Altcoins on Radar – Bitcoin Huge in Japan – Cardano and EOS Explode

what’s going on everybody this is Jeff with Alcorn buzz I’m back in the game let’s see here if we can fix this lighting that looks a little bit of TRO sheis doesn’t it anyways those of you who are out and about – those of you are in the game at this time I don’t know what time it is where you’re at but uh let’s see if I get some lights going on in here that’s not gonna be a good light that’s I like those likes if you guys are excited to do this live feed we got three likes three likes people are coming in so anyways I went to Shanghai okay I went to China they have the Chinese firewall over there guys if you guys don’t know about the Chinese gonna whoa was I not ready for that I mean when we’re talking literally no connectivity to the outside world I got sick as a damn dog man I got sick it wasn’t anything to do with China it’s just I started getting a little bit sick before I went and when I and then uh my my throat was a little bit itchy and then it just took over in Shanghai and I ran in a couple technical difficulties in Shanghai but between being sick and not a sad world because of the Chinese firewall I was like okay I got to get connected back to the real world so I flew over here to Tokyo so that’s why in the in the post here I said a Bitcoin is popular in Tokyo and all the Asian cities I went through smash those likes guys seven people this is I mean you guys you guys are watching but no one’s no one’s helping get the word out because you guys helped get the word out that’s gonna get me tuned up give me get me in the game and I’ll get me tuned up but specially I like there we go nineteen there we go some champs out there you guys are all coin army strong right now alright so anyway um yeah so I’m back in Tokyo check on all coin buzz Zaya oh I’m putting in fodder out there so you guys can load the cannons and get the word out there to the people who are doubting because I went to Shibuya crossing which is one most I mean you guys seen the footage of Tokyo it’s a very populated city right right in the middle ad corner in all of Tokyo is a Bitcoin thing right in the middle of it it says Bitcoin check our Twitter all coin buzz I oh I put it out there a bunch you guys are already retweeting it but people that that are you know they’re not confident they’re not beginning in cryptocurrency and Bitcoin they don’t think that it has a future explain to me why it’s sitting right there smack dab in the middle of the most busy street in one of the most pop well I think Tokyo is the biggest city in the world so in the middle of the biggest city in the world on their most popular Street Shibuya Crossing Shibuya crossing is a Bitcoin poster a billboard okay it says Bitcoin check it out on our Twitter all what all right what’s going on with you guys is that they’re going to have to change that with ripple says at your panetta okay crypto world news has consider lee helped me with starting to trade crypto O’s point huh pub okay those people are idiots literally do not hold any more Fiat than I need to survive well what okay what where’s everyone talking about did you watch Craig right on tokenization of Bitcoin cat in Hong Kong so I needed to see that okay so look the electro neom crew is very live and happy and excited to be on this thread today so electroni what are you guys so excited about electro neom I’ve seen a live like Tron amp it’s now is electro Neum up last I checked it wasn’t why why are we showing electro Neum right now like it’s it’s going to the moon right now guys I still hold on my electro neom but I mean it’s not doing anything today and it hasn’t been doing anything for a while Oh a cardio I’m like yeah cardi know you guys know that I took out a position in cardi and it was in the 20 cent range I took out a position on stellar at the same time and Bitcoin cash which after being in Tokyo just saying so is this coming in clear are you guys able to see this pretty clear or what’s going on here if you guys can see this give me some feedback guys someone Gabriel just said that that’s coming in oh it’s laggy yeah video looks good Rd it’s okay it looks good yes it’s coming in nope somewhat any comments on never breaking up how man see this has been just a real challenge out here in Southeast Asia period I’m in actually North Asia because I’m in Japan but smash those likes guys 36 let’s get this video out there so we get tuned up not too bad but in oh my god that’s really atrocious to hear that the UH that it’s coming in laggy video is good mate okay so yeah I’m really stoked on Cardinal oh man well don’t worry guys your feet going and we’re just gonna we’re just gonna go to the moon with it I mean we’re gonna take this thing we’re gonna take this thing to the moon we’re gonna ride all coin buzz all the way the moon and the market has been up and it’s performing very good so you guys just saying and what’s up if we take a look at cardi no I’m just amazed at cardano’s results but even more impressively what Els has managed to do Els is up above I mean II OS is reaching all-time highs right now it’s taking over the game aim right now now look at the eos chart it’s taken over the game i hold yo s for a long time now I mean I’ve been in I’ve been set up and he o as for a while and I remember when he OS was you know what was it like 50 cents and I sold it when I went to 80 cents and then I bought back in at 133 I think I bought about five hundred and 133 and then I’ve just been holding that thing ever since so I think I think it’s still got a lot a room to grow so it was great to see you’re doing a livestream yeah like I was trying to tell you guys at the beginning of the video I was in Shanghai China they have a firewall if you guys ever go to China you have to understand they have a firewall that means no YouTube it imagine life without you yes book Instagram Twitter all these things that you’re so used to relying on Google Maps Google Drive no it’s not there at which if you guys ever want me to talk about why it is that way I found I had to do Stan communism like I was reading a book by Mao Zedong about communism so if you ever want to hear and what I uncovered about the bourgeoisie and colonialism and why China of stern websites from that that’s why it’s okay to buy watch a now let’s let’s take a look at one chain see how I won’t want James doing you should never be waiting on someone else to make that decision for you but I mean it’s almost at a billion dollar market cap I would like to think that if you’re really big on one chain then you could have a large to it anyway smash those likes guys is it coming in Amsterdam what’s going on good to hear from people in Amsterdam exilim or Ripple well I like stellar I also like weird I will say that I am half tempted to take out another position on ripple although I’m probably not going to but I am kind of getting I’m kind of tempted to do it on ripple cuz ripple will probably run at some point but you know you have to be willing to wait that’s just bite