Could TRON (TRX) EVER Reach $1000? Why or why not?

hey guys what is up its dusty here for this video I’m gonna be giving away 250 dollars because our prayer like a previous price protection video did so well with so many views and you know we got the ads on there as you guys know so I can give away two hundred and fifty dollars in this one not like I earned that but I got some left because a few of my video like um likes amounts that I require did not hit so there’s a few 50 dollar ones left so we’re gonna give away 250 dollars for this one all you have to do is just press the like button and comment something below and yeah let’s get into this hey guys what is up is dusty here back with another crypto video and just straight off the bat this video is out of the box this is just thinking and just keep that in mind it will not happen anytime anytime soon whatever just listen to what I have to say and then comments something just listen first okay so I know what the title sounds outrageous and I will totally understand because like whatever this marketing up would go to whenever that would hit you know I’m a thousand dollars that would be ridiculously crazy right I understand completely completely but there’s a thing that I found here that I want to cover with you guys and that is the name of the article so let’s cover this I just want to put out there for anything within the last couple of the upcoming years this is more reliable like thirty to fifty cents for maybe 2080 2019 but if you’re looking at you know like real future so ten to fifteen years we’re gonna be looking at in this article right here that you’re seeing or article I should reply to a question that has been asked and it’s just personal it’s not really like an official article like stated by Tron itself or anything it’s just some talking and let’s get into this all right now be sure you actually follow me over at Twitter because on there I’ll give away $500 once I hit two thousand followers and Jodi discord if you want to know how to trade I want to learn some stuff just check it out there’s a very cool chatroom you can also chat with me and with some other cool dudes so check it out alright so a user on Quora asked a question could Tron t-rex ever reach 1,000 dollars like BTC and other cryptocurrencies why or why not and I’m actually kind of scared as to how I can put the title the best because I do want to put this in the title because I know a lot of you guys who you know okay look how did I said catechins Dutch I want to make this title interesting for you guys but then again not to click Beatty but I do want to cover the exact title that what is this right here so this is not a price prediction it will most likely not happen either ever or anytime soon most likely not I could just tell you straight to the bat but I found this little answer here a very interesting thing that I do want to cover for you guys so most likely that is why I chose this um the title of something like that title so within the next two years not likely and I can already tell you might not likely that is just because of every common sense in your head if you were to ever use some common sense you would know that one thousand dollars would put this coin at sixty-five you know billion at times a thousand would be in 65 trillion I don’t know how that American system works totally because in Europe we have different kinds of names but I believe that’s 65 trillion which would be crazy okay that would be ridiculous crazy and not possible right because I would like some people kind of common like over global world bla bla bla bla bla shut up there’s a lot of stuff that we have to say in this just the small part here as to why it could ever happen it’s somewhere in the future and I’m not even saying two years because I think that is way too small I guess in like here let’s say you know 20 years crypto is the new thing and just I can already tell you guys why I think this could potentially with a lot of like imagination here ever could potentially maybe in a certain you know could happen is if because if the crypto is really revolutionary it’s just gonna take over the whole world then the global wealth as you note right now will not really be the same kind of thing but some of you guys are saying like yeah the total amount of money circulation in the world right now is like let’s say as an example like I don’t actually have no clue what that would be there’s a few pictures that I saw recently that explained everything how much money there is in the world and that kind of stuff but think about if crypto really were to take over then a lot of these values will actually skyrocket like BTC at for example will actually go above that number possibly it would just become to a number that is close to it and just really expand global wealth to a few no time so maybe that global wealth or actually the total amount of money in circulation in the world could go times 10 or times 100 even because of this crypto that would just change everything because it’s not locked up to us like a country it will not be regulated so these prices can literally spike out at the top there’s not real cap for it literally because it would just go continue upwards if there’s not gonna be regulations for it to a certain extent if it won’t be regulated the price will always go up and to put it into perspective here there’s a lot of stocks that have changed global wealth as how we see it because a lot of those stocks actually gained a lot of I said like a lot of momentum and price and we’re seeing that global wealth will always move upwards and over the years it will also move upwards with bit crypto it will move up a lot faster but to get into this article here because a lot of you guys already pressed away so now we can talk some real big-boy stuff to people who are really interested in content and not in just like criticizing my title here within the next two years not likely however Tron has the ability to grow much higher than many people expect the team behind Tron is building a blogging platform that will support massive numbers of transactions in the e10 tainment and gaming space there will be lots of marketing and mass adoption of tron in the next few years marketing are making it one of the leading cryptocurrencies that is again speculative and personal that is now really to be like everybody would think the same or different thing this is if traum were to get mass adopted really litter becoming a top three coin again a lot of circumstances must really be truthful for this to ever happen but again $1,000 I guess for it from my perspective too far-fetched to ever happen in our lifetimes but you know whatever especially in China and Asia I have