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thank you for checking out crypto chart guys calm these sores for technical analysis in the cryptocurrency world we are proud to announce our own crypto alert system designed to give you the most critical technical trading information possible no matter where you are keep your eyes on the market with mobile or email alerts for MACD crosses RSI levels and even inside var alerts for dozens of coins across multiple exchanges new features and proprietary chart guys indicators are already in development our alert system is very easy to customize and utilize so don’t hesitate to sign up for the most effective crypto trading tool on the market at crypto chart guys calm everyone settled in finally looking at the big three and we’re gonna start it off with Bitcoin on BitFenix and everybody’s talking about this you know huge spike in volume this is the one minute time frame so this is two one-minute candlesticks the first one took out stop loss levels and saw the price dump we saw a quick recovery and then we saw an all-out dump and this one five-minute candlestick has a range of over $700 and that is pretty insane that’s about a 7% range that we saw in that one candlestick so everybody wants to know what’s happening why does that happen and all we can do is speculate which is why don’t put too much time and effort into that because we don’t know the answer it could be a number of things number one it could be a mistake by a big whale trader that’s a less likely scenario where someone made a fat-finger order and screwed up that’s a possibility though number two is someone was trying to trigger stop-loss orders you can see the dip that we saw when we look on the hourly timeframe the magnitude of that dip would have triggered a bunch of stop levels and have to zoom here we go so we would have triggered any stops below eight thousand eight hundred seventy-two and if I were in a position playing this dip my stop would have been below that level so I could have potentially been stopped out fortunately this happens on BitFenix a lot more than g dax and it took a lot of volume to do that obviously but what that’s another possibility so triggering the stops and looking to accumulate on that move and there’s another one-minute spike on at a different point in time so the bottom line is there’s a lot of volume here on bit FedEx and it can trigger stops and that’s one reason that people don’t like stops because you know it could be stopped hunting where people are intentionally doing this to trigger those levels and potentially accumulate shares or cause stop buys to sell shares and then go short but either way in either of those scenarios the bottom line is the price didn’t really do a whole lot after that we’ve really settled in which is surprising you know for the next 30 minutes our plus we weren’t too far off from where we were before all that wild action so another possibility is just a large buy order you know if someone wants to buy 2000 Bitcoin in order for them to do that on the regular market it takes a lot of scaling in and a lot of patience to do that without just you know huge market orders which again these were huge market orders which is why there is Ooty see orders over the counter which is where Wales should go to be buying their orders and to be get them in single blocks rather than have to trade on the open market to get them so another number of reasons of what it could have potentially been but the bottom line is a ton of market orders we’re triggering sure the bots were going crazy as well in the algos and at a certain point we absolutely cleared out all of the asks and all of the bids in a $700 range and the price moved a whole lot easier through that range once this initial one-minute candlestick took out a lot of those levels and those orders so again bottom line I’m not losing sleep over this it would be great if we knew what happened we will never know well maybe not never but we’re not going to know for sure what happened so I’m not gonna sit here trying to speculate I’m just gonna continue to trade and continue to use these signals that technical analysis has been giving us so it’s not going to Bitcoin on the daily timeframe we have our high of the bull move and our pullback low of consolidation and now we’re seeing the Bulls ride exponential support and try and head back to our recent high with key resistance of nine thousand seven hundred sixty-three that is the level to be watching for now because that’s the only resistance nearby before our timeframe saw a bull break and this is a good example of an equilibrium pattern that I am not comfortable getting in on because it’s not the ideal setup this is not the trade coming to me the trade coming to me back here was perfect we went over that in a video two days ago and that’s worth watching if you didn’t see it but a perfect equilibrium pattern perfect bull entry and follow-through but this bull break look at this move where we formed our higher low at eight thousand eight hundred sixty three and the bull break occurred at eight at nine thousand three hundred and sixty nine so essentially the Bulls had already pushed the price up five hundred dollars in about fourteen hours and so when we get the bull break of the key resistance there’s no built-up pressure and what I mean by that is there’s no really tight range there’s no clear level of shorts covering because shorts have been covering over the last twelve hours there’s no clear level of bulls saying alright ready to go because Bulls have been buying for the last 12 hours so the ideal scenario for me if the trade we’re going to have come to me it would have been our high-low we would have said a lower high higher low and then a bull break getting really tight because this bull break had already occurred after five hundred dollars of upside I sat it out and I did not make an entry on that bull break the risk to reward was not in favor and it’s the kind of scenario where I’m not going to lose anything if the price keeps going up without me and I made a mistake by not entering again the mistakes I want to make our mistakes where I leave money on the table not where I give anything back if my goal is to have more money than yesterday then by sitting out of a position that I am uncomfortable in I’m certainly not gonna backtrack and take a step back from yesterday so just being cautious and patient and watching the four-hour inside bar that’s currently forming also noting the hourly timeframe the hourly chart trying to form a bull flag here holding exponential support on this consolidation so now this exponential moving average the 12 period is our guide to see if the Bulls can remain in full control we have our high low and potentially lower high tightening our early range to be watching so the range to be watching into tonight on Bitcoin is this hourly high of nine thousand