and you know what at this particular trajectory when it comes to crypto kitties I hope they crush it I hope crypto keys becomes the number one application the etherium protocol and you could probably assume as to why thanks for joining us in today’s crypto news but let me know your feedback in the Bitcoin dot pub of the comment section below and thanks for joining us if you’re new here guys subscribe to our YouTube channel for everyone else smash the like button for racing kiddies that’s what the Internet’s for guys are the fate choking cats and prawn guys get some frog

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