so yeah if you want to ask me what all coins are on my radar I would say ripples on my radar I don’t have a position in one chain but uh you know you could consider that and if you guys are really big gone neo I mean neo still sitting pretty I guess you could say Tron’s been doing pretty good lately although I’m not so sure they got a working product though they have a ton of hype but I’m not too impressed with anything else outside of that as far as substance goes I know there’s a little bit because I mean if you’re into big communities you can go hang out and do all that so Tron’s your pic yeah cool do you think Yakuza are into crypto I probably you guys know who the cooze is your bus is getting a yeah I mean right now wouldn’t be if you’ve been holding a OS like I have you know since what 133 right I would I could probably consider selling it the only thing that’s keeping me from doing that is the capital gains tax I got a witty you’re on a lot of these positions I mean I’d rather just hold onto it and not have any weight for the tap capital gains tax to go by oh yeah like I was saying I mean if you go on to blockchain ji just okay I checked I just tweeted out on islandhoppper TV I’m actually gonna retweet that on blockchain J actually the video of the billboard in Shibuya it should boo your crime scene which is the most was my singing all of Tokyo Tokyo is the largest city in the world right in the middle of it is a Bitcoin is it is a Bitcoin billboard right in the middle of it you know many people are exposed to that every single day it says Bitcoin do you know much you guys state covers are doing a bang-up job getting the word out there’s nothing more powerful than being in the biggest city in the world at the most busy place with a billboard right in the middle that says Bitcoin you guys don’t believe me you’re all retweeted on islandhoppper TV you guys can follow me over there to here I’ll put it out I’ll retweet it right now I’m blockchain Jesse you guys can can see it but like I said that the most the biggest city in the world this world that place has a big build billboard of Bitcoin and and then you wonder why I get so excited about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency well let’s put two and two together here we’re early adopters we even if we have to wait five you see the thing is people get all excited people get all excited when the thing goes up I mean that but they can’t handle when it goes down you know like we’re even even now we’re still doing the three steps forward two steps back three steps forward one step better one step forward two steps back people panic cell they drop they push the button and they and they eject and so it’s like they love the euphoria but they can’t handle the the downslope and like it may ma’am are forget one market chart anything that does not go like this guys so I I just that’s what I’m trying to figure out is if you know you’re a pioneer you know that this stuff’s got velocity behind it there’s a lot of power behind it you know it’s popular and it’s got a lot of potential why do you panic so much when the market starts to peel back and correct what’s going on with that guys I don’t know about banca I’m not because I don’t know about it it’s probably too what yeah if you’re trying to buy Els right now at an all-time high that’s just you got the wrong approach my friend you don’t buy it the all-time high why are you trying find it buys something I know that sounds kind of cranky but I’m surprised that someone’s asking me if it’s too late to buy EOS go look at the EOS chart and tell me why you would all of a sudden want to buy EOS right now you should be on under the project like if if you if you like this way if you said Jeff should I buy EOS or Wan Shane right now I’d say probably buy want change but you know that’s not professional financial advice and I have to say that disclaimer because some of you guys will stop do that now you have to go out there and you have to look at everything compare everything and do your own research and say look is Wan chained at this price of better by then AOS at that price asking me what’s a what’s a good all going to buy right now well that I I said in the earlier in the video I said that I’m half way tempted to take out a position on Ripple um I think rip pull a pretty good price and it might be one of the last times that you see ripple at this price um what else is on there let’s take a look here yeah I mean you guys you guys like Wan Shan so some of you might consider watching you know I think that Bitcoin I say I would say right now the two coins that you’d probably want to take out a position on our Bitcoin or ripple I mean I I think those are the two really the strongest plays for you right now and you know I’ve been bullish on stellar and cardio in the last few videos but I think this is getting close to the last we’re getting really close to the last time you’re gonna see Bitcoin and ripple at these kind of prices yep but here’s the thing you guys follow my advice dead this is this is a this is a conversation that we’re having you have to go out there and you have to do your honorable for your trades I don’t know each and every single one of you guys personally so you have to bear in mind that when I say those things you have to also see the set you have to understand what you’re doing when you’re doing that if you’re apple or Bitcoin right now you know you have to take a long term these are long term plays and what I’m saying but also make sure you’re in agreement with why you’re doing it don’t just do it blindly you know I’m not saying that I’m blind guy you know it’s not the case of the blind following the blind but I’m saying that in this case if you’re going to take out a position on Bitcoin or Ripple make sure you have the conviction within you to understand why you’re doing that don’t just do that hey I’ve heard of dock volleyball guys when am i coming to Amsterdam I’m probably going to be going to Europe this summer yeah I’ve got to make it over there I’ve got to make it over to Europe yeah I’m not drunk this time I’m not drunk I I had those four acai I was feeling great because I was having that conversation with those guys from Paris you know it happened I’m in these sides of people you can’t just be scared to see one side of somebody if someone if someone loosens up and you know if it starts dancing in front of you and you know cuts a rug or something you’re gonna freak out and be like oh my gosh I had no idea my boss knew how to dance like the let’s just say you go to a company beep our party starts loosening up are you gonna be like oh are you gonna change your opinion about it no you guys saw a different side of me then you had seen in a lot of these other serious videos people have multiple different you know it’s good to have multiple different emotions I think as long as you’re not make go real far one way and real far the other way like when the market corrects you don’t just start hitting eject and panic selling and dump in your old position