Can Ethereum Be Bigger Than Bitcoin?

hello everybody welcome back for another video hope you’re all doing well and having a great day today I’d like to do a small video on the Philippa nning the Flip inning for those who do not know is if you can see ëthere iam is fighting Bitcoin this is an event that a lot of people believe is going to happen sometime in the very near future where aetherium will actually flip with Bitcoin and take over the number one spot this is because when you theorem first got started a lot of people thought it was some inferior project product people didn’t believe in it they thought that it was a copy of Bitcoin for a while or that they were pretty much just trying to take the number one spot or say that they were better than Bitcoin in general but people have learned over the last couple of years exactly how strong and how powerful and how good the etherium platform is so this is where we get the term be flipping from I know it sounds a bit dumb you have to say it a couple times before you get used to it because the first time I heard it I thought it sounded a bit silly but you know you get used to these kind of terms in the cryptocurrency world there’s actually a website many websites that are dedicated to the flipping where they actually show a percentage of how possible it is that these two will end up switching places and it’s kind of interesting to note or there are a lot of things that are over 100 percent especially when it comes to the transactions over 24 hour period the amount of nodes on the network etc etc they haven’t I don’t think they have one well they have our you know Google Trends and stuff like that but not for overall popularity a lot of people believe that that Bitcoin is the number one coin because of its name and because on a lot of crypto currency exchanges coins must pass through Bitcoin that is to say usually if you are buying zukie coin I don’t think that’s actually an actual real coin you typically will have to end up buying Bitcoin first and then buying zukie coin in order to get it you cannot buy aetherium you cannot buy or transfer from that to Ripple etc etc you have to always tend to go through Bitcoin and this is also the one that is mostly known in the mainstream area but in the cryptocurrency world there’s been a lot of talk especially over the last year especially from 2017 if or when this is actually going to be a possibility to kind of begin things completely disregard all of these over here they will have a point in a couple of seconds but they you know kind of Trump these two we know that bitcoin is currently capable of around seven to eight transactions per second it normally has around three transactions per second in theory M typically is floating around fifteen to seventeen with a maximum of twenty the one thing you want to beat is when you can get past Visa and MasterCard twenty four thousand transactions per second because the coin that will make it in the end is the coin that is the fastest so especially when you want to you want to be able to pass by all the other coins because this you can kind of say you know I am the coin that made it at the moment Ethier IAM is quicker than bitcoin which is a point on their side then you kind of get to the point where other apps and things have been built on top of ëthere IAM and it’s completely slow to the entire network down kind of getting into it a little bit but not too much Ethier IAM has a lot of things planned as does the people behind bitcoin in order to speed up these networks and make them quicker because the quicker your network is the more things that you can handle on top of it and what aetherium has planned at least at the moment is something called plasma and plasma caught the attention of a lot of people when they were trying to figure out which cryptocurrencies would end up making it in the future because for those who do not know aside from making smart contracts which is etherium x’ like main thing that they do is that they plan on hosting a number of decentralized applications like the things you play on your phone on top of the etherium network and plasma as it stands they say that they will be able to do anywhere from 100 thousand transactions per second which is a a lot larger than visa or mastercard or the maximum that I’ve seen for plasma at least at the moment has been around 1 million transactions per second this is what has led a lot of people to believe when they heard about the news about plasma this video was made in 2018 for those who don’t not know unless you’re watching this sometime in the future in 2017 we expected plasma to be released because this we expected would be the catalyst that would launch aetherium forward and eventually ended up having it go from $8 per aetherium to over $1,200 it was a bit of expectation a bit of market hype whatever the case might be but plasma was one of the main things and what is one of the main things still which helps a lot of people to believe in the etherium project and why they think it could eventually flip caspere is something that we’ve spoken about so many times and it basically comes down to to put everything a bit as easy as possible when you create Bitcoin I’m sure you’ve seen the gigantic Bitcoin miners around you’ve seen these gigantic warehouses full of computers they also exist for etherium but not as many of them