said this before and I will say it again t-rex remains or reminds me of Apple and Google stock when it was super cheap no one imagines new delivery days how high it would go so that really brings me to the point where I was going before that no one imagined in the early days how high will go think about Bluetooth back in a day did any like a person back then ever think that bluetooth would catch on so well and I guess why Wi-Fi is not the same I guess Wi-Fi as an example as well Wi-Fi was a lot more revolutionary though but Bluetooth a lot of people did not ever think it would be so successful Apple a lot of people did not think will be so successful Facebook had a lot more faith from the get-go either I guess Google a lot of people had no idea will be so successful there are so many things that really broke records in the world and this really went over people’s expectations and increased the world as we know it and that is what crypto to a certain extent will do as well just increase every border that exists if it gets mass adoption because still if you’re looking into the numbers here how many people have ever used crypto let’s say a maximum of 40 million people right now think back at how many people are on earth what if at least you know like 15 percent of those people use crypto you know what if that is only 15 percent that will be like let’s say like – let’s take two billion people use it that value that we have right now is just for let’s say 40 million people then it will be for 2 billion people just you know how much more is demand for any coin that would be do you just know just understand how much all of these values will go up if more and more people come on just for electron just one example I don’t know if it’s a no top hundreds still but no I don’t believe it is but just for that coin if we were to ever get a hundred million people to use it and going by some of the laws that we covered in one of the videos I know that sounds ridiculous but that one from that tier II could hit 1,375 or $75 from that theory if we’d ever get 100 many people again not saying that whatever happen or that that is likely to get to that price but with some laws and then some imagination again in that video we made a basis as to why that could happen now think about got tron a hundred billion coins and that’s what I thought like okay well one thousand dollars is not really going to happen but then again he’s gonna talk about one hundred dollars and that is more interesting already but Bitcoin on the other hand is one of those phenomenons that is hard to replicate and I am Not sure you would want to make coin was the first mover and showed the world that a distributor trustless bar chain was achievable it’s low supply and scarcity is often regarded as a positive thing however this has also been a problem as wills have used it to manipulate the market crash the currency by law and rinse repeat making Bitcoin incredibly unstable as to every currency cryptocurrency out there except for teller I guess it is plausible that Bitcoin duties history and name recognition will always be a desirable store of value however Tron is a different beast Tron will be at the vanguard of what has we called the fifth major innovation in blockchain scaling Tron is being designed to compete with the Internet itself and create a distributed entertainment and gaming blockchain that is so poor safe pervasive and powerful that it will virtually that it is virtually invincible I guess invisible it will be China’s skill and you know what China schoo is the China does everything on a very bigger scale than we’ve ever seen and just really huge and become a de facto standard that is even used by major e-commerce and business platforms such as Alibaba that this skill a single trunk could reach $100 but perhaps not a thousand dollars mark my words thirteen thousand viewers article from January fourth I rest my case here this person speaks some fire though it must be admitted that he’s a very very positive about Tron okay so I understood now that watching a few videos just in the early in the morning about ripple I saw a lot of these Bitcoin 1 million bitcoins 750,000 Bitcoin 250,000 predictions or really theories and I notice not too many people hate it but whenever there’s a prediction or just some theory behind a altcoin a lot of people go bananas and just go really Hongki more like just go really apeshit I’m just and just really really become angry and start to just really rip me apart and again I don’t mind I don’t mind dislikes I just want to bring our content to you guys but this is again just to get you guys thinking out of the box and thinking that what krypter could actually achieve for you guys as a holder so I’m not saying that it will hit a thousand dollars not saying it will hit a hundred dollars it’s not doing a prediction for when it will ever happen if we ever happen I’m just really drawing a little bit of a comparison between the mass adoption what a what a mass adoption could bring to crypto and why this theory here is not so far-fetched and why should I should actually attach a little bit more value when people actually talk about these I guess what you assume as ludicrous price predictions just attach some more value because that 3.75 price prediction that I did once again just the title because I didn’t actually say that it would hit 3.75 any time soon it was more about that one dollar and like the half of it one dollar eighty eight or whatever it was because that is more plausible I thought that was actually doable and actually explain to you guys why because of percentages this one is not about percentages not about any market cap at all thinking about that kind of stuff this is just theoretic okay so not a price prediction this is just theoretically talking because this could have been six six like $600 $500 $800 doesn’t matter just putting this in because it’s the title and I just want to cover that for you guys and that is what the video is about but that could have been any number it’s just to show you guys the skill or what BTC or what any currency can do and this is again very positive for t-rex or saying that t-rex will get mass adopted it could be any other coin okay so it could be any other coin and it is most likely or more likely going to happen with the coin with the lower market cap so as an example Bitcoin has a lot more potential to ever hit a million dollars than Tron will and I know for a fact that Iran would never do that in our lifetimes I know for one like I can just I can die for that that is right I know that I know for sure that would never hit ten thousand dollars in our lifetime 1000 dollars I will not swear upon that will never hit it in our