taking a massive loss you know you got to just state what still Dolf man says be yourself brother that’s what I’m saying oh I I went dry I had four beers which isn’t a lot but AUSA a beer that Japanese beer ah sigh hey it gets you tuned up I’ll tell you what nucleus vision I think it’s uh I think it’s doing pretty good I mean I I’m I’m not too hyped on nucleus vision I I just I roll with it I don’t I don’t sit here and have any reason to get to hype it just recently put out a yeah that’s what it is I try to show that I’m a human I’m not trying to be a robot here I’m not trying to be what is it I’m not trying to be like a machine you know they were giving Zuckerberg a hard time about that but I just say hey I’m gonna be real because that’s who I really am you know am I on steroids today no it’s a 1234 I will say this I was sick when I went to Shanghai I got a very stick smash up the likes guys POW I’m gonna look smash them just you know you know like if you got the carnival and you smash that that that that ball you got to pound that so we get the conversation going 76 likes that’s good okay tell you what everyone out there right eight likes if you’re invested in cardan now you better hit that like button because I want to see we went from 84 to what okay so if you’re invested in cardio let’s see how many of you guys are out there invested in car Dino cuz we’re gonna get them yeah I’m like tick the video going and we’re gonna get this conversation really tuned up that’s right doc man crypto oh my god dude that is the funniest name hit like for safe x okay yeah I like safe X I was surprised yeah man no idea he said I gave real says contra like the video man just smash the like love card on oh whoa we’re at 134 man cardano’s got a huge community here Wow daddy but are you drinking sapporo tonight no like I said I went to Shanghai I got sick okay I got really sick I was like dude I was so sick like when I was in the airplane my ears were like did the the cat add that I was like I was like this is what hell must feel like that’s how much like sinus congestion I had I was really in pain and the depressurization takes like 30 minutes to descend into the landing ice I flew from Shanghai to Hong Kong from Hong Kong to Tokyo was hell it was hell what are you saying look behind me yeah do not fly if you’re sick but I will say that this guy start to feel a sore throat coming on one things I think saved me was alcohol yeah I don’t I wasn’t saying I was drinking I’m saying like I was at nine o’clock in the morning I was at an itchy throat my I was like oh dude I need to get this whatever it is I got some absolute vodka I swish that around in my mouth for like thirty seconds I was like like it was Listerine and then I like slowly swallowed it and I was like okay because I did half of that double shot which is one shot and then I did a another one for again cuz whatever it was I wanted to get it and I found out the pirates pirates actually used to use 150 proof alcohol so vodkas only like what 60 70 80 proof I don’t even know was just butt proof that stuff will kill all the germs of bacteria in your mouth anyway so yeah now that’s not medical advice but hey it was painful a few shots of warm sake was yeah they have sake over here with a cobra in it like they have the sake and then you drink the sake that has a snake in it I don’t know what the heck that’s supposed to do to you but it gets you all tuned up with some aphrodisiac or some did vodka work well in I think right after that it really whatever it was it just brought it all up and I was just in so much pain for like 24 hours but I was I was basically trying to take the fast path because I was like dude I can’t be sick so that’s why I’m not drinking it tonight I haven’t really been drinking phase I haven’t drank any beer really I had like one beer one Belgium beer some on beer nothing against Belgium but I didn’t like that beer I need an acai um uh I’m all good with Belgian beer but on I the reason I didn’t get a Hefeweizen is because I don’t really like Hefeweizen but I I like Hefeweizen but I I can’t drink Hefeweizen so I got this blonde thing and it was yeah I didn’t really enjoy it why does anyone question us who’s questioning us well people don’t people don’t like EOS because it’s doing that air drop some people don’t really like they think that’s inconvenient people are asking how works on our channel that was posted two or three videos about Argo like three or four videos ago about how blockchain works so I’m not gonna explain how blockchain works on the live feed but you guys can smash those likes if you guys are invested in Els let’s see rata I don’t know how many of you guys are invested in us if you’ve already liked the video and you’re invested in us you don’t have to do anything you don’t have to take any action but tequila with the peyote cactus worm dude that is funny caution slippery when will but that is the funniest peyote tequila with the peyote and a tequila worm that’s that’s crazy bro 163 yeah I told you guys earlier in the video that I am yeah I I am looking at if you guys if case you’re new the video right now I will say the two things that I like the two coins that I really like right now at these prices because I don’t know how much longer we’ll be able to get these coins that these prices are big on and then rip like that’s the two that I’m really saying like hey and especially after going I don’t know how many of you were new to this live feed but the scene that scene go to blockchain J I’d retweet it from my travel page islandhoppper TV I took a video from Shibuya crossing which is the busiest place in Tokyo remember Tokyo’s the biggest city in the world in the biggest city in the world is a billboard is a bitcoin billboard first thing that went off in my head is dude bitcoin is huge I was like you don’t see you see this is the thing you don’t see a card a no billboard you don’t see a Tron billboard or name billboard the branding behind Bitcoin is so huge and I think a lot of people don’t fully realize that the branding behind bitcoin is so huge that that’s really the coin like the first thing I thought was man the heck out of this Bitcoin and I need to take out a bigger position in Bitcoin like that was my thoughts yeah I want to see Bitcoin I want to see a Bitcoin billboard in Times Square for sure what’s that a place in London pick kever says does anyone learn anything from this guy anymore well I don’t know keV or do you wait what do you want what do you want to learn I mean I’ve got a lot I’ve got a lot to say but if you’re bored or do my friend do you think many all coins on market hurt Bitcoin and slows Bitcoin growth next people because they they get into these communities with these coins that don’t necessarily have too much to say for themselves as far as like use-case but they do this really fantastic job of creating a cool logo and they created a you know brand awareness and then you know they talk a big game and people get all excited about it because of the name the logo and they get