four hundred forty seven if that breaks it’s only psychological resistance to the recent high in the nine thousand seven hundred s and our key support is the hourly higher low of nine thousand two hundred and fifty two if we lose that level we then have a lower high and a lower low and that will tell me that we’re likely to see a daily equilibrium where we have our high low and potentially a lower high and then we’ll look to see the range continue to tighten so overall I’m in no rush to enter a position on Bitcoin I do have a position in aetherium we’ll go over a little bit and this was a scenario where I just saw the healthy hourly consolidation I saw the Bulls hold the exponential moving averages and I said alright I’ll take an initial position on aetherium just in case we do get a bull break in continuation I’m not going to be on the computer tonight so I got my stop-loss set and if the Bulls see continuation I will see some benefit but that’s only a partial position and I’m only going in all-in positions when I’m extremely confident in the setup which I’m not at this current point so that’s the hourly range to be watching on Bitcoin so aetherium highlighting how aetherium is slightly more bullish with the correlation although at this point they’re pretty even with where we stand we have the high of the day or the bull move 711 we have support at five seventy eight seventy five on the daily and the question is can we break and see continuation on the daily or do we set a lower high and have to pull back and form a higher low right now the Bulls are in full control of this market and there’s no doubt about that at this point and we are looking to continue that as long as everything stays as it is if we see a spike in bear volume and some significant pullback that will change things but that’s not the case right now so the our the for our timeframe high low lower high higher low bull break but again not a lot of follow-through because the bull break had occurred after 12 hours of green and the price had already moved about $50 so I want to see a bull move after the price has moved you know ten fifteen dollars not fifty dollars because that means there’s limited upside and look at the volume on the bull break it’s not standing out where is the volume that we had on the bull break on the hourly timeframe two days ago in that video I was talking about that bull break had a clear spike in volume on it not the case this time around so the range to be watching on aetherium into tonight same same layout as big coin 693 15 higher low on the hourly 676 exponential moving average support is holding if we break 693 15 we’re looking at 700 psychological min 7 11 if we break 676 the low we’re looking down at 660 137 as the next level and again the potential that would increase the chances let’s get rid of these lines but it would increase the chances that the daily chart is now going to give us an equilibrium with our high low and if we top out and lose the hourly higher low pattern we’ll set a lower high on the daily and look to consolidate back down to the daily exponential moving averages so again it’s one of those scenarios that certainly favors the Bulls where worst case at this point unless there’s a dump on flood news the worst case is that we’re going to set a lower high on the daily and continue in a daily tightening pattern that is favoring the bowls as long as the exponential moving averages our support like coins same deal except some big differences in the sense that we have we did have inside bars the inside bar broke bearish by 29 cents certainly not a convincing break but litecoin is standing out as the laggard again it is the weakest of the three in the correlation favors the Bears the high is 165 87 the low is 138 80 look at this for our time frame this is the kind of equilibrium pattern I was looking for on Bitcoin but made things nice we’re still tight if we set a lower high here and pull back and form a higher low we’re gonna have a very tight pattern look at the consistent declining volume as the range tightens up and the range right now to be watching is 145 to 150 465 if we set this lower high higher low will be anticipated and wishing that that was what we were seeing on Bitcoin just because it would make it easier trade and it would be the kind of setup where I would have the confidence to go all-in if we did get a bowl break hourly timeframe for litecoin similar setup but just at a different point on the broader timeframes and we actually did just get a higher high here so maybe this is like coin playing catch-up a little bit the hourly chart got a higher high but of course the 4-hour chart are away from breaking bullish like we did on etherium and Bitcoin already so again I don’t even need to look at the pairings of LTC BTC I just need to look at light coin and say it’s still for our lower high higher lows and Bitcoin very clearly already broke to a for our higher high as did aetherium so that’s where we stand as we head into tonight the Bulls are definitely comfortable in positions if you are in swing positions you’re either using the for our higher low that was established last night or you are using the hourly timeframe if you want to ensure locking in some games but as long as it’s for our high or low pattern is intact B Bulls have control on the daily tie frame we’re going to have to see a clear bear break remember we did not break esupport on Bitcoin on this four hour time frame we did break a couple levels that were established of support but really it’s this double low down to eight thousand six hundred so the bottom line is the Bulls have full control we’re looking at the potential of either continuation to higher highs on the daily or potential for a rejection an inability to break that resistance and consolidation to form a higher low and a daily equilibrium pattern and tonight is going to determine which we see so I appreciate you watching tomorrow we’re gonna be looking at all coins and we’ll do bch again tomorrow and taking member votes so we’ll have a half dozen or so to be looking at and probably go live tomorrow as well and I’ll give a few our heads up usually do that in the afternoon perhaps around 4:00 p.m. Eastern we’ll be looking to do that and again I’ll get plenty of heads up so I appreciate you watching I hope you all continue to do good things out there there’s certainly never-ending good things that we can be doing and let’s see yesterday I hooked up a good old boy tow truck and good ol boy a mechanic that helped me out a lot and allow me to get back on the road rather than having to spend the night in the middle of nowhere so definitely appreciated that help and extended that appreciation and that’s that I’m heading to see Yanni on the water outdoor amphitheater I’m pumped and tomorrow see where we stand appreciate it all see you soon

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