lifetimes like maybe in 50 years it will be a little bit from now $100 I will not swear up on anything $100 is theoretically something that could happen okay not putting the likelihood of it into perspective here because for it to get mass adapted it would take a lot of time and would take a lot of effort it would take a lot of different factors and we should take it all into consideration but what if it does and a lot of you guys are not thinking about that kind of stuff what if it does actually get him a set up so here actually it took over the 10th spot again putting iota at 11th taking up 60 million more than I own right now because iota is going quite far down and Tron is going up that week you’re seeing that AOS our neo is actually up 150 almost million right now so that’s really quite a big difference here but that is because you a neo went quite like parabolic or whatever again quite a big increase here but yeah take it into consideration and I just want you guys to think about this we’re going to sleep tonight just think about what I said here what if crypto really gets to that mass adoption state and I know so many critics or so many people who have no beliefs at all we’re just gonna comment like you’re an idiot you know if like just cuss at me like you’re pathetic it will never happen but that has been said about a lot of things back in the days and I know that for a fact I know for a fact that blew through not many people supported it back then look at how big it turned out to be right now it’s not the biggest thing in the world anymore not too many people like care about bluetooth that much anymore but you know let’s see 10 years back look at how booming and how big that was think about Google think about Apple did many people think it would ever or even Facebook did people think it would ever grow to such a big thing did somebody ever think Google will become 700 billion dollars in worth did everybody did anybody ever think that so if you take that into consideration again that this started from zero because Google was worth nothing in the beginning take into consideration that any of these things could ever hit $700 because why not why could they not hit the same amount that this thing has hit okay this thing gets Matt got mass adapted by literally everyone in the world you know it has billions of users everybody knows this what if it happens to the number one coin of this so let’s say this one here becomes the same amount and it becomes used that much this is even a currency so this one could even take higher amounts of market caps because it will actually involve money it will actually be involved scarcity it would not involve just it’s a different kind of valuation you know I can I should not compare them but it’s just to get you guys into perspective here that this thing has gotten so much value even though it is something that you cannot really have in your hands it’s all faith because Google is something like it’s a company that you can use you can do for a lot of stuff but it’s on the internet still you know it’s not like you can really hold your Google I guess maybe you can but let let you can hold your Google and just put it on a brick you know like you put it in your house as a I don’t know like a decoration part part same with this thing it’s currency it is value it is gets mental value how do you say that in English I don’t know why you would say that it’s just value that you think of it that you put on to it but that is the same with a lot of shares it is just because you either think it’s gonna give you profit or you think that it’s worth something that has a difference between gold and that kind of stuff and silver and that is what a lot of people comment as well like all the currencies all the currencies will crash US dollar will crash euro cash crash gold and silver are gonna only be the only two ones left or diamonds sometimes yeah let’s just all guess skeptics and it’s all theory it’s just what you believe in I personally believe that there’s really a lot more to come and I think that the all of these will at least go times 10 within sometime I believe they’ll all go times 100 within some time that is just enthusiastic behavior enthusiastic thoughts though when it will ever happen and if whatever happened like I guess every what happen soon is another big question but I do believe that this will definitely be how I guess not definitely but I believe it would be a million dollars at a certain point in the future that is just my belief you want to form a base for you I don’t have to it’s gotta be time go times at least 100 it’s just what I believe and I guess if it were to go times 100 this would still be like how much was this be eight cents will be eight dollars I guess that is not that much compared but then again if you compare this times 100 would only give it five hundred billion market cap compared to uh-huh a lot more a lot more market cap if it were to be the same market cap if this would ever become number one or number two and just like at the same market cap at a times a hundred that would just already give it that kind of price you know so yeah just putting some crazy stuff on the table for you guys here I said before I don’t know if this will ever happen the thousand dollar mark is just too far-fetched for me I don’t I do not happen in our lifetime since my was what I assumed just gonna put it out there for you guys just so you guys can hate a little bit more on me and just uh maybe unsubscribe if you don’t like this kind of stuff just do your any kind of stuff if you don’t like it just unsubscribe I don’t give a just wanted to discuss this with you guys if you have a different opinion you can just comment it down below or join the discord and talk to me about it we can discuss it if you want if you do not believe me you don’t have to it’s all just opinion you don’t have to believe me at all I just wanted to put this into perspective for you guys and just have a little bit of a chat with you guys just some theoretic talk but uh yes as I said before you don’t have to agree with me at all just want to let you guys hear this kind of a weird story a fairy tale maybe for some of you guys if you have a different suggestion let me know maybe you have a different kind of theory I said before not gonna agree to this $1000 price soon but it’s saying ever not like within the next year that some of you guys think or not saying like it will hit a dollar next week not not that kind of stuff no no no this is just a theory and um that was it guys if you are really hater please I’m subscribing to watch my videos anymore thank you for watching and I’ll see you guys later

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