people hyped up and and that kind of distracts it will away from Bitcoin for sure yeah oh it’s lagging oh it’s lagging ripple will be 589 end of the year how will bit okay so Tim Chong Tim Jong is saying that ripple will be 589 dollars by the end of the year do you realize Tim my friend that is impossible pretty much if that happens I’m not gonna say what John McAfee said John McAfee said if Bitcoin hits if Bitcoin doesn’t hit a million dollars a coin he’s gonna eat his own Anatomy that’s when you say that ripple being five hundred and eighty six dollars by the end of the year I’m just gonna I mean I’ll suck my thumb on TV okay for like a minute I’ll suck my thumb for a minute well five dollars and 89 cents okay that’s more reasonable I thought he said 580 I was like nah man yeah five that’s reasonable of I mean $5 is cool but yeah I mean you know if if we’re if you guys want we can dig more into some new altcoins the thing that I’m not trying to do is get people too distracted from the real the the real emphasis that’s why I don’t really do what I was doing when I was building this channel before what I would do thing was I was getting wins but because there was so much word put out and I assume that most of you guys are still the crowd that was around when we were building this channel up to two hundred thousand now a lot of you guys have gone elsewhere and you guys dance around and do other things with other channels on all that and that’s cool but something I don’t really dance around with too many different altcoins and I just say stay centric on the top 20 basically is because I personally feel as though that’s where the emphasis should really be at this particular moment sure you can get some Lotto – it gives out – out of the top 10 you can get these endcaps these other there’s some mats but for the most part I’m more interested in personally taking out positions in long-term sustainability for a couple reasons one is the capital gains tax okay you have to hold the position for a year but if a coin moonshots – I don’t know from 5 cents to 21 cents and we we only held it for a month because we’re gonna end up paying outrageous capital gains tax on it so now if it goes from 5 EPS and it goes up to 35 cents and it maintains it around that 35 cent range for that long-term sustainability then that makes a lot of sense but if we’re just you know you have to in the current tagging is not very it’s not the taxes in the United States at least are not very friendly to day traders ok so I’m saying so because of that I take a very I’m more right change as the markets as the top 20 coins start to get in my opinion overvalued which is that happens at a point where I get where I get this parameter this idea that they’re overvalued then I won’t be so centric on these but the top ten tops are pretty undervalued I think Els might be a little bit overvalued at this point but it still got room to grow probably but right now that’s why I’m saying ripple and Bitcoin are pretty strong positions to hold right now it’s lagging huh so you guys can’t hear me yeah I mean if we get into the micro cap reviews if we do if we dig real deep down there I mean we can do that but I’m trying not to distract from the top guys really need to be I mean look at tell coin look at where tell coin look at the how big a community tell coin has and look at where it’s at right now I mean that’s one that you could take take a look at right at this price whoo but tell coin it almost a penny they’re not too thrilled with tell coin right now right you know you also have you trust which is a really low market cap I mean that one’s below where I bought it and but you know they’re just uh they’re they’re a technological advancement away from having a strong a strong opinion or a strong opportunity Trinity Network is another one of those [Music] what else I mean dad um we’re you know I I’m assuming that a lot of you guys have been following this channel for a while so I mean you could look at some of those coins that we’ve talked about before and see if they’re in great positions I can out let’s see what else we got down here well surprise pot coins held up as good as it did we trust back around that 30 cent range but we’ll see we’ll see how that how they pull it off I mean I’m digging deep here self ki looks like it’s self ki he might be he said 351 ke why is there take a look at self ki you might want to consider that one what I’m saying is take a look at these on your own okay rent bear Aries and another way [Music] still looking here the token look token you might want to take a look at looking bit degree you might want to take a look at bit degree of for 16 bit degree yeah that would be one to take a look at so I mean you guys are asking for some insight on I where I could be looking at that I’ll definitely think there’s some room to grow there but for the most part I’m focused on the top even even though I’m seeing some some strong buys here huh we need the top to really to really deliver first we need Bitcoin to really deliver we’re between Bitcoin aetherium and ripple those are the ones we in litecoin we need those we need those for to deliver for it just to draw it sounds a lot of you guys only hold alt coins do you guys hold any of the like top four top five coins right now I mean are you guys alright do you guys even hold any Bitcoin guys even hold any Bitcoin so we’re at a hundred seventy nine I thought you guys already liked video but let’s see how many people actually hold a position in Bitcoin so 179 182 Wow not a lot do you guys actually why are you guys not why do you guys not actually hold any Bitcoin that that’s confusing me so you guys are into crypto and you don’t even hold any Bitcoin huh okay so some you’re saying because you get bigger multipliers on the on the altcoins okay someone said this is altcoin buzz not Bitcoin buzz well fair enough I mean but we talked about some of the alt we we talked about alt coins yes okay yes but that does not i’m never advocated for not holding any bitcoin i think did hole maybe well i don’t know what it’s up to you how much but I would say my portfolio is about 30% Bitcoin you guys are saying bitcoins manipulated yeah it’s someone once said Bitcoin that’s a really good holding in Bitcoin now yeah I’ve made videos about Bitcoin some of you guys are new to the channel but for those of you who when this channel grew possibly from November to December back during that bull run we were the fastest growing YouTube channel and we were cranking out a lot of videos some of you guys were around during that but I mean we passed everybody and then we slum but to those of you were around in November December we were the fastest growing YouTube channel but yeah we I about Bitcoin that was one of my top videos I’ve ever made Mike says Jeff was calling all the shots man we were hitting some home runs it wasn’t really hard to hit home runs back then it was like you hate all everyone was throwing it right in the it was like every coin was being thrown right down the the struck