Cardano The Next Coin To Moon After EOS? Cardano New Information!

Cardno is such an intriguing project because you don’t really know what they’re fantastic and very qualified team have been working on for the last couple of months so maybe they have been working on something absolutely amazing which is going to be unveiled here in the short term which is potentially going to propel the cardinal price to cloud nine so guys let’s look at card down right now and talk a bit about it you can see that it has actually been hit one of the hardest coming from the all-time high of 1.3 dollars it was actually at 15 cents here a couple of weeks ago but it’s been one of those coins which I’ve had an amazing last couple of weeks and I think the last week or so it’s one of the coins with the biggest gains in the top 50 I want to say let’s talk about something that is going on with Cardinal so kadena becoming one of the most scalable and secure smart contract block chains with Ouroboros Genesis so they actually released some more information so let’s talk about this so Cardinals Charles Hoskinson just tweeted that IO H K that is the team which is building Giordano managed to finally fix the most stringent issues related to the proof of stake algorithm security which we are all excited about he embedded a video in his tweet that shows professor Kai Ellis explaining his accomplishment at the i/o H key io h k blockchain take lab and that video is this one it’s actually 45 minutes long so if you like cardinal then feel free to watch this up in short it’s a lot of good information we’re proud to announce our boards genesis a new paper from the io HK research team these latest versions of Ouroboros the algorithm provide power in Cardinal is a step forward in the cryptography that powers cryptocurrencies systems in this video filmed at the io HK blockchain technology lab at the University of Edinburgh professor Kahless explained the research that iOS key team announced on YouTube the professor detailed how new users that are entering the blockchain don’t to require any previous knowledge of the number of active users in the system previously this was the main issue of proof of stake because it allowed variability to security flaws in terms of scalability proof of stake is always better compared to proof of work and this makes Cardinals accomplishment a significant one and I’m really excited about their proof of stake mechanism here yes as I said it’s been really interesting and kind of think about what they have been working on for the last couple of months really remember they have a solid team they have a world-class team so a lot of good brains being put to work there Kodama is set to become the best platform in the crypto market Cardano just became one of the most secure and scalable smart contract block chains on the market professor Kayla’s lecture mirrors the excitement of the Cardinal team and its focus on becoming the best platform available on the market this is also reflected in the way in which the i/o HK team is working on creating a light wallet after receiving complaints about the user friendliness of its current wallet which is absolutely true their wallet is an abomination I hate to use it so yeah they should definitely work on their wallet the team knows very well that a really light wallet would require a partial shame in order to run efficiently and the cryptography needs to advance Cardinals latest accomplishment trigger increased into the investors interest Cardinal receives new and increased interest from more investors if you shake recent Google Trends on crypto you’ll see that it keeps increasing and it is a strong indicator of the levels of interest that investors have in the currency cardano’s io HK team is making a lot of progress in the development and it’s great that investors know list and recognize their efforts and it could also have to do with harden actually being listed on what is was it bit Nam which kind of despite a new run of interest in the project some pretty significant moves are expected from cardano’s part shortly considering their latest advancements the crypto is currently edging 30 cents which is kind of where it’s at today it’s actually had a jump to 35 cents which is absolutely amazing and if the current momentum continues the cryptic I could very well close the second quarter of 2018 above the $1 mark which is absolutely not a stretch scene it is just I mean it actually reached this in January so it’s not far-fetched to say that it’s gonna reach it again we have the example of EOS which is actually peaked its all-time high it’s currently at a peak so that is pretty crazy and they have so much thing going on you know yells and if Cardinal can have the same effect on these announcements and have the same effect on what they are doing here in the near future then yeah it could be looking good some pretty significant moves are expected from canals okay we all read that thinking long term karana could easily hit $10 cadenas latest achievement is a massive leap towards solving the scalability issue that a lot of blocking projects are currently facing well thinking long term car down easily hitting $10 yeah that is that’s pretty reasonable in my opinion now it depends on what you define a long term are you talking about 20 years 10 years talking about 5 years all I can say is if Cardinal managed to solve the things that the other platform based coins are not managing to solve then you know looking at the market cap it’s currently at almost 9 billion if you can only steal a couple of billions from material steal a couple of billions from EOS steal a couple of billions from from neo you know it only needs nine billion to double itself and it needs it needs to be at 90 billion to connect itself so in order for this to be at close to $4 you actually need about 90 billion in market Japanese we assume that the crypto market is going to continue to expand then it’s not really that far-fetched and then they also have to test Nets fashion to enhance Cardinal so development updates Cardno 1.2 1.2 point oh and something else Daedalus branch are about on BMV thanks to car down a team who make sure it goes through updates and debugging it at necessary intervals before they are presented to the community to better make the to worthwhile the development team move the branches of Daedalus and Cardinal SL to develop and necessary debugging the idea is to bring about improvement to the two branches in a giffy the Cardinal scientists are set of individuals who made sure Cardinal scientific research is moving from the lab to code making it easy for boards to be checked and updated the Foundation has gathered game theorists and programming language they’re experts together to gain more insights and use case for the project and then they have the wallet updates we already talked about aside the fact that code and team are working with exchanges the team is changing cardano’s architecture APs and other necessary tools to make the environment user-friendly at the same time Cardinal was been redesigned to have a unified back-end architecture this will make the wallet user-friendly useful secure and easy to deploy which is really cool to see I hope that it really works out the way they intend conclusion Cardin is getting closer to the required design needed by to see us through card I know the future of cryptocurrency is bright so guys what do you think of Cardinal do you think that cardano’s price is going to continue to go up here in the near future or do you think that this hype is going to slowly die off and that we are going to see a new period of consolidation I would love to hear your opinions down in comment section below and also then I will see you guys in the disco channel and don’t forget to join the giveaways we have there we currently have a giveaway for $50 worth of black coin all you need to do is subscribe it thumps up right now join the disco channel and navigate to the rural section and you got all the information you need here right right here in the rules section so do that guys and I will see you guys in this co-chair all right see you around

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