are around etherium plans on switching to a less energy intensive procedure called POS or proof of stake where instead of having a warehouse full of computers you can just use one simple computer in order to mine aetherium but in order to do so you have to lock up your aetherium in the network in this process whatever it is whatever it may be when we finally figure out exactly what proof of stake will be on the etherium network what’s important about this is when you’re locking up your coins you’re constricting the supply of coins that can’t possibly move around in the network the lower the supply the higher the price and this is what we’ve seen by a lot of people who are huddling or just not selling their coins which is a huge thing in the cryptocurrency community people are buying these tokens and are storing them on nano Ledger’s or anything else where they are offline or even on crypto exchanges you probably should not have all your money on crypto exchanges but when this does happen it’s now believed that you would need to have over 1,000 aetherium in order to start creating coins on the network what ends up happening when everyone is in a mad rush to start getting 1,000 coins the supply gets lower and what happens when these thousand coins that each individual is then holding on to because they want to create more tokens and then be rewarded any cerium there’s barely any supply that will be floating around and this is one of the main things when we got news about Casper coming out on a theory in which we still do not have at this current date was that there would be so few aetherium floating around on the ecosystem on crypto exchanges that this would happen that there would be a huge flip and it kind of led to the question you can find tons of articles about it if you type in Assyrian Bitcoin flipping around its what what happened to Bitcoin when or if well it’s kind of a win at this point I I’m one of the people who firmly believes that the flip inning is actually going to happen but it’s like what will then happen to the number one coin Bitcoin has been number one for nine ten years now and it’s because we know Bitcoin everyone knows Bitcoin more than they know o me sago more than they do e if you say these words to people on the street they look at you like you’re crazy but most people have heard of Bitcoin Bitcoin is typically the market leader and other coins follow the price of Bitcoin because they’re actually valued in Satoshi’s which are the little fragments of Bitcoin so what happens when another coin takes its place what happens to the entire market what then happens for the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem do we then switch over to eat as opposed to Satoshi’s no one really knows but it’s something that a lot of people think is slowly going to happen one of the largest arguments for the value of a blockchain or the value of a coin in general comes down to what is built on top of it I’ve said this before in other videos I’m sure you guys are maybe tired of me saying it but it holds true if you own the internet and you have one website on the internet no one cares if you have 50 websites on the internet people start to take notice and what happens when you have millions of websites floating around in the internet your internet then has tons of value and tons of people want to use it and on top of this they plan on releasing tons of DAP decentralized applications on top of the etherium network this is currently I think bitcoin is able to have these built on top of it but not in a way that aetherium can and yeah this is a pretty cool website because the state of the daps which is pretty funny not calm I don’t know them this is not an endorsement but they say exactly so there’s currently 1200 to 64 applet applications or applications or adapts whatever you want to call them that are trying to be built on top of the etherium network and a lot of them are live a lot of them are prototypes a lot of them are concepts or a work in progress but a lot of these will be launched once we have plasma and the network is able to handle 100,000 to 1 million transactions per second on the network the largest thing that will propel any cryptocurrency forward is if they have a killer app such as when the cryptocurrency world finally gets that this is why there’s so many apps being built on top of these things when we get our own Instagram or on Facebook or our own what’s the other ones snapchat the cryptocurrency world is going to completely explode and is going to have a new level of popularity that we can’t even begin to expect right now this is another one of the reasons why a lot of people are betting on or think at this point that aetherium will probably pass Bitcoin in the very near future as of now we still have a bit of a wait I think for both Kasper and Plasma at the time of me making this video but we know that they are close and the entire crypto world I promise you is wondering what happens when the King gets knocked off of his throne a lot of people have discussed before in the past it comes down to partnerships when you because the cryptocurrency space is so brand-new everyone has to partner with everyone else in any major names that you partner with is very important going forward because no one wants to be with the coin that’s kind of saying that they’re good all on their own