Rick sound Barry Bonds in there you didn’t even need to take steroids or Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire you just had to just sit there and just go pop boom it was going over the fence well see here’s the thing so this is going back to say is when you when you take out a position in all coin you’re betting against Bitcoin but at some point you can take profit on that altcoin multiple and put it into some Bitcoin so if you put $500 into I don’t know substratum right substratum goes from let’s say you bought in a substratum at 10 cents that was when I first bought substratum and then I don’t even know what it’s at right now let’s go take a look at substrate Adam but of Stratham whatever it’s at right now let’s see seventy seven cents so I could take my seven times gains on that at the time when I bought subscribe him at ten cents big coin was originally a at like a hundred dollars so my investment in substratum so using that altcoin multiple improve my Bitcoin position so I can then take my substratum profits and put it into Bitcoin but then that I would mean that I’d be cutting ties with sawing in the Bitcoin you know and and I don’t know if I want to do that because maybe I see a long term future and subscribe them right so there’s there’s obviously that variable but if Bitcoin is a pump and dump and all kryptos are dead says cushion OG 420 man what if it’s a pump and all I know comment no comment I’m not even gonna go there I thought you didn’t hold substratum pretty sure I hold substratum I pretty sure I do I know I definitely bought it at that price and I don’t think I ever sold it so I’m pretty sure I do 100% sure I don’t I don’t know where you guys get these assumptions some of you guys just jump to assumptions like and I’m like did I did I say that de insinuate did I say that or did you just hear something that you thought made you think that so that’s where some should control who do you feel this is a bull I’m still waiting for a fall okay so you’re asking do we feel like this is a bullish market bearish market we are starting to enter into what appears to be a bull market just look at the charts okay so if we just go to the if we just go to coin market cap and we go right there right at the top where it says market cap I’m the whole market and see what’s going on here okay so we were bearish from about January 5th all the way until about April 6 right so that’s about four months of bearish just on a downtrend we had a little bit of a bounce and then we pulled back that was a you know a fake bounce so what you’re asking is are we potentially looking at a fake recovery right and encrypt oh my general vibe is we’re starting to look fairly bullish and we’ve been looking fairly bullish since okay so April 6 to now April 29th we’re going and I always run here okay so the question is will we will it be a sustainable bullish run – I mean there’s gonna be times where we’ll go up and then we’ll kind of retrace a little bit you know that three steps forward two steps back three steps forward one step eople will panic they’ll say oh my gosh I can’t believe I think we’re getting bearish I think the markets crashing you know they’ll do that the market might go red for three days people will freak out you know do the thing that they usually do but I’m still prized that even what happened in January to April even happened because I always go back to this one point the market was so strong so many people were coming in that they couldn’t even sign a everybody yeah is the infrastructure so when when the market crash happened but I should have been at least having enough forethought to think well if I’m a market maker and I realized that the infrastructure is not even available to handle this much attention then we got to calm this thing down so it’s a great time to you know for tax season take profits and do what we got to do whatever their thinking was whatever they did with the the market cool it down because these exchanges needed that’s why bid tracks got and an overall all back and work I mean all these exchanges did a bunch of backend work to so that now when more people start to sign up there’s going to be more strength the whole support that herd okay people who say BTC relevant have no clue what they’re talking about wait you’re saying that BTC is relevant you’re saying that BTC is not relp are you watching clarify what you just said people who say BTC is relevant have no clue what they’re talking about oh isn’t okay yeah cuz you if you scroll event I’m like this is the whole point guys so you guys are saying that bitcoin is irrelevant but no other coin not your Tron not your electro Neum not your a da not your bla a butter okay look so it’s you guys are obviously not going to the Twitter to see what I’m talking about altcoin buzz IO you can look it up on blockchain J also go to blockchain J and see what I’m talking about these are signs there for Bitcoin ripple not for electro Neum that’s what I’m saying the brand recognition for Bitcoin when I’m overseas and I’m talking to people they know Bitcoin before they know Ripple before they know anything so the masses identify with Bitcoin that’s like the difference between coca-cola okay so coca-cola is the largest Cola brand right and I don’t know Jimmy jams kula I mean Jimmy jams Cola could take it’s better or become recognition that’s gonna take it to the moon and keep it there Jeff the reason why it happened is the banksters wanted in and manipulated the market to get in and now they are and Bull Run is here if you don’t believe and get the eff out yeah I mean the Bull Run we’re getting close to that Bull Run I mean we’re getting close to that that feeling that we get that the Bull Run is coming I mean and it you you just have to have that I have that feeling that it’s coming at some point could I be wrong sure because I can’t predict the future there’s no possible way to predict the future but I have to put those disclaimers out there because people will act irresponsibly if I don’t so I apologize I saw oh you get sick of hearing that but you know you’re supposed to buy low guys when that market went south a lot of you guys would kept waiting for it to go lower and lower and I’m like how much of a sale do you really me I just wanted to get you got you guys I’ll be like I’m waiting for Bitcoin to go thirty five hundred there’s Bitcoin in sixty five hundred it bottoms out and that starts bouncing back you guys are over there sitting waiting for thirty five hundred you could have stepped into Bitcoin I had a heck of a bargain a heck of it already at three you know $20,000 a lot of you guys are a ripple guys stepped into ripple at three dollars you had an opportunity to buy ripple at fifty cents here recently did you do it thinking that ripple was gonna do something that it wasn’t gonna do you new ripple was gonna be here to stay ripples still at 86 cents I think is a great Buy let’s not talk about China I already went to China I like China what but your faith and anything China is doing like anyone