what’s going on guys this is another video where I talk to you man-to-man just like the one we basically released three weeks ago so do you remember this video where I said the crypto market is gonna follow the same trend as basically the tech bubble back in 2000 where the market reaches its full height drops and then reverses breaching the height or was and so far I’ve been right if you look at a OS has breached now this not this not a video where I tell you look it’s all about III called everything no I didn’t call everything I said that this was gonna happen it happened okay you can say I call this but all I’m saying here guys is that we called bluff right the video just showed you on the screen when I released it 20 people dislike this so you couldn’t make anyone happy back then three weeks ago because everyone you know they had these doubts about the market but we didn’t think like amateurs we thought like hedge funds like institutional investors and we caught blow from this market because when everyone is selling you jump in you’re going against everyone and that’s why we’re not a crypto community there is no community in this market because some people are selling others were buying so how can you be a community going against each other right so everyone is doing their own thing so in this video or what I want to tell you guys is so far we’ve seen the market following the tech bubbles chat right so in 2000 the market spikes fights but people were piling on and then it basically plummeted in value few weeks later a few months later a year later the market breached that figure basically there was a 2000 and today you can go back and look at the charts right look at the stock market just pick anything let’s say Intel right look at Intel’s price or Microsoft just look at the chart look at that stock and compare it to EOS compare it to Iola compare it to Ripple compare it to like coin or any or katana or Tron compare it now today remember when I released that video that was in 31st of March when I said that this is gonna happen and it did happen so far if I’m right then we’re gonna breach further POS so far has proved me right and if you look at my videos I’ve always preached diversification why because when something is not working something else is always working and today we can see that Els has spiked faster than light : even an iota or ripple so if you had a yo s and litecoin you want to make money on here alright so far everyone that has followed me has made money right because when we released these videos we release them at the prime at the prime when everyone solved we jumped in so what I’m trying to say here guys is the tech bubble has basically this crypto market has mimicked the tech bubbles graph right and there’s still big money big sums of money are waiting on the sidelines for regulations so most out coins that spike in individually they’re not realize they’re not basically relying on Bitcoin to go up anymore they’re individual right they’re independent or that dependent or now independent that’s the word they’re independent so their spy can individually which is a good thing because now we don’t have to rely on Bitcoin so the volume you can see went to te OS e OS five to twenty dollars right breaching the January figure now wait for these regulations to come out is all I’m saying if this is a bull market there’s that big money waiting on the sidelines those hedge funds those billionaires those millionaires those CEOs those institutional investors they’re waiting for these regulations to come out now what regulations I don’t know u.s. South Korea Japan international regulations will have to be established to protect investors to protect this asset turn it into an asset class so it can be taxed those are the regulations that we’re waiting for so all I’m saying here is wait for these basically big sums of money to jump back in yes we haven’t recouped with most alkynes but if you had followed me when I release those videos you would have made money so far okay maybe even recouped if you had doubled but I know some people have invested in January most of them but I’m hoping hoping some of you have made money at least a little bit even recouped but now that we said the good news that this market is still weighing there’s still big sums of money are weighing on the sidelines for these regulations to come out in order for them to jump in because nobody basically is gonna jump into market on certain they can’t risk people’s money and I’m talking about hedge funds they can’t raise people’s money into a market that is uncertain because that’s what we’re doing is speculated so far we’re waiting for regulations and now you’re saying but what regulations look all you have to know is regulations is good for the market that’s it regulations are there to protect you and the government’s the taxes the authorities and just to protect the people that’s what regulations are here to do cryptocurrency is here to stay just know this so all I’m saying is there’s big sums of money weighing on the sidelines when they jump in obviously we’re gonna spike further and I’ve always told you that ratification is a good thing because like I said when something is not working something else is always working and that’s just the way it goes with everything stocks crypto currencies and anything so diversification is a good thing so now we said the good news let’s talk about you know the risk because I can’t just tell you yeah he’s gonna be great and we don’t talk about the risk no I want you to protect your backside always always look at the risk rather than the reward because you don’t want to end up like you know the big kynect days where a lot of people a lot of pensioners unfortunately lost money in this market protect your backside once you protect your backside you can sleep at night you know get your I hate our sleep without having to worry so how are we gonna do that well let’s say you’re you know you have your life investments don’t jump in with everything you got put ten twenty percent in your savings for a rainy day I can take that risk and I did take that risk and it worked out well for me three weeks ago some of you have followed me as well but because I can you know I don’t have anyone depending on me I don’t have a family to feed I can take that risk but some of yous need to basically focus on your family as well so this is all I want to say guys this is a speculative market we’re still waiting for regulations and all I’m saying is go compare the tech basically graph the tech bet stocks with the cryptocurrency market and you’ll understand what I what I’m saying here so this was just to talk a pep talk that I wanted to tell you I’m not a pep talk yeah you know you’re not hence our kids but uh yeah that’s all I wanna say guys we’re just waiting for regulations big money we’ll jump back in driving the market higher and if in fact we are in a bullet road if not then well we’ve protected our backside because that’s all we’re here to do is call bluff and things like that and that’s what differentiates success and failure is that we can call bluff we’re not a crypto community there is no community here when people were selling we were buying so how can we be a community going against each other we’re not right so that’s all I’m saying this video goes if you enjoyed this you don’t want to do on this channel you’ll find honesty truth and that’s it I’ll see you again for another peace

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