that doesn’t make any sense no one will care for your project there’s something called the Enterprise aetherium Alliance is a group of companies and member what have you who have come together and they have secret meetings together I’m not even joking they have a couple of them do out throughout the year I think some of them are also open and normal people can listen in where they pretty much have bound themselves together for the sake of aetherium and they have promised to either use the etherium network or use the etherium token or plan on building things on top of the etherium Network I’m gonna scroll through it a bit and I’m not gonna say all of the names or probably any of them cuz there’s literally I think over a couple hundred of them but just have a look at all the companies and all the organizations who are a part of this alliance who are more or less invested in some way in making sure that ethereal makes it that they plan on investing in etherium or building on top of etherium this is this is kind of a no-brainer when you think about if the flipping is going to happen please in the comments section below let me know if you think this is ever going to happen I have heard the arguments that bitcoin is king I got that but people believe that because of this it will never be dethroned because of what it is a lot of people think that exactly what’s happening on aetherium or not a lot of other projects they think that these upgrades will also be eventually moved over to the Bitcoin network as well and that Bitcoin will forever remain king there are a lot of people who also say that they believe that Bitcoin will hit 1 million dollars within the next couple of years anywhere from a year and a half to about five years and for this to happen Bitcoin has to continuously be in the number one spot but what if we live in a world or there’s a scenario where aetherium becomes the number one coin and people start talking about aetherium being worth 1 million dollars per coin as well just something to kind of think about and i’ve been scrolling for at least like 95 minutes at this point look at the the amount of companies who are within the amount of banks who are on the etherium side a lot of a lot of people don’t actually know that this alliance exists or how many members that they have I’ve mentioned it before but I don’t think I’ve shown all of the members that they have because you may think in just around four or five different companies you would be heavily mistaken because there’s tons of gigantic institutions who have come forward and have signed agreements with etherium and they said they plan on using them in the future or they plan on using their technology which is still very significant because things will then be built on top of aetherium to finish all of this off we actually weren’t that far from a flipping this was the exact date just had it January 13th when the market was kind of losing its mana and everything went a bit crazy there was a day and I’m not going to lie where I sat here almost screaming at my computer because I was waiting for the flipping to happen there were tons of articles that came out and everyone thought that on this week of January 13th that we were going to see some type of flip happen and they wouldn’t Eyre market on to its head low and behold for us the entire market started to dip and then everything started to crash to where we are now it’s my belief at least for me like I said please let me know because I you know I am NOT the number-one authority on cryptocurrencies I cannot say exactly what’s going to happen in the market but I think as time goes on and more companies and especially I always say what pay attention to Forbes and Bloomberg and all these other organizations when they end up talking about crypto currencies they talk about them a certain way now that’s very different from how they spoke about them before they now praised a lot of them and they’ve been praising aetherium over the last couple of weeks and there’s definitely a reason for this at least in my head so yeah let me got let me know if you guys think if a flipping will ever happen and this is almost heartbreaking you can see on January 18th one aetherium was worth $10 and a lot of people did not get into the market early enough but yeah etherium could be something major and a lot of price predictions for aetherium over the next couple of years once it is quick enough and once the supply of coins is completely squeezed out and there’s barely anything going around that aetherium could potentially hit 100 to a quarter of a million dollars per coin which even makes this then look like a bargain all right everyone just wanted to have a quick video on this it’s been a lot of discussion about this recently and it slowly been coming back up as the out coin prices have been outpacing Bitcoin because aetherium was I believe less than 500 just about a week and a half ago two weeks two weeks let’s say two and a half weeks so something is definitely happening and only time will tell if this actually takes place all right everyone that’s gonna do it for this video I hope you guys have a great day hope you guys enjoy the video I’m always have so much trouble ending videos and I don’t know why I hope you guys have a great day and I will talk to you all soon see you

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