who’s talking to you about China that’s what I’m saying after going there experiencing that like don’t take it too serious like anybody is talking about China and anything I like China okay I think it’s got good food I think the people are pretty friendly but one of the things that I learned between that firewall and just not being able to feel safe there I would say that if your excitement and whatever China is doing I would say step back from that because they’re unpredictable like I said I like China okay I look forward to going back there but I’m saying that to me they’re unpredictable for US government or the EU or anything else what are you asking me Reggie Japan’s Wow Japan’s not that bad it’s pretty I mean it’s it’s pretty affordable I mean it it’s some of these like Thailand but Thailand has got so much tourist trap stuff I always spend a lot of money and I’m always like what is going on where’s all this money going I mean this is a cheap country but they got people always trying to sell me something and all these different little things that I got to do and you know whereas in Japan like offensive in the sense that like food costs more water costs more coke cost more but I don’t find myself spending too much money because there’s a lot of free stuff you see so it’s cheaper in the sense that I’m not wasting money I like when I’m in Thailand I find myself drinking more beer when I’m in Tokyo I don’t need to drink more beer but beers more expensive for Tokyo because Tokyo is just Tokyo’s have it’s got to be the cleanest city I’ve ever been to I mean I went to Singapore Singapore is pretty clean but but the the Japanese sophistication the cleanliness the intelligence it’s it’s definitely I wouldn’t be surprised if Tokyo Japan is considered you know I have to go to the normal way and Switzerland but but or way Switzerland and Japan I’d I’d say the sophistication in society and civilization or at far exceeds the United States I mean the United States sophistication is going down like that I mean I’m American I’m not trying to hate on my own thing but but I mean look look look at all the chili dogs I mean people don’t look healthy in the United States I mean over here everyone looks like people are just like pretty much every person is like fit not not like workout in shape in the United States you go to Walmart I mean you’re like oh my gosh I you don’t see that over here the world can learn Tokyo and Japan I said that exact same thing to myself I was like man learn from Tokyo and Japan Andres Jeff for ripple if you could give some thoughts on the following a crypto that is being used by banks for large transactions what we do to the year I can’t even project them in yeah the only thing I could say is I wouldn’t be surprised if let’s just let’s just pretend like this okay let’s do this for you Bitcoin has a hundred and fifty eight billion dollar market cap Ripple were to achieve the same market cat let’s say Bitcoin went to a trillion dollar market cap and ripple went to the market cap that Bitcoin has now right so what would the price of Bitcoin or ripple be well to those of you is the calorie you guys can smash up the likes and also help me with the calculation so we would take thirty nine billion you could say 40 billion okay it’s a lot of zeros nine zero forty billion divided by let’s say 160 billion and what is that what is that multiple that’s where you could project probably ripple could potentially be so let’s take a look did anyone bus out the calculator I mean I could probably do it Edward so 40 it be around about five dollars fight you could be looking at a five to six dollar ripple if the market got really aggressive I wouldn’t say that that would be too irrational in assume now does that guarantee no yes as or that’s four five six dollars okay that’s kind of I think that’s that’s feasible can eighty ashes can ad a hit twenty four dollars that would have to be a massive and how market cap works and circulating supply because wait I mean a da would have to have let’s see in order for a DA to have a $24 coin [Music] have to be it would have to be about three times four times the market cap of what bitcoin is right now and that would probably make is it possible did you see that you didn’t a long time for for that to happen yeah who said that Reggie see Reggie this guy Reggie over here he’s speaking some sad and some of you guys who were a little bit out of qalaat of you guys are in control but some of you guys are all over the board probably follow what Reggie’s been saying on this chat don’t you guys are saying ripple will hit $30 in two to three years just total I mean for ripple to hit that you know ripple would need to have almost a 500 a half a bill have a trillion dollar mark Kathy we need to be around about 500 to 600 cap you would either have to flip it would either have to dethrone Bitcoin or it would have to it would have to be number one or Bitcoin long side with Ripple hey thanks Jenny Lewis she says I listen to you whenever I can you have great content Thanks that’s a very nice thing for you to say Jenny I appreciate that some of you guys are making me laugh no idea Krypto is back I feel yeah it is back by if he got uh stepa money he says eath is gonna take a beating soon to vitalic knows it that’s why he be here Ruth to what step of money saying there could be some truth to it but I don’t know about that hey what’s up Marcel thank you thank you they you furry says good to see you live once hope I hope you have a good time in Japan Thank You Marcel yeah I like Japan it’s cool Jazzy Jeff crypto gangster that’s a funny thing to say crypto burr brother said that Jeff if bet for large transactions were trillions of dollars by banking system how would that affect ripple in your view well the thing is will they be using x RP x RP s on the crypto market but will they use it be using the blockchain technology the rip provides our outside of x RP because that could be the wolf in sheep’s clothing that could be something that is that doesn’t improve the value of x RP so the biggest concern that I have with X RP as an investor is will they be you Z as a side business funding ripple being a corporation whatever it is but functioning outside of the cryptocurrency asset class so it what if they did that what if they were using the block by using X RP so that does nothing to the value of x RP it just does everything for the fact that banks are now using blockchain technology from ripple which does not benefit anyone of you who are invested in ripple that could be a scary situation that could happen and I wouldn’t put and that’s why a lot of people are concerned well I don’t know if a lot of people are concerned because of that but that’s why I’m concerned Finance has already creamed the 180 year douche bank were their bankers finance has been doing fantastic the the work that cz is doing is fantastic shout out to him George K says I was walking in my Brooklyn neighborhood good and passed by a pail magic cash place and they had a sign in the window saying Bitcoin kiosk here yeah I’d like see Bates more like what we’re seeing in Tokyo where I mean just check blockchain J I tweeted out the pictures just check all coin buzz IO on Twitter I posted the pictures I’m posting pictures every time I see a Bitcoin and billboard or something crypto Oh I’m posting I’m showing you guys on Twitter if you guys are wondering where I’m at go on my Twitter blockchain J all coin buzz IO but my personal is blocked change a he says have patience people broke people don’t have patience well yeah they do but if they’re anything like me they don’t have much patience I’m pretty impatient but I have to pretend and like I’m a patient guy right now but because I am so impatient I have to take this like I have to resolve in my mind that this is going to take time to develop this whole asset class is going to take time I have to be willing to take I have to be willing to wait it out let it doesn’t think that it’s gonna happen on my terms because people want things to happen on their terms but the world doesn’t revolve around an individual it revolves around the collective so because I’m an impatient person that’s why I take out that long term and that’s that like I’m saying like look it’s where will we be in three years where will we be in five years where will we be in a year if I’m if I’m watching the market part of the reason why I’m travelling I don’t know if I told you this was because the market was hard for me and I was I had went from a point where I was paying attention to the market all the time to where it kind of got really kind of dolls I was like I needed to find something I didn’t want to give I didn’t give up on crypto it’s just I needed to find something else to help get me through that point where the market went sour for a while is that the last time the markets gonna go sour no no no so I have to also in my mind realize those kind of things are gonna happen and I’m gonna have to have outlets whether it be as a hobby or a sport but you have to be willing to understand these these things Thanks to everyone who hid the likes we’re at 238 let’s see how high we can get this if you guys like this video and you guys want more videos let’s see so we went from 238 to 240 so if you guys really enjoy these videos 250 port I know a lot of you guys have already liked the videos so thank you if you’ve already liked the video you’re already you’re already a cool guy you’re cool with me 259 267 looks like we’re getting a lot of love looks like you guys like these videos appreciate it 272 like iota yesenia says I love your live videos thank you Yesenia Jeff have you heard vets love the videos Jeff we need more Jon says we need more to 87 to 88 you guys do like the live feeds cool that’s cool I like doing live feeds too especially when I got good internet service yeah like yeah I mean look I I still all my Tron and I’m gonna tell you guys the way I honestly feel about Tron because if I I’m gonna think I don’t think there’s too much substance behind the actual working product I think it’s being very hyped I think that it’s got a little bit of room to grow there but I think that as I’m looking at an exit strategy on Tron at some point and once that number let’s say that number to me is 20 cents 30 cents that’s when I’m caught that’s what I’m saying it’s overvalued and I have to exit my profits and cut sighs withdrawn now it’s very hard to cut ties with drawn because it’s a very exciting community and it’s a lot a lot of excitement there but I don’t see – I see I see they’re in a competitive market at this and what’s the one thing that you know about those fighters like boxers or athletes that talk all this noise they just they talk talk talk talk talk right it even Conor McGregor II would he he he lost his loss to Diaz and then he lost the Floyd I mean and they talked big games on both of those I mean and Tron yeah they’ve had some success Conner had some success but I mean there’s no real substance there Connor didn’t realize it was boxing and now he’s just ducking everyone and Tron you know I’m not really seeing too much substance on there working products either so I think that at some point I would say hey what’s your exit strategy on Tron ties with a project that’s got so much excitement with it but I mean I’m just telling you like it’s not something that I’m gonna hold forever that’s for sure and once it gets to a certain price point take my now if they start if they start getting some product out there like some like a real working product that’s amazing and not just talking about this amazing product because I I find that the the most exciting stuff like you know Elon Musk I don’t know how many of you guys follow you on musk he doesn’t even do any promotion because the products they create they sell themselves someone steps someone sees a Tesla they want the Tesla like Tron they’ve got to do so much talk looking because no one could see the the shiny object is what’s the what’s the crown jewel no one knows what the crown jewel is I mean what’s what what did that they’re gonna be the etherium killer and that they’re gonna be better than any theory I’m this and that but no one factors isn’t Tron still a token on the ethereum blockchain so it’s it’s uh I mean it’s it’s kind of overvalued but hey I still hold on my Tron I mean I’m right in there with you guys but I mean we have to have this open conversation if we’re gonna learn yeah I mean you okay so what else what else does Elon do I mean he he builds rockets like Elon there’s actually like working products behind what Elon is putting out there trough on there it’s an eight billion dollar company or maybe even more than that now I mean but where’s the working product even same thing with a OS the problem that we have is we get excited about the communities and we don’t want to detach from the communities because we feel attached those community Esteban he believes in Tron yeah I mean nice I’m still waiting I haven’t given up on them I’m just saying like they need to kind of choke or something what’s their Auto I mean they’ve talked they even said they were gonna take out Facebook like it’s one thing to say that you’re gonna I could say today that I’m going to create the next Facebook the next social media website and a bunch of you guys are coming with me and we’re gonna do it and we’re gonna create the next Facebook look but but in 10 people sign up and they start preferring it over Facebook it’s all just talk so yeah LTC so you guys want to know about litecoin let’s take a look I know Charley Lee recently said that um he wants really decentralized and that’s why he had to sell all his positions which is cool and he’s he’s smart because he knows that he’s aligning with Bitcoin because if LTC stays in there with the the top dog the number one the people the guys the the the branding and all over Tokyo and all over the world that everyone talks about his Bitcoin he’s smart and doing that very smart so I mean look I coin yeah I think very interesting very interesting I still hold some litecoin good morning Josh how you doing MA Odom I am I know Xiao chuan loves modem I I don’t really have too much thoughts on modem but from what he was telling me and from what I understood about it it seemed like an interesting product project picked that Nasdaq is looking to implement cryptocurrency trading in October that would be huge guys you guys don’t even realize how huge that would be do you if that happens if Nasdaq adopts cryptocurrency do you even realize how he huge oh my goodness all right this guy he’s saying something steam will collapse – is the antithesis of blockchain wealth redistribution is a dictatorship steam is it’s in a position but it just doesn’t have the technical people just people aren’t going back to steam like they are to Twitter in until one of these these products get people to just actually form and keep coming back that’s when you know that we’re getting some real traction like if you’re just using steam because you feel sorry for them or you want to support them not because you actually like using the product like if you actually like using steam ok but if you’re just used steam because it’s a crypto and you want to support them that’s that’s not really gonna change the world steam steam it you guys don’t know about steam it so if you’re looking for an alternative social media platform that’s built on the blockchain or using the cryptocurrency as the social media steam it has been doing that for quite some time and they’ve been pretty heat there’s no doubt about it another one that we like let’s go take a look at invest feed so I’ve been in to invest feed for a while I’ve been supporting them they’re at five cents that’s another one that could be seriously undervalued if they can get their product but make waves a lot of comments coming in destroy YouTube and Google man no comment on that Jake blue protocol developed reveal Oh school we need security oh my gosh I could sit here and read these really cranked it in the comments right now steam it has a good heart but there’s quite a few exploits and issues that need resolving ASAP otherwise its fault it falls crypto revolution said that crypto Rivlin all right guys smash those if you guys enjoyed videos like this and let’s see if we get this I want to see I want to see this community start getting really tuned up again especially as the crypto currencies getting ready to rise up that way we I could start making more videos get back in the game I’ve been out of the game for about three months now lock in what I’m saying is when I lock in that means I’m like locked in I’m I’m I’m pounding pavement I’m focused I’m laser focused like when do you have Jeff locked in I mean tough it’s it’s scary for me because when I go outside if it the real world I’m like I feel like a was it a mad scientist because you know when you you’re in a lab and you’re just working away on your on your craft or whatever you’re doing you did so anything else as a distraction sometimes even eating food as a distraction it’s like the only diet you’re on is caffeine and like Lunchables right but I mean when I it’s that buddy back in November December I was locked in I was really attracted to it Ken I like Ken I do I’m hoping Ken can really open up red coin or kin or something I don’t know what twitter twitter I apparently they only like Bitcoin which is another reason why you should have a lot of Bitcoin which is something one of you guys said 25% of your portfolio should be in Bitcoin it is it or not how can you get to 25% I mean that could be some pretty good insights from that person who said that ken has no utility ken has a utility in the set instead of Fong’s currency a social media cryptocurrency who said that crypto brother said locked in Jeff equals Grand Master well when I’m locked focused I don’t know about you guys but when you lock into something how focused you yet I’m talking like are you willing to like put in seven days a week you know the merit I don’t know I’m not but I was doing I was working every day don’t videos I was doing three to four videos a day for like two months but again that big because the market was going down and I just didn’t feel like I wanted to talk about too many all coins because it was yeah I sense that it was going down there was no point in talking about things they were going down but now that things are starting to come back up again you know it’s like it’s like what base but when baseball takes a timeout you know it’s the offseason you got to go do things you got to go to like Cancun and you got to go ride jet skis and go to Bermuda and that’s probably up these two just doing other things in the offseason do you guys what are you guys doing offseason you know but when when things start to lock in again you know then it’s back to the back to the drawing board right haha John Hill says Jeff can you stay live for eight hours I’ll give you a 800,000 Ken if you guys can give me 800 likes right now that would be great because then I’ll keep going but with you know ok talk about type II reham mm-hmm what coins would be best to own should Nasdaq come into play well okay so if Nasdaq comes into play you that’s what that that’s another reason why I have my Nerds primarily on the top 20 in particular top ten and if Nasdaq comes into play they’re going to be looking at projects like stellar rip pull yo s no those those ones right there I mean litecoin so what did I just say a theory I’m so you know basically they all all your top eight coins right there Bitcoin aetherium Ripple Bitcoin Casio s card analyte coin stellar those for sure then you have neo Tron and iota those three right there are kind of odd men out of the Nasdaq I wouldn’t count the privacy coins Manero and – I wouldn’t count on too much we’ll see about the tokens but definitely those top eight that I just said if you don’t know what the top eight are so that’s why I’ve been really fun focus coins right now and I’m saying like I know you guys want to talk about all the coins that you hold all the bags that you hold and I hold those bags too but I’m saying like let’s get down to brass tacks and let’s be real here where’s the real value at and it’s in these top performing crypto currencies caution slippery when wet come on you could place and people smash the like button like Hillary smashes BlackBerry’s and laptops oh man are you trying to bring politics into this let’s get Jack Jack Kelly says you’re an idiot you live you live in your mother’s basement anyone who listens to you should be removed from their money are you talking to Jack Kelly I definitely haven’t lived at home with my mom since I was 18 I moved out of my mom’s house when I was talking about me and being that I’m in Tokyo I don’t think that but he could be he could be making crazy assumptions yeah I’ve been to Korea oh is a lag so lag oh man it’s laggy alright guys well anyways thanks to everyone who liked the video and we’ll see you guys next time and keep keep up the good fight don’t give up